Terrorism and the media

  • 9 Jan 2006 02:24:54 GMT

    Thought provoking article by a courageous writer.

    I still do not know how some thugs, who are murdering security personnel of a democratic country doing their duties, are not called murderers but given credibility for a fake `liberation` by some media.

    Unless we stop that with immediate effect, that would set a bad precedent for all democratic countries.

  • 9 Jan 2006 02:29:40 GMT


    Metto, do you still believe MR (Motta Raala) was DEMOCRATICALLY elected? Where were you idiot for all these days? Don`t you know if not a large section of a voters was not FORCEFULLY prevented from voting we would have had a democratically elected President instead of this mee-haraka?

    How many times more do I have to point this out to you?

  • 9 Jan 2006 04:15:32 GMT

    The LTTE`s courts have become `Kangaroo Courts` due to funds from Australia - the birthplace of Kangaroo Courts.

    The Sri Lankan media often does not do the work necessary to `own` the information from one side or the other. It therefore produces `facts` that make the reports sensational.

    Why is the government of Sri Lanka not able to punish the criminals - irrespectived of whether they are Tamils or Sinhalese? It`s due to their inefficiency. Is this not why the Tigers declared war? - so they can have their own inefficiency?

    What did the Sri Lankan media do to publicize the victimisation of a Tamil who was listed as a Sri Lankan by the Australian Police but was denied the diplomatic protection? If the Sri Lankan Media are using International Standards - then their reporting must spread laterally also.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia - the birthplace of Kangaroo Courts

  • 9 Jan 2006 11:42:08 GMT

    Didnt we all read few days ago how the Priminister pan to terrorise free media?? by planing to kill maharaja Boss.

    Srilanka is run by total thugs.