World Cup to be Murali`s swansong?

  • 16 Jan 2006 00:40:29 GMT

    Like father , like son : SRI LANKAN!!!

  • 16 Jan 2006 01:21:28 GMT

    Well said Murali - `records are nothing`. Australian cricket experts say that you have made a tremendous contribution to cricket. I have not heard them say that about Shane - probably because they appreciate the relative facilities you have had in comparison and also the clean social record you hold. Enjoying the process is more important than winning. When you enjoy the process you win every time you play. Keep up the good work.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia.

  • 16 Jan 2006 03:23:04 GMT


    Then Sri Lanka will have another tremendous spinner in about 18 years.

    We would like to welcome you to Ananda College before you enter to SSC.

  • 16 Jan 2006 03:33:47 GMT

    Dear Fairplay,

    I am sorry to disappoint you. Knowing our country`s present situation, I will not be surprised if the parents choose otherwise.

    It will really be a pity if that happens, like many other losses we have recorded in the recent past.

    But that is the price we will be paying for the mistakes we have committed and continuing to commit.


  • 17 Jan 2006 14:46:09 GMT

    Bell express vu channel 730 (free preview till mid Feb) is showing the VB series (in Australia) starting around 10pm. caught a little bit of the game yesterday. enjoy

  • 17 Jan 2006 17:42:47 GMT

    Dear LankaTileke and Kula


    I hope your wishes come True. One thing I am anxious to know is even at that time will our future generation be enduring the ethnic struggle and the consequences???

    Ananda College is purly a Singhala Buddhist school with a nominal percentage of muslim students but Tamil. if at all you can count them in your fingers. This reminds me of an Army Colonel who studied at Ananda; He had a name similar to the deity depicting Art and dance,it`s a long name starting with Nada________. After the 83 riots he changed his name Nada was missing and the letter M at the end was missing. It is a disgrace to his birth and his parents.

    What is the Attitude of a person is that should be appreciated. Royal College is a Multi racia, multi religious and Multi cultural school and still we have people who dont attribute to this characteristic of being moderate.

    What I have learnt from this forum is the importance of the ATTITUDE in a person.

    I am obligated to the forum to give an example:

    Magha is from Ananda College and Mucha-Linda,Pera and myself are from Royal College. My primary and Junior schooling was at St.Joseph`s College, Darley Road.

    What have you learnt from all of us Vs. the best educated from Northern schools. Many of them and their Attitude are excellent. The ethnic strife only creates sentiments.

    Apart from that all have to be Good human beings.

    So Murali`s son can go to any school in the country. it is the EXPOSURE TO THE SOCIETY that will mould him to have an acceptable ATTITUDE. Luckily for me, I had the exposure At St. Joseph`s with Singhalese and Burghers all catholics and just one Hindu class mate.

    At Royal College, all communities were there. I was exposed to the Society of our Nation.

    My advise to any person who is stuck to a race,class,religion or community is to GET OUT OF YOUR BOX. Meaning the world is outside your classroom. Join in sports,scouting,clubs etc. There is a Rich culture waiting for you. You need not become an ace player. Just go for practices and you will meet the world.

    Because nobody lives with the achievements in their extra curricular activities. They live with the experiences and the society they built around them through interaction with many other people.

    My personal experience is my marriage. Gentlemen, From where do you think that I got the guts to choose my Life partner a Muslim and now my in laws calling me the best Son in Law and Brother in Law. It is the Right Attitude that I maintained all throughout and their Attitude that changed through time.


  • 17 Jan 2006 17:46:41 GMT

    The parripu buggers :)

    the blue the golden and blue for never

    the blue the black and blue for EVER.

  • 17 Jan 2006 17:54:28 GMT


    I am a Bishopian (one of your so called multi racial) and I have so many Tamil and Muslim friends still after 5 years of leaving school. But that in no way stops me from condemning Terrorists.

  • 17 Jan 2006 18:29:21 GMT

    Dear Ms.Ruwani,

    I appreciate your fraternity.

    As for myself I try to be Fair and Square all the time. This characteristic is my only asset after my beloved Wife and children. A clear mind and heart is what stays with you on our final journey.

    I do not know if you understand Tamil; there is a nice song in Tamil:

    Veedu varai Uravu, Veedhi varai manaivey

    All your relations and association stop at your home

    Wife stops by the way

    Kaadu varai pillai, Kadaisi varai yaaro

    child comes to the cemetary and No one to join you in your final journey.

    This song is in the context of Hindu custom though.

    When you condemn the Terrorists, You must also condemn the creators, the cause and the instigators. This is my say.

    Anyways Lets enjoy the Rich culture of Sri lankans:

    Hema vita pavasana nowek obey Budhamm....saranam..gachchaami..

    Thillai ambala nadaraja...shelumai naathaney paramesaa...

    Bethlehemey gava maduvey..jesu billindha...

    Allah..Allah...nee illaatha idamey illai...nee illaamal ulage illai...Allah... Allah...

    Thaen innimaiyulum yesuvin naamam ....thiviya mathuram..aathey...

    Gooovey....Goovey...gahanu paradhai....ruuuphei...ruuphei...maava...sinaa..yai..

    Adi ennadi raakamma...pallaki..nelippu..enn nenji..kulunguthadi... siru kannaadi ..mookkuthi maanikka sivappu...machchaanai illukuthadi....

    Walauwwey ..haamuta..kiyanawa...mang..punchi..haamu..mage..mana..maali...

    Yanna rata watte enna maha priye laksana ...sri lankawe..

    Illangai enbathu namm thaai thiru ..naadu..

    Guys...I am tired..


  • 17 Jan 2006 18:45:45 GMT


    You and our good friend Mr.SK63, St. Thomas`= Kunuu...thoorooo...