Ranil wants to accommodate CBK

  • 7 Sep 2005 22:23:06 GMT


  • 7 Sep 2005 22:35:38 GMT

    He will have to embrace Islam, visit the Kunnukade Lebbe to get his tip cut, if he has one & then along with Chandrika, a very eligable spinster & his poor doting first wife, he can have two more.

    Hopefully one of the will be a Tamil pussie, as Sinhalaonly highly recommends them.

    Ranil & Lucky the licker Kadirgamar, have common desires, both deserted Christianity for Buddhism, poor Lucky the licker was taken away in his prime, deprived of the rusty scissors of the Kunnukade Lebbe.

  • 7 Sep 2005 22:49:33 GMT

    Hey anizam,

    The converted Mahinda supporter doesn`t call him `Hon` anymore. Have I noticed a lack of enthusiasm? Or has he/she stopped licking Mahinda`s slippers?

  • 7 Sep 2005 22:54:51 GMT

    He will have to call him Rev, as he has to wear the saffron robe to prevent Chandrika from getting her dirty hands into his pockets.

  • 8 Sep 2005 00:51:29 GMT

    This gesture is a good example for the out dated sri lankan thinking. Here is a man hell bent on uplifting the country from its present predicament. You all must appreciate his great vision and foresight. He even wants to rehabilitate Chandrika! I wish he also get into his folds the red sahodarayas too. Good job Ranil, carry on....??? If these local guys turn nasty you can always seek asylum in Eelam. Prepared to work with Chandrika it self is a proof that you are not a homointimacyual as claimed by some of the adversaries.

  • 8 Sep 2005 02:00:45 GMT

    Who knows guys...

    CBK may ouster Ranil from the UNP leadership once he looses the presidential elections...

    Wonders never seize in Sri Lankan politics.

  • 8 Sep 2005 02:26:21 GMT


    You may be getting a sadistic thrill by getting under the skin of those who hold a different political view.What is required in this forum is an exchange of views in a civilized manner and not name calling.English is a very rich and refined language and you can get the message a cross in a better way rather than than stooping to a low level.The way you write is a true reflection of who you are and not the characteristic traits of Ranil.Ranil has been in politics since 1977 and has conducted himself in a dignified manner unlike some of the political leaders that you are supporting.

    Have a good day.

  • 8 Sep 2005 02:35:09 GMT

    Oopsy seems to be very obsessed with the intimacyual tendancies of other people... Always seeing homointimacyuals in his head.. We all know Ranil is a Smart looking man... and he is trying his best to make Ranil homo.. humm what does that say about him i wonder.. Oopsy - hey its the year 2005.. people are very accepting of Homos so dont worry.. i think its time you come out :) :)

  • 8 Sep 2005 03:14:00 GMT


    You have a tendency to go off at a tangent. Sexual orientation of individuals is immaterial to a political discussion.Making unsubstantiated statements which you perceive as facts and simply calling an individual a traitor does not show much enlightenment on you part.

  • 8 Sep 2005 03:25:22 GMT

    Oopsy admit it man.. you have those tendancies for Ranil :) :)