Ex-military head as JHU candidate?

  • 1 Sep 2005 23:57:35 GMT

    Janaka Perera

  • 2 Sep 2005 00:35:27 GMT

    Whatever credibility and respect he commands frm ppl will be soon lost..!if it is Janaka Perera

  • 2 Sep 2005 02:07:51 GMT

    How about Ratwatte??

    He he...


  • 2 Sep 2005 02:26:24 GMT

    IF jANAKA pERERA CONTESTS. he will get some of Mahinda/JVP votes.

  • 2 Sep 2005 02:47:02 GMT

    Religions should never involve in politics

  • 2 Sep 2005 03:44:17 GMT

    He will be dead if he`s running for president

  • 2 Sep 2005 03:45:43 GMT

    Well, I think he is a good soldier and done his duty to the country. And he is sent out of the country for the same reason. our politicians are always afraid of military coups, will somewhat be threatened to have a man like Perera on the run for the election.

    End result will be again the division of the vote base of nationalist forces between candidates. That will make way for Ranil. After all Mahinda with same kind of NGO pundits around him, playing in to the hands of terrorists and the supporting elements will not be any better. JHU and JVP have the greatest responsibility of convincing Mahinda to stand firmly with patriotic forces and win the election, without getting carried away on the issue of collecting minority votes.

    If it doesn`t happen, everyone must get together and vote for Ranil to get more than 60% votes so that he will not need the aid of minority parties. This will allow him to work independent and destroy all the elements opposing him, including JVP, SLFP etc. If LTTE is unsuccessful in finishing him, he will capable of taking them too. Then there will be political stability under Unitary party system, which is only UNP. That will be at least 29 years, which may be ended only by the natural death of Ranil. Poor people will suffer, but there will be tremendous economic growth during the regime.

    After a while we may have a strong police force, developed with the help of ex-LTTE cadres, who could protect new rich middle class from poor rural villagers who are invading Colombo and suburbs seeking work and living. in this way we can make sure that at least 20% of the total population, that is about 4-5 million is better off, where as in the present situation no one is safe either economically or physically.

    (Hypothetical, Open to criticism)

  • 2 Sep 2005 03:54:35 GMT

    Can anyone Sinhalese translate Jathika Hela Urumaya in plain english please?

  • 2 Sep 2005 04:06:44 GMT


    `National Sinahalese Heritage` is the plain Englsih version of JHU.

    Helayo means Sinhalayo who were the originals of this country. This country was know as `Hela Deepaya` long time ago. Then country was divided in to four parts and was governed by four hellayos (siv-helayo) finally become seehelayo...and become sinhalayo for easy use (like Siv padaya become Seepadaya).


    I have told you the true color of JHU and they will never support Mahinda openly if JVP decides to support him. Otherwise they will field a separate candidate and use him to attack other candidates more or less.

  • 2 Sep 2005 04:40:43 GMT

    National Sinahalese Heritage? Vote them, they love tamils