Defiant LTTE promotes Bala`s book despite new British laws

  • 18 Sep 2005 05:55:07 GMT

    War and peace

    by Anton Leo Tolstoy Balasingho

  • 18 Sep 2005 11:53:40 GMT

    This is another uncredited `news` item with quotes by sources unnamed and containing many falsehoods and distortions of the fact. This is amateurish news reporting at its worst.

    The TRO was delisted by the UK charity commission due to poor account keeping and not due to its alleged links with the LTTE.

    The book ` War & Peace` is not banned anywhere in the world including USA, UK and Sri Lanka.

    Why should the organisers mention where the proceeds are going. Keep your nose out, you nosy Parker.

    No anti terrorism laws were breached, otherwise the police would have banned the event.

    The hitherto unknown group called `Concerned Persons Against Terrorism` appears to be an invetion of the writer of this `news` report. Even if it exists it should be renamed ` Concerned Persons for the Preservation of the Sinhala Buddhist Racist Ideology`.

    The writer of this article is attempting to tell the British authorities what the laws of their land are.

    All we see in this report are:

    1. Comments by an academic who did not wish to be named

    2. A blatant falsehood about the TRO

    3. Comments by a group nobody heard of

    4. An attempt by the author of this report to teach the British authorities what their laws are.

    Have I wasted my time responding to this so called NEWS report? I think I have. I suspect some hidden hand has infiltrated Lankanewspapers.


  • 18 Sep 2005 14:49:16 GMT

    These organisations are paid and supported by SL High Commissions are unseasoned mushrooms to discredit any charity linked with Tamils. Luckily an academic and not Brussels Diplomat is concerned this time about the book and the White Pigeon.

    Nobody knows what this `Concerned Persons Against Terrorism` is. British cannot take action against freedom of speech or Freedom of Writing. Salman Rushdie was hunted for his book Satanic Verses but British, well known for their record on Human Rights and Individual Freedom, gave him refuge and protection.

    The Sri Lankan Tamils and their organizations have a very good record on peaceful activities. In fact whenever British Tamil Association stage meetings or festivities Metropolitan Police give protection from anti social and violent disturbances organized by extreme Sinhala Organisations and EPDP.

    British need reminding of their laws and CIA about spying and how to load all the ills on LTTE. Many previous attempts by SL foreign missions in trying to link Al Qieda, Nepal?s Maoists and Naxalites with LTTE brought notoriety to Slankan Government and racist media. But they do these dirty tricks unabated.

  • 18 Sep 2005 16:34:21 GMT


    Doktor Anthon Balasinhamvich.

  • 18 Sep 2005 19:33:23 GMT


    Apey surakumara dhossthara mahatha..


  • 19 Sep 2005 20:56:51 GMT

    Have read two comments on the news report from London about the book launch of Anton Balasingham`s book and the White Pigeon`s intended attempt to promote eelam and the LTTE in the guise of some cultural event.

    One comment is by somebody called Fairplay who obviously does not understand the meaning of the word to judge by his remarks about coolies. As the old saying goes water finds its own level even in the sewer. His remarks do not warrant a reply because I do not descend to the depths dredged by FairPlay.

    But the one who goes as Piranha talks about news sources that are not credited, factual errors and then makes a whole heap of allegations that should not be dignified, particularly because dignity is not a word he/she appears to understand.

    Interestingly the only fact that is contested is that TRO was not banned for any suspected links with the LTTE. I wonder whether he has read the remarks of David Rich, the chief investigator of the Charity Commissioner. Lack of transparency in monetary transfers etc is a euphemism for more serious offences. If it was so simple why did the Charity Commissioner delist TRO? Simply for bad accountacy? Let it to the Marines or better the Sea Tigers.

    It is surprising that a person who pretends to deal in facts does not present a single fact other than accusations..

    The man, if he really is one, has no knowledge of jourrnalism. If he is a journalist he is surely a poor one. If he knows anything about newspaper reporting he would know that journalists do not always disclose their sources or name them.

    I don`t know from which part of the world he is writing. But if he is living in the UK and reads newspapers and not just the Tamilnet, he would know that last Sunday`s British newspapers carried many items in which they do not disclose sources and only say an official, an education department source or as in one item even says the newspaper withheld the name of the person.

    This is normal journalistic practise when it does not want to expose its sources of information.

    But these two writers who scream like banshees do not [point out any inaccuracy or mistake in the factual content of the report.

    So if they want to be taken seriously they should contest the accuracy of the report and not scream like some bigot from the Wanni.

    The fact that Balasingham`s book is not banned is simply because the authorities in other countries cannot waste their time reading rubbish. That might be good for Anton and Adele, the two As who are behaving like two Bs.

  • 20 Sep 2005 02:37:38 GMT

    Thanks Charli ,

    You convinced me that I should not read the new version of War & Peace which seems to be some rubbish, I will stick to Tolstoy`s War & Peace.