Sinhala, Tamil compulsory for new public servants

  • 27 Jan 2006 23:05:43 GMT

    This is music to my ears. Yes, start at lower school level. Promoting this kind of ideas will bring communities closer.

  • 27 Jan 2006 23:07:13 GMT


    Your discussion on caste has attracted tremendous interest.

    I am herewith asking you to continue discussion on this topic of caste. It is well known fact that caste system among N-E Tamils tremendously affects poor and innocent communities. Though this is not the primary cause of origination of war hungry organizations like LTTE, PLOTE etc, caste system contributed some of this current instability of N-E region.

    Secondly, most of your discussion on Sri Lankan Government is completely wrong. Though some leaders like SWRD brought some discriminatory plans for their own power that does not mean Sri Lanka government hindered the opportunity for Tamil community.

    Before the incident in 1983, Jaffna Tamils ran the business in south to north. There was no any disturbance for any traveling, living and conducting any activity throughout the country. Since Tamil youth started this measurable act with or without their knowledge of destructive attempt, government forces limited the freedom for Tamils. I am in a very difficult position to understand some of your demands and criticism that government forces harassed Tamils in any region of Sri Lanka before 1983. Shouldn?t Tamil youths start the ambush; government wouldn?t make barrack in N-E.

    These facts clearly suggest that not only the government or Sinhalese leaders, but vulnerability of innocent poor Tamil youngsters also fertilized happening as well as continuation of the current destruction.

    Another important fact is that comparison between JVP (South-Che-Guera) with LTTE. The start of JVP was exactly the same as LTTE. It was unrest of Sinhalese-youths in South like Galle, Deniyaya and Moneragala. But the government controlled their activity militarily. Did N-E youth consider JVP ambush as an example to initiate their freedom fight? Is this really a misunderstanding among youngsters? Who is responsible for vulnerability of N-E innocent poor generations?

    I am kindly requesting for your genuine contribute for this discussion to find the exact cause and future credibility of current groups in N-E versus prospective of next generation of Sri Lankan Tamils.


  • 27 Jan 2006 23:14:12 GMT

    Before everything Gosl must delete racial narratives from the school children`s syllabus. Teaching Sinhalese, Tamil and English would be better to understand one other. That is good idea.

  • 27 Jan 2006 23:19:15 GMT


    Govi Buddhist respectable parents

    Kandyan Radala Buddhist family

    Roman Catholic Karawa parents

    Sinhala Govigama Catholic parents

    can someone please explain what these terms means



    and the others listed above,

    BTW if you know of suitable proposals please take the time to pass on any relevant info to the interested parties. thanks

  • 27 Jan 2006 23:28:55 GMT

    `Sinhala, Tamil compulsory for new public servants `

    If this had been enacted into law at time of independence we would never have had this war and strife in Sri Lanka.

    Looks like finally the Sinhala politicians have learnt that racial politics will not pay in the long run.

    What a costly way to learn such a simple lesson.

  • 27 Jan 2006 23:28:55 GMT

    Tamilcanuck !

    all of these are castes and the religions of Sinhalese people.

    They have so many discriminations among them.They follow the Tamils caste systems. Karthila comes under one of these castes or other lower castes.

    I think , govigama = farmers, karva= fishermen

  • 27 Jan 2006 23:32:07 GMT


    thanks and thats exactly why i posted it. i wanted folks like Kumari who makes no sense at all to realise that.

  • 27 Jan 2006 23:36:50 GMT

    ``Looks like finally the Sinhala politicians have learnt that racial politics will not pay in the long run. ``

    these are stop gap methods. the bucket is leaking and instead of making a margin call and replacing it they are just patching the holes. the integrity of the original bucket has been compromised.

    i`ll be back a little later.

  • 27 Jan 2006 23:49:25 GMT

    Learning languages alone wouldn`t solve the grievances we have against Tamils for abusing the goodwill of Sinhalese. Lack of trust stem from deceit and betrayal going back to centuries. Remember those South Indian invaders who massacred natives and destroyed cities/buddhist temples in search of treasure?

    Sadly, we still deal with people of the same genealogy bent on doing the same today.

  • 27 Jan 2006 23:52:22 GMT

    Is somebody talking about caste here, before talking about a layperson, lets talk about our spiritual leaders who should set examples to the people.

    Buddha was born into a high caste because during that period the caste system in India was very strong.

    If he had born into a lower caste, the people would have not accepted his teachings, but Buddha was the first person in India during that time to denounce the caste system.

    In Buddhism, there is nothing called a caste system but in Sri Lanka the Buddhist monks are divided into many different Nikayas according to their caste. Even the Maha Nayaka theros are selected from a high caste.

    When a person is ordained as a Buddhist monk, they also chose the nikaya according to his caste.

    What a disgrace to Buddhism and an insult to Lord Buddha.