Choksy quits as Ravi`s Counsel

  • 22 Sep 2005 13:28:52 GMT

    Ravi another joker ...Only Brawn and No Brain...This guy thinks big but a fool and a crook, he is the cause of UNPs downfall, These TIE & Jacket showmen cannot attract the common man. This is where Mahinda Scores, Mahinda is the poor mans choice irrespective of Party, Ranil & his Royal Brigade is not suitable to Srilanka. If Ranil wins by chance, these guys will ruin the Party the way they did during the two years they governed ....there is definitely going to be another 71 insurrection , Ranil please dont give Ravi another chance to Rob......Be with honourable people with good track record

  • 22 Sep 2005 15:28:42 GMT

    Rats Jumping off the sinking ship !!!

  • 22 Sep 2005 21:22:02 GMT

    Even world class president counsel,who has defended the famous srilankan elites .knows Mr Karunanayake is corrupt ?????so he no longer wants to tarnish his personal image by representing him .

  • 22 Sep 2005 23:24:26 GMT

    Chock`s quitting as Ravi`s counsel ?.

    Is he going to be in Sydney this weekend, in the arms of his mistress, the good old Sheila Christie D, at the Good Shepherd Convent Old Girls, Curry nite this Saturday being the 24th Sept.

    Chock`s hormones, need rejuvenating.