Airport rapists catch a tartar!

  • 27 Jan 2006 16:09:22 GMT

    The govt. needs to create a legal Bill of Rights for foreign workers.

    Legislation needs to be drafted that provides for the protection and dignity of these courageous women who bring the most revenue to our poor country.

    Local violators of thier rights - corrupt job agents, etc. should be punished severely. Contracts need to be drafted with the employers in the Gulf States for proper compensation, safe working conditions and punishment of those guilty in any crimes committed against these innocent women.

    If SL Embassy officials are found not to be doing their jobs in offering protection to the SL nationals in the Gulf States, they must be recalled immediately and face criminal prosecution.

    There is a need for independent monitoring organizations to ensure that all parties from the SL govt. to the Gulf State govts. and Embassy officials to foreign employers and local job agents follow the rules.

    The plight of the women workers - who are Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim by the way for any bigots out there - goes to the heart of the problem in SL. We have a society that is deeply divided along class and caste, where the poor are looked upon and treated with contempt by the rich and powerful.

  • 27 Jan 2006 18:52:51 GMT

    PRAMADASA: Don`t behave tike a sarcastic B`tard......

    Don`t tie up every issue with slander.

    This is a victim & an issue about a woman`s plight. Address this issue & give your forthright views.

    The country as a whole need to respect & protect every workers that venture abroad to work in order to give a better life to their kith & kin.

    Moreover, the GOSL need to constantly monitor the Employment Agency activities for irregularities.

    `AHRC` has quite rightly chosen to moved into the matter to give a shake up to the sleeping authorities.

    Further, DIG (NWR), who himself is an excellent Crime Investigator & an Administrator, under who`s perview this case fall,there should be no reason for any delay mete out justice.

    Also, police must look into prior similar incidents as this could not be an isolated case but just the tip of an iceberg.

  • 27 Jan 2006 18:55:00 GMT


    What can you expect from a man who responded to my post in in such a lewd manner.

    He`s minutes away from being banned from this forum.

  • 27 Jan 2006 19:00:58 GMT

    And he is gone. damn quicker than a speeding bullet.