Ranil vows to amend all govt. agreements

  • 28 Sep 2005 21:06:39 GMT

    He says any mandate would give him the power to talk with LTTE. When he had power he talked. The result was the CFA which gave everything LTTE needed. One time R. Pemadasa saved LTTE. This time Ranil saved LTTE. Otherwise, SLA could have finished LTTE with the same 9/11 tide.

    Now he says, it is better to increase the number of ministries than the increaseinf of SLA strength. That means LTTE slaughter what ever SLA left and expand the EELam.

    Ranil,if becames the president, is not sure whether he can control corruptions in the country.

    He is a presidential candidate. Yet he says. it was better that Major Muthalif would have lived outside the country. That means he knows as the president, he can not gurantee the safety of Sri Lankans.

    He is talking about combined command. With whom? With politicians or with LTTE?.

  • 28 Sep 2005 21:31:21 GMT

    Ranil betrayed the whole nation by signing the CFA without the President approving it which led the LTTE to streanthen themselves with arms and kill SLA Inteligence personal.What is this man talking now of changing the aggreements?

    The curse of killing a large number os SLA Inteligence personal will takes its own course to see that Ranil won`t become the President as that will be the D.Day for Sri Lanka if it ever happens.


  • 28 Sep 2005 22:28:53 GMT

    `I can fight corruption with the current laws if the people wish so but don`t blame me if no one is caught. The people seem to have lost confidence in the law and order and to me that is a greater issue than the economy or the peace process.`

    It is the responsibility of parliamentarians to implement the proper law and orders in the country to protect the rights of the citizen. He doesn?t need to wait till become the president to execute laws. IF he really concern in preventing corruption he would have proposed new laws to the parliament while being in opposition. It is up to the parliament to pass it as a law after debate. These politicians always talk about law and order only during election time, especially candidates from opposition, because they need to protect their ballet-boxes.

  • 28 Sep 2005 23:17:16 GMT

    OOps, don`t foget to mention Mahinda Rajapaksha who robbed the Tsunami 83M while the victims are still in the tents.

  • 28 Sep 2005 23:32:10 GMT

    True, very true, Ra nil being a he-she, one who is neither here or there, is an amiable lass.

    Ra nil an Ac DC, is a ? of his word.

    Should be given the opportunity of becoming the first he-she President on this planet.

    Another first for good old SL.

    He might even change his name Ra nil Bendabelle Ponnasingha.

  • 29 Sep 2005 00:51:55 GMT

    Several of those who have posted on this topic seem to be under a delusion that signing of the CFA was the root cause of the LTTE strengthening itself militarily.The LTTE caused more damage to the Sri Lankan forces and the economy prior to signing the CFA than after.Even the President and the Finance Minister although critical of the CFA during the last elections have admitted that the economy was able to recover after the katunayake attack due to the CFA.LTTE has been fighting and inflicting heavy causalities on the forces resulting in nearly 2 battalions deserting the forces and it was the CFA that saved to day for the country.Instead of appreciating this the critics blindly insult Ranil and call him a traitor and hail those who are taking the country down the garden path to self destruction.

  • 29 Sep 2005 01:02:39 GMT

    A) Ranil is playing into the hands of business mafia, who is behind the objections to the Norochcholai coal power plant. It was clearly mentioned by Ranjith Fonseka, the current chief of CEB, long time ago it is not the interests of the church, but the interests of a few in the energy business that hinders the installation of coal power. There is no free energy, but there are relatively cheap alternatives.

    b)Considering JVP and SLFP as other parties to discuss on the matters is a good thing.

    c)Yes, restoring law and order is extremely important. However, it is all related to economy and peace. There must be confidence between victims and criminals as well that the justice is served. On the other hand, as Ranil has accepted yesterday, his weakness of not being able to favor everyone is the main cause of loosing law and order. He favors only his mates from `Royal College` and he deliberately ignored masses outside his `class`. They were economically suppressed and turned criminals to make a living. On the other hand when the biggest criminals are getting VIP reception, free helicopter rides and hospital covers from the government, who would want to obey laws.`Nonsense`

    d)Yes Mr. Ranil, combined command is extremely important, otherwise this country will turn into another Pakistan. I assume that you didn`t mean sharing army between yourself as the president and your mate Piraba. `Nonsense` ai? (You may have to clarify this to Mr. Weerawansa)

    e)Major Muthalif was killed due to the lapses of security forces. Do you suggest that Military should be disbanded?

  • 29 Sep 2005 01:04:23 GMT


    If you remember correctly, LTTE stopped war unilaterally.

    SLA deserters, what ever the number, they are in the country itself.

    But all grown up child soldiers of LTTE are overseas.

    SLA would have stopped casualty of attacking the CMB Airport. But many more innocent tamils would have suffered just by arrest. If that happened still you would have criticized. That is the contribution of tamils to Sri Lanka.This way or that way just criticism and destruction.

  • 29 Sep 2005 02:22:19 GMT


    What do you think of Ranil`s stand on Norochcholei power plant. He is playing the village idiot when he say that he will kill the project. Sri Lanka needs power and needs in a hurry....those slogans are good for village idots and Rajitha Senanayakes only.

    Can you remeber UNP did the same thundering against

    a. Air Lanka / Emirates deal???

    b. Jaya Container terminal issue??

    What happened to those cases?? Ravi K met with the foreign collaborators of those issues and things were settled. In the latter, UNP forced its trade union JSS to withdraw the court case against the container terminal.

    History repeats.


  • 29 Sep 2005 02:22:38 GMT


    You seem to have missed the point I was making.CFA did not cause an increase in the damage that was caused by the LTTE to the Sri Lankan economy or the number of causalities in the conflict.On the contrary it minimized and curbed the violence and the suffering of the masses.This fact has to be acknowledged and it would been the first step towards a final solution to the ethnic problem .In my view it is wrong to consider the CFA as a betrayal of the nation to the LTTE as it enabled the country to recover although there have been several violations of the CFA by the LTTE.