Foreign election monitors coming, but for what?

  • 23 Sep 2005 20:58:54 GMT

    The Foreign election monitors, they are a necessity to ensure that the Yak Jo`s, are Honorable.

    In the world today,world, the tide is changing in favor of the Tamils.

    Therefore it is important that these monitors are around to ensure the always dis honest yak Jo`s, are honest for once in their life.

    Good luck to these monitors.

  • 23 Sep 2005 22:44:26 GMT

    Dayanandna, I am with you my dear poll man. You know these suddhas are idiots, they come here drink beer, wine and scotch, eat all our good food, have a nice time with our girls and go off without doing the real job. These guys are not used to Sri Lanka style election, they are thinking of what happens in their part of the world. So they will never be able to do a good job. Only our local rascals, as very rightly told by Daya, will be able to catch the hora chande guys. How can they differentiate between Somawanse and Weeravanse, when both have a large number of identity cards and passports.How do you think Some the Red Thoppi ran away to the UK without any identity when his leader sahodaraya asked Some and Weere to lay down arms and to talk peace? They did not even know that what spoke in the TV was Rohana the Liberator`s ghost.Only our local crooks, in fact there is no shortage of such guys, are the ones who could stop the other crooks. To catch a thief you set a thief. That is Sri Lanka. I could recall once when a presidential candidate went to cast his vote, oh heaven, his vote was already cast.This bloke was the uncle of our Chandrika the Menace. Hope it does not happen to Father Mahinda the man with million demands.

  • 23 Sep 2005 22:49:03 GMT

    Dayananda, don`t believe this IGP bloke, he will come out with the story of DNA profiling of all the voters. He is in a too advanced state of ignorance. Poor guy must be watching some pirated CSI videos and getting carried away.

  • 24 Sep 2005 05:49:06 GMT

    Malship ;

    By the looks of it may be in the Big Apple as well.

    By any chance, is Great Bush`s popularity too, at stake ?

    USA too will need these monitors ?

    Tide did not change in favour of Balasingham in Oslo ?

    This could be that Oslo failed to deploy monitors ?

    When good times come try to share it without gloating on it.

  • 24 Sep 2005 06:20:38 GMT

    This foreign election monitors has just become just another exercise of entertaining some foreigners once a year...this has become just a habit rather than a real need...

    election commision should take some action either to take the maximum use from these over paid foreigners or not to take their services at all...this is just another way of waisting public money...


  • 24 Sep 2005 06:45:26 GMT

    To occupy the hotel rooms...........

    This business to the tourism sector.

  • 24 Sep 2005 07:03:39 GMT

    To have a sight-seeing.

    After all Sri Lanka is a beautiful country.

  • 24 Sep 2005 07:08:25 GMT

    Foreign ERECTION monitrs?????

    OG my god!!!!

    Poor Ranil has no chance....

    Ranil obata Viagra pihitai!!


  • 24 Sep 2005 07:24:44 GMT

    Nice one...pera...

    or the help of ...SRIMATH MADANA--------since now P.ranil has started to embrace the local products...


  • 24 Sep 2005 10:37:19 GMT


    i have a little question , the sri lankans living in West have they the possibility to vote by mail ?

    Sk63 , can you please answer me this question.