Terror can`t alter Govt`s course - Mahinda

  • 8 Jan 2006 22:16:06 GMT

    Yes Anud, We are with you. Hofully, they have to blow only one more!

    However, LTTE must rethink what they did and planing to do.

  • 8 Jan 2006 22:33:43 GMT


    If MR can wait a little bit more than that the final result will be far better.

  • 8 Jan 2006 22:44:15 GMT

    Mahinda says `Terror can`t alter Govt`s course`

    But A PATTI GONA at the top, can destroy the country.

    The LTTE is a terrorist group and they will do what they know best. Its upto the government in power to tactfully handle the situation. There is no point in crying. Do what you said you will do. If not go back to that `water hole` you came from in Hambanthota.

    All that election Retoric, all that HOOTING, all that LIEING, ALL that BIG TALK - what happened????

    This PATTI GONA, within a SHORT period of two months is single handedly responsible for the deaths of over 60 soldiers, destruction two gun boats, Alienate the entire tamil community, a drop in the stock market of almost 600 points, and MOST IMPORTANTALY, ALIENATE the powerful Politicians of Tamil Nadu.

    And his response to all this is STILL BIG TALK. No one knowns what is going on in the country. No one knowns what is going on. For example, The foreign minister goes to the US and says, the government is for peace, while, THe poweful defense advisor to the prsident says the govt is for war. SO what is the governments position??? No one knows.

    And their supporters are STILL HOOTING.

    And Yes AnuD you are correct - its only ALL TALK AND NO ACTION - JUst like we predicted before the elections. :) :) :)

  • 8 Jan 2006 22:56:16 GMT


    If RanilW is so great he should have had the vision to discuss a proper CFA with LTTE. Only vision he had was giving everything to LTTE. that is why he had to go.

    As it was after 9/11, he had the choice of decimating LTTE or fixing them into a good CFA.

    If that happened, now MR does not have to go all through what you are saying.

    On the other hand, Ranil had help from Spin doctors in the west for his elelction campaign. So great visionary RanilW`s team still -removed-ed up it.

    You are just bumping your head on the wall and pulling your hair thinking things would change.

  • 8 Jan 2006 23:09:13 GMT


    U guys predicted before the election a lot more than that.

    Main one is the winning of P. Ranil.

    If he won, you know SL will be a heaven by now, since he has the international Safety Net. That Safety Net is good especially for mosquitos and you can protect even, tigers from mosquitos.

    On what grounds you r refering MR to Patti Gona? Do you know the meaning? Nobody worries about being a Patti Gona or not if MR can develop the country & resolve the terrorist issue.

    What do you have to prove the P. Ranil have that capability?

    (I`m not referring to Patti Gon capability, which I`m sure he doesn`t have, since neither MY3 nor Malik Samarawickrama nor Tissa Attanayake was pregnent.)

    V r still paying for the Mad-Liver (Pissu Peekudu) acts done by P. Ranil (and obviously Her Excellency as well)

    (eg. Millenium City issue, Radio Equipment, Free entrance to Colombo, ....)

  • 8 Jan 2006 23:15:53 GMT


    In what direction is he travelling? Mahinda captured office on a hardline platform and should have expected a hardline response from the LTTE.

    Mahinda`s ideas about a unitary state and a peaceful solution are not achievable knowing full well that a federal solution is anathema to him and his supporters.

    This man says different things at different times to suit the circumstances and does not appear to have any coherent policy to solve the ethnic problem.

    The country is on a downward slide to war and chaos and he seems unable to do anything about it. No wonder the LTTE wanted Mahinda as president.

  • 8 Jan 2006 23:20:43 GMT


    `Bring back the bombers and the army butchers to indiscriminately slaughter the Tamil civilians`

    Simple solution, isn`t it? Or is it?

    People like you give the Tamil people the strength and motivation to fight on.

  • 8 Jan 2006 23:21:08 GMT


    First off let me advise you to get a slogan. Im no longer upset with the election loss of ranil. In fact, the way things are turning out, IM THRILLED that this PIN GONA WON becasue the only thing it has proven is, how BRAINLESS, MR and his supporters are. Just look at how Pathetic you look here. All you try to do is come up with various excuses to cover up the PATTI GONA. Its absolutely hillarious to watch jokers like you here. :) :)

    Secondly i have never said RAnil was brilliant. All i have said was RAnil is a REALIST and told the truth to the people. I also, NEVER said the CFA was perfect. Howerver, given the situation at that time in 2001, the CFA brought realive peace to the country and saved the lives of thousands of people.

    The LTTE did kill opponants even after the CFA was signed. Thats why i call them terrorists. However, the LTTE never carried out Huge suicide attacks during the time of Ranil because RAnil handles them tactfully.

    GET THIS INTO YOUR THINK HEAD IF YOU CAN - the CFA will never stand on its own. The CFA was just a temporary halt to the fighting, until a permant solution was negotiated. As long as the SL govt put forward a reasonable solution (ex - A Federal solution based on the Tokyo and Oslo declairations), and kept the LTTE engaged in negotiations, the LTTE was not able to carry out large scale attacks. If you remember, in 2002 the SL government sank two LTTE ships off the eastern coast, but the LTTE could not do anything big - WHY????

    As long as the SL governemnt put forward a reasonable solution, the LTTE got no support from anyone. Today look at whats happening. Its only been two months, since MR took over, and the ENTIRE Tamil Nadu political establishment is once again, supporting the LTTE. Its NOT because they support a seperate state in SL. Its becasue, they see the govt in SL as a Racist government.

    Also GET THIS IN YOUR THICK HEAD - Ranil was PM from Dec 2001 to 2004. Its been over two years, since your Patti Gona has been PM. If the CFA is the problem, then tear it to pieces like this Patti GONA promised on election platform!! :) :) How much longer are you going to be crying here blaming ranil for everything????

    Ranil loosing the election was a VERY GOOD THING as far as im concerned. It showed the world, how STUPID his supporters are. Also if Ranil had won, the JVP and the Patti Gona would have been going around the country HOOTING that ranil was going to sell the country and would not have let him do anything. TODAY, The PATTI GONA is TRYING to follow ranils policis. So ranil has been vindicated.

    When the the JVP pulls the rug under this Patti Gonas feet in the next few years and there is a another GE, what are you people going to go and tell the people? what are you going to base your campaign on?? Are you still going to HOOT agaist how ranil is going to sell the country???? :) Are you still going to HOOT against the CFA???

  • 8 Jan 2006 23:22:29 GMT

    What kind of nonsense is this. `The LTTE should realise we are not deaf and blind?`.

    We are sorry Mr. President; we regret to inform you that the LTTE think you are dead!

    After more than 3000 CFA violations and hundred of murdered politicians, with no reaction, it is obvious the LTTE must have believed the GOSL has been washed away with the Tsunami.

    It surprises us that the LTTE has not sent cadres into the President palace screaming `Is there anybody home`?

    We assume Prabakaran was a little disappointed when his buddy Ranil W. was not elected President. However today he must praise his luck of the outcome of the Presidential election. Prabakaran is the luckiest tyrant and terrorist in the World.

  • 8 Jan 2006 23:25:44 GMT

    Although the Terror can`t alter MR`s Govt`s course that never exist, Terror can provide all the ECUSECS for failing to implement Mahinda Chinthana.