Doctor appointed to judge himself

  • 21 Sep 2005 00:23:30 GMT

    Prabakarans way of tackling such problems is highly appreciated. People are addicted to money now a days, do not care about the code of ethics and professionalism. Primary kids are much better than such criminals.

  • 21 Sep 2005 02:52:32 GMT

    Thinker, you have started thinking now, that is a good sign.At last you have realised that a leader like Pirabaharan only can salvage a ruthless country like sri lanka. So will you not ask him to lay down arms hereafter? An inquiry like the one mentioned above can only happen in SL. Now you know why we cannot achieve peace and prosperity in a set up like this. So thinker, think very hard instead of blaming the LTTE and the Tamils.Hope all think like you.

  • 21 Sep 2005 12:59:11 GMT

    NADA : Shall try not asking VP to lay down arms for the simple reason Wanni too could turn to be like the rest of the country.

    Can`t you organise one of the LTTE hit men visit colombo & have a pot shot at Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva ?

    He appears to be dead right now or dreaming after that Cabinet decision to lower the consensual intimacy for girls to 13.......... May be a shot or two will wake him up.

    By the way, that Professorio from the Jaffna campus who is an LTTE activists, who had unlawful intimacy with his domestic servant 13 year old Maheswary on about 40 occasion has been further remanded.........

    With the gun in VP`s hand could such a thing happen under his nose ? BOT bank in Killinochchi states there have been no robberies or defaulters ? Great ?

  • 21 Sep 2005 18:03:52 GMT

    This typical of our system in Sri Lanka. There were several cases of Directors of Institutions appointed to the Board of Directors to cover up threir sins.

    In the so called tender system we go for the cheapest and get into troule. Have we forgoten the `Triple INjestions` in the seventies?. There were cases of even amputaions. Poor people said it is`their karma` and kept quiet.

    Strict quality control is necessary specially in medicine.

    We should not import from companies who are not manufactures. There are companies (Brokers) in countries like Singapore who will supply any commodity and pay `good Commission`.

  • 22 Sep 2005 03:41:48 GMT

    The reporter himself seems to be corrupted due to the ambiguity of the news. what is hapenning in a ministry like health, without the knowledged of the minister. Is the minister is innocent or a so called a baby character??

    when you are bringing up a news , a great corruption and a crime by any means to Sri Lanka why and what are the reasons to hide the core issues. verybody is linked to the chain of corruption according to my personal experience.