Mahinda needn`t answer President`s letter: Campaign chief

  • 14 Sep 2005 22:13:41 GMT

    JVP was with CBK. Once JVP left CBK again invited

    JVP to come back. Now, CBK wants explanation when MR

    joined with JVP. Interesting.

    IF CBK does not dissolve the parliament and she stays until

    the next year then what happens to the election and

    all these agreements?

  • 14 Sep 2005 22:17:58 GMT

    Anud: They become part of Vanhellsing`s garbage empire, on which he s.its, sits & sleeps.

  • 14 Sep 2005 22:46:29 GMT

    What more can you expect from the drity mouth of a third rate Fashion designer who was caught looking at gay porn sites, using telecom provided credit cards...

  • 14 Sep 2005 22:58:46 GMT

    This man, Mangala is one of the Cancers in Sri Lankan politics. But you can not see him out of the politics as he knows only one employment, to utilize the public money in the shrewed way. what sort of policy you expect form this man?? JVP is learnning something from him. (At least weerawans )to spend some money on haircuts and to wear nice looking designer shirts!!

  • 14 Sep 2005 23:15:46 GMT


    I am NOT trying to white-wash Mangala Innocent Samaraweera though I admire his recent moves. But, as far as I can remember those po*n sites that were visited after publishing his credit card numbers on the papers, were neither g*y sites nor have visited by him.

    It was later revealed those sites were accessed by few people who logged-in from Jayawardane Centre in Colombo, presumably UNPers. The fact those were NOT visited by him was confirmed given they are not G*y sites (Correct me if I am wrong).



  • 14 Sep 2005 23:22:37 GMT

    `23 political parties have pledged their support to Mahinda`

    Except for the JVP and the NUA the rest are not even trishaw parties they are more like wheel barrow party where the entire membership could be loaded into one.They are mere name boards with no voter base.As for the JHU there are not a political party in the strict sense of the word,they are a loose congregations of monks and very soon they will disintegrate.The votes the JHU obtained were mainly unp votes and would revert back to the unp for the simple reason if the JHU voters were anti unp they would have voted for the Rata Perata platform.

  • 14 Sep 2005 23:47:42 GMT


    Yes i remember that time very well. When this whole scandal was exposed, the story you said was the official position mangala Samaraweera took. However, no one was ever charged. I don`t even remember, there ever being an investigation. The Jayawardene center is pretty small organization where only a handful of people work. Working in the Financial consulting field, i know how easy it is to track down such a thing, if such a thing happened.

    So there was never an investigation nor was any one charged with using Mangala Samaraweeras Credit card fraudulently. However, the Sunday leader gave details of the Credit card number, the Porn sites that were visited and the amounts that were charged. THe only response on Part of Mangala Saramaweera was to accuse someone at the Jayawardena center.

    Mangala at that time was CBKs POWERFUL blue eyed boy. Knowing the power he wielded, it is utter shocking, as to how someone working at an opposition affiliated organization, can do something like that to a very POWERFUL minister and get away.

    So this story you mentioned is nothing but a pack of hog wash.

    On the other hand, Many people on this forum accuse Ranil of running a torture chamber at Batalanda. However, Ranil faced a PRESIDENTIAL commission of inquiry. The commission found there was no such chambers. Mind you this was when he was the opposition leader whom everyone in the government was out to get. Despite all that people keep repeating it here. However, i don`t see you standing up for the truth then???? :) :)


  • 15 Sep 2005 00:07:22 GMT

    Responding to an article published in the Daily Mirror Financial Times on Tuesday (13) Minister Mangala Samaraweera yesterday lashed out at writer Dr. Harsha de Silva saying that he was a mediocre, second rate economist with a degree from a dubious and obscure American university.

    It is evident from the above the caliber of Mangala the chief spokesman for Mahinda`s campaign.Instead of countering the arguments of Dr Harsha de Silva of his criticism of Mahinda`s/JVP economic policy he attacks the credentials of the writer.

    This same trend is seen in the forum.When Bandula criticized the economic policy those who contributed to this forum attacked his past stating he studied at lumbini and lived in Kirulapone.

    Grow up people, irrespective of political affiliations and following your `leaders` blindly address the issues.

  • 15 Sep 2005 00:36:00 GMT

    As Shakespeare has said `Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind.`

    why not reply to kumaratunga`s letter if he thinks he is justified in his position?

    A true man with a back bone stands by what he believes in regardless of other threats.

    if mahinda is the so-called `honorable` prime minister he will reply. otherwise the whole country would know that he is a lowly creature who cannot stand up to defend his actions.

  • 15 Sep 2005 00:44:08 GMT


    `A true man with a back bone stands by what he believes in regardless of other threats`..

    The Key words are

    `A TRUE MAN` and a man with a `BACK BONE`...

    Mahinda is NONE of it. In fact i dont think he knows the meaning of the above words. :) :)