UNP to furnish more evidence on `Helping Hambantota Account`

  • 30 Sep 2005 04:48:45 GMT


    Yes, I too found that very suspicious. If you can remember, LTTE killed Lucky Algama on the very night they attacked CBK. Their intention was very clear and bold (as usual). They wanted to remove Chandrika to pave way for Ranil for the Presidency, but did not want to see someone like Lucky Algama assisting and advising him.



  • 30 Sep 2005 04:51:55 GMT

    Quote: [Vija Kumarathunga?? Pramakirthi De Alwis??, Thavis Gurugay??, Koti ka watha Hanudurowo ( cant remember his name) ??]

    So GEEZ1,

    You still say you are a Sinhalese, and you want us to believe you...!!



  • 30 Sep 2005 05:05:04 GMT

    If what Thissa Atthanayake says is true, UNP has more information about the possible misconduct of Helping Hambanthota funds by Mahinda R, which have not produced to the Bribery Commission yet.

    Just for the curiosity, Is it not illeagal to posses valuable information about a fraud of Government Money, without producing them to the Law Enforcement.


    PS: If a someone comes to know about a certain fraud what would a decent person expect him to do first. Passing the information onto Law Enforcement or Holding a Press Conference?


  • 30 Sep 2005 05:09:39 GMT


    Geez1 is suffering from acute slective amnesia.

    Oota ooge `mother tongue` eka mathaka beri wela.

    Now he is good...member of Church of Goat.