CBK unhappy, summons SLFP central committee

  • 3 Sep 2005 04:19:50 GMT

    CBK, step down from the party leadership.

    CBK and Anura has no right to claim the ownership of SLFP.

    CBK left SLFP and formed the SLMP with Vijaya and then ran away from the country after her hsuband`s murder (by JVP?)

    Anura worked against his mother (then SLFP leader) before breaking away from SLFP and joined UNP.

    Let the genral membership to decided on the leaders and future of the party.

  • 3 Sep 2005 07:54:45 GMT

    If King Mahinda had introduced bouddhism in Sri Lanka about 3rd century before J.C. why can`t the present Prime Minister and future possible President of Sri Lanka

    Mr.Mahinda introduce federal system of administration in

    Northeast to bring peace within the soverignty of Sri Lanka.

    Every citizen of this Island has right to live with the hope of peace.

  • 3 Sep 2005 07:58:46 GMT

    King Mahinda inroducing Buddhism???

    Some guys have a real flare for history of Sri Lanka.

  • 3 Sep 2005 08:56:23 GMT

    Anura as the PM?

    It would appear that Parliament will be dissolved in the very near future. Parliamentary elections will be help d on the same say as the presidential election.

    `If` SLFP win the general election and `if` MR wins the presidential election CBK will move to Temple Trees. MR will be swan in as president. He will them resign. CBK will move up the ladder as the acting president and Anura will then become the PM. MR will get a good overseas post

    I have news to the Bandaranayake family

    There is a another candidate who will contest the presidential election. I believe that he will upset the pre-planned Bandaranayake program.

    Faster we get rid of this lot the better it is for the country. The proposed `new` presidential candidate(I hear)is not from the old corrupt lot of politicians

  • 3 Sep 2005 11:01:21 GMT

    Thanks for the advice in advance

  • 3 Sep 2005 12:54:35 GMT

    I prefer brutal dictatorship - one leader for life to deal with Prabha, ME!

  • 3 Sep 2005 13:59:24 GMT

    What we need is a `Dharmashoka` type king. First he needs to be `Chandashoka`.

    Federal system is another political blunder just like the politicians did at the and just after the independance.

    We need a constitution change which makes every corner of sri Lanka is for everybody and every ethnic group is equal. If they can prove they are mistreated they shold be able to go to `human rights courts`.

    We should operate like a modern civilization.

    Federal system may be good when you have ulterior motives and, as a culture you would like isolation.

    We need constitution which reflect ethnic diversity and equality, childrens rights, women rights, and no corruptions and fraud etc etc.

    The direction of the country should be changed so that politicians can not put their hands every where.

  • 3 Sep 2005 14:46:56 GMT

    What to be scared of an murderous army general who licked boots of JR

    he is no show with JVP+ MR

    he is joker perera

  • 3 Sep 2005 15:28:25 GMT

    `Every citizen of this Island has right to live with the hope of peace.`

    Then Tamils should behave like ones that respect the rights of others to live in peace, ie. give up terror and join the mainstream politics. If federalism works, then what are they (LTTE) waiting for? Accept it without terrorizing the nation.

  • 3 Sep 2005 15:41:56 GMT

    I have talked to Janaka Perera when he was in Australia. He has a very clear`vision for t he country. He looks like a dictator, not corrupted, work on pricipals. He is a very good leader. The only weak point is he is a nationalist. He is not very good for a country like Sri Lanka. where we have different issue like ethnic problem. He would be an ideal candidate, if we don`t have any ethnic problem. He has a vision for how to develop the country which is lacking among our politicians.

    If he contest, It would be disasterous for MR. He eats the MR`s vote bank. If you talk to him, you will know how smart he is.

    But, since he doesn`t have vision for the ethnic problem, he will be in loosing side.

    MR also shaould have a clear vision for this problem, if he needs to win.