Detained policeman admitted to Tiger hospital

  • 6 Jan 2006 01:04:23 GMT

    I would exchange the Seven Police Officers ( Drug dealers` Aid) for these 3 Policemen.

  • 6 Jan 2006 04:21:52 GMT

    I think LTTE are real cowards, that is why they are holding unarmed policemen. See how many unarmed LTTE members are in Colombo. These LTTE buggers are real inhuman creatures..

  • 6 Jan 2006 04:58:40 GMT

    When Ranil was the PM he could get so many people in the LTTE custody released. The most prominent on was Capt. Ajith Boyagoda who had been in LTTE custody for decades. If I remember correctly, he was held since 1992.

    Ranil could do that because he has genuine in his moves to bring peace to Sri Lanka and his diplomatic relations were good. Whether LTTE admitted it today or not, during that period there was a genuine trust between the two parties.

    Now MR (Motta Raala) cannot do anything because everyone knows he has no genuine concern for the Tamils or even for peace in Sri Lanka. The situation is worse thanks to JVP ravul mallila and JHU thatta mallila.

    I convey my sympathy to the families of the three policemen. Sorry, folks. Had RW become President on last election, by this time you would have had your loved ones at home. But the mee-harakas of this country made a stupid decision and that was the reason for all your troubles today.