Ranil dancing to the dictate or reactionary forces - Wimal

  • 23 Jan 2006 03:46:53 GMT

    These are the fellows who while getting MR to dance to their tunes laugh at Ranil for apparently dancing to some one elses tunes! These fellows preach Marxism and communism and the lot while their leader seeks refuge in the center of capitalism and imperialism. Masters of Hypocrassy.

  • 23 Jan 2006 05:10:25 GMT

    Peace process is in the verge of collapse. Hundreds of soldiers have been killed. Economy is in tatters. Sri Lanka is heading for crisis.

    After convincing its IDIOTIC supporters of ASKING COMPENSATION FROM PORTUGAL is the right thing to do AT THIS MOMENT, the hidden hand of `foreign reactionary forces` seems to be the latest CONSPIRACY theory preached by the JVP FALSE propaganda Secretory.

    There`s no logic to Wimal Weerawansa`s claim either. Why would foreign reactionary forces require Ranils continuous leadership when he has lost the election??? Wouldn`t they be better off supporting someone else who has power ???

    Instead of facing REAL ISSUES, JVP seems to be more interested in accusing opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinge and UNP. Cleary avoiding a confrontation with LTTE, JVP has chosen UNP as a scapegoat.

    I`m sure idiotic JVP supporters are overjoyed to hear this type of Moda choon speeches. However,the fact is JVP has not taken any steps to tackle REAL issues faced by the country since the election.

  • 23 Jan 2006 05:18:40 GMT

    Radaw, the REAL `issue` the JVP sees in the country after the election is Ranil and the UNP!

  • 23 Jan 2006 05:31:14 GMT


    The second most important issue at the moment is Asking Compensation from Portugal.


  • 23 Jan 2006 14:30:23 GMT

    There are MAD DOGS in every country and society. Even in the developed countries.

    For example there is a show called `Jerry Springer` here in the US, where all the TRASH of the society/the SCUM of the society, goes and shows the whole world why they are reffered to as TRASH of the TRASH!! :)

    Then there are people who claim to have been abducted by aliens and i saw one claiming that he had s*x with female aliens.

    However, in those countries people watch these mentally retarded people, have a good laugh and then go about their business.

    IT IS ONLY IN SL, that these mentally deranged people are elected to parliament! :) :)

    The AMAZING THING is NOT the existance of MAD DOGS like WeeraMONKEY. THe amazing thing is, there are people who believe this MAD DOGS

  • 23 Jan 2006 21:33:01 GMT

    Dear Reader,

    Please do not take these people who have expressed their opinions in this column too seriously.Nearly 80% of the Sri Lankans living or working abroad are uneducated.(A regular survey might show MORE} In these countries,they can easily afford to buy a computer and the internet is very cheap,too.They have enough free time, and when they come across an article like this on the internet and especially if it is somehow related to someone or something about JVP,for reasons even unknown to them,they flare up.

    In reality, they are not so interested in the day to day life of the Sri Lankan people.When they get together the only thing they do is citicising everything about Sri Lanka.They do not like their children speaking Sinhala,they do not want Sri Lankan dress and they hate the way their own kith and kin live back in their own motherland.For a few of them,even the village names in Sri Lanka are ugly,too.Most of them must have been born in those rural areas.

    So,you can imagine who is talking.The people belong to this `sankara` group are living in a dream world.They are completely lost in a DOLLAR world far,far away from the earth.No wonder they detest an honest and genuine political party like the JVP mainly because it is the SOLE political party of the Sri Lankan ordinary people,be they sinhala,tamil,muslim or whatever.

  • 23 Jan 2006 21:57:55 GMT

    `Nearly 80% of the Sri Lankans living or working abroad are uneducated.(A regular survey might show MORE}`

    LOL LOL LOL - Only a Hard core JVPer could say this

    Yes yes - that is why almost ALL of the countries that Srilankan migrate to most - Australia, Canada, UK, France, New Zeland, etc etc are vastly more developed that SL. :) :) - So all these coutries , have stupid Srilankans living here while the HIGHLY EDUCATED Srilaknans, like Wimal WeeraMONKEY (the Father of the `UNPLUGGING` thoery) are still living in Srilanka. :)

    weeraMONKEYS `UNPLUGGING Theory` is soo vastly complicated and advanced that no one else in the world, has been able to discover it yet :) :)

    Hey 109% wijesingha - people like you and i are all supposedly the least educated in Srilanka :) :)

    Ever heard of the word - BRAIN DRAIN???? i guess not cos the JVP brains have already been DRAINED!! :)

    `they do not want Sri Lankan dress`

    So yeah i guess the trousers and pants, weeraMONKEY, HOMOWansa, and the rest of the JVPers ware was invented in Hambanthota, LONG BEFORE it was invented in England :) :)

    I also guess that the suites Bimal rathnayaka wore to JVP Represented `International Meeting in Greece`, the suit Vijitha Herath wore to the international donor conferance in Kanda, the suit Anura Dassanayaka wore to Thailand (while travelling in First classs), the suit Nandana Gunethileka + Homowansa + weeraMoneky wore to Japan were all INVENTED in srilanka before the white man :) :)


    `They are completely lost in a DOLLAR world far,far away from the earth.`

    I guess, that Rs150,000 Video phone weeraMONKEY uses was

    made in Srilanka and no foregin exchange was used! :) :) :) -

    `JVP mainly because it is the SOLE political party of the Sri Lankan ordinary people,be they sinhala,tamil,muslim or whatever.`

    SOLE! :) :) :) LTTE wants to be the SOLE representatives of the Tamils. The JVP has gone one step further and wants to be the SOLE Reps of the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims! :) :) BEAT THAT :) :)

    The Above posting by `sachine04` is a Classic example of how the JVP uses BEAUTIFUL words to FOOL the guliable people in Srilanka who are happily swallowing everything thats thrown their way! :) :)

  • 23 Jan 2006 22:27:28 GMT

    Hey Anizam, I can see that you are in a VERY GOOD mood :P

  • 23 Jan 2006 22:30:44 GMT

    Sachine04, you are quite correct when you say 80% of SL people living abroad are UNEDUCATED. The majority of the UNEDUCATED 80% would comprise doctors,lawyers,engineers,accountants etc etc. The minority of the EDUCATED are found only in the middle-east.

    You are also correct when you say that there are SL people who do not like there children speaking sinhala etc etc. Remember ALL SL people do not fall into that catergory.

    As regarding the JVP, do you think they are contributing in a effective and positive manner to releive the country from the mess it is in? Do you think the JVP has got its priorities right? Please calrify.

  • 24 Jan 2006 00:32:11 GMT

    Its a static theory that majority of the SL migrants to US,UK,EU are made of the discarded school dropouts. Through human traffickers they cross boarders and reach the destination as refugees.

    Then resorting to catch phrases such as brain drain to convince the unsuspecting whites that they are the cream of SL. Whites are not worried about the authenticity of these claims since they are provided with humble toilet cleaners kitchen helpers pizza deliverers and gardeners in reminiscent of the slaves of yore.