LTTE may contest local polls

  • 27 Jan 2006 16:09:07 GMT


    do not worry too much.enjoy lanka being united.thats what you want don`t you?

    so pay the price.

  • 27 Jan 2006 16:22:41 GMT

    This move has to be welcomed.

    However, international and local election monitors should be put in place to ensure that the elections are indeed free and fair and held in secure conditions.

    Attempts at thuggery, violence and intimidation could then be duly noted and evaluated in determining the validity of the elections.

    This is truly an opportunity the LTTE should take to conduct themselves in a democratic and humane manner.

    If they win freely and fairly well congratulations to the LTTE.

    That is what democracy is about.

  • 27 Jan 2006 17:09:55 GMT


    ltte will not directly put their cadres to stand on elections.the locals will compete if there is one.

    surly it is a good move, but I`m not for a united lanka.people must be pushed to practice democracy as well as fire arms training.

    karuna too can stand on election.

  • 27 Jan 2006 17:18:17 GMT

    One minister says Tigers are Srilankans so what is the fuss now.

    If any one read The Island or Hindu wont understand the ground reality.

    If LTTE put up a donkey as their candidate Tamils will vote for that donkey than Sangaree. I welcome Sangaree and co. It will be good fun to watch.

  • 27 Jan 2006 18:05:39 GMT

    Very welcome news.

    Let the LTTE lock horns with other tamil political groups with words not bullets.

    Let the LTTE hear what the others have to say across the table.

    Let the LTTE learn to hear criticism of their actions and vice versa with out any one pointing the gun at them.

    Let the LTTE realise that there is a human way of dealing with problems for the benefit of people.

    Let the LTTE be accountable for their actions.

    Let the LTTE show the people that they can serve with out the gun in their hand.

    Let the LTTE be part of SL political system.

  • 27 Jan 2006 19:03:23 GMT

    LTTE coming forward as a political party.

    Excellent idea.

    Sure, they will have a super manifesto put out to the people so that Sinhalese too could join this political party. Surely lot of people will support their ideology under a democratic process & sure they will be able to deliver on the promises as well.

    But, First they must renounce violence, handover their arms to the SLMM.

    If this is a reality, they may very soon govern the country democratically.

    Japan & Germany has shown the world that they could dominate & conquer the world being economic power houses.

    That should be the ultimate reality for SL. All are sharing in the success together.

  • 27 Jan 2006 19:57:44 GMT

    I will welcome this news as well; LTTE must move towards politics, and there is no other way. Also, GOSL must reward this with considerable devolution of power to N&E. They must make irreversible changes for better, which means never to revert back to unitary form of governance without reaching consensus with Tamils.

  • 27 Jan 2006 20:18:00 GMT

    Dear sir ariyalai-sb

    any DEVOLUTION of power and changes to the constitution will have to be guaranteed by the international community ie,the UN,or the Constitution cannot be reversed in favor of the majority.

    devolution of power and changes to the Constitution accordingly should take place first ,then the ltte`s disarmament or transform into state military.

    at the same time standing on local election will make the people aware of situation change as well as the Tamil people who oppose ltte will be more confident with its service.

    but I`m still for our own separate state.

  • 27 Jan 2006 20:58:38 GMT

    Dear Tigeress19,

    I always enjoy reading your posts; you show your individuality eloquently well. Though you always argued for a separate state for the Tamils, deep down, I always had an inclination that you are one who needed to be convinced; I never thought that you are an ardent separatist.

    What you said is absolutely correct; there must be a step by step approach; I would like the methods devised by Senator John Mitchell for the Northen Irish problem, utilised for our conflict. I have a feeling that the idea of inviting someone like Martin McGuiness, is indicative to me that ideas are being shared.

    Yes, I agree that any solution endeavoured must be irreversible that should be underwritten by the International Community; this is why LTTE has been adamant about holding talks in Europe.

    Tigeress, Separation would be disastrous for both parties; on top of this, we are same people, it is just that we have forgotten temporarily that?s all. We need to re-connect; can you imagine a situation like a Test cricket match is being staged in Jaffna? Can you imagine that hundreds and hundreds of Sinhalese flog to Nallur to enjoy the festival? Can you imagine a Tiger Regiment within Sri Lankan military? Can you imagine all citizens of Sri Lanka speak three languages? As Martin Luther King famously said ?I have a dream?.

  • 27 Jan 2006 21:51:02 GMT

    Dear sir ariyalai-sb

    when i hear martin luthar king,i get goose bumps.excellent piece of speech.

    we are dealing with lanka government not UK or USA.

    cricket match in north or east sounds great.but what is holding you back sir to create your own?aren`t our boys and girls fit?

    why have we lost confident on us? we got the muscles to work it out don`t we?

    if we are better off in a foreign land with our hard work then surly we can make our eelam far more better than any country.

    what we need is a law to suit our needs in eelam and as well as the education system to bring the youngsters to the international level in all forms.

    (I`m sure we have some experts in law and education system who have worked in the west)

    now comes the economic issue,I`m sure we have some Tamils experts in economic in the west as well who can join the eelam law makers to make it better.

    who will recognize us as a sovereign state?

    there is number of countries will.first,say we declare UDI BY FORCE ,then have elections with multi party while the ltte remains as the state military.there will be a eelam Constitution,the eelam parliament will not have power over military and foreign policy.ltte will have the final say.

    (we should not forget ,India is being our neighbor,we need a military government or some sort of executive power president, think about it sir,India`s neighbors,why lanka do not want to give up the power president?India will destroy it for her survival)

    so forming parties to take part in local election is some think very important right now for our own survival as a unique community in the world with our own identity.

    one more item, sinhalees can come and live in eelam as long as they meet the eelam immigration rules and criteria.