My son behaves normally: Mervyn

  • 11 Aug 2005 00:19:07 GMT

    Hellow,Mr Junior Minister!

    Show your son to a Doctor?

    You go to Mulleriyawa and see a Doctor there.

    All the other chidren who do not behave like yours are children born to DECENT PARENTS WHO HAVE NOT EARNED ILL MONEY!and they are perfectly allright!!

  • 11 Aug 2005 01:49:35 GMT

    Thats what Mr Sonofeelam`s father also telling us!!

  • 11 Aug 2005 02:26:04 GMT

    Aney Apoy!! (Sorry, No Translation)

  • 11 Aug 2005 02:30:17 GMT

    Yes Dr. Mervyn Silva, your son behaves normally, especially with respect to you. If any one has any doubts, ask them to inquire S.B Dissanayake. He will confirm your sons innocence.



  • 11 Aug 2005 03:44:17 GMT

    Mervyn, If you come out we will hang you before you hang your self (Hora Thakkadiya)but not in Gall Face (too good for you) it will be at Baire Lake.

    You are born to wash the dirty linen of CBK like a c..ll.

  • 11 Aug 2005 08:14:09 GMT


    Namini Wijedasa

    August 8

    The indefatigable (and we mean that negatively) Mervyn Silva was unfortunately far too visible again last week. Evidently chuffed at the unexpected publicity arising from fathering a juvenile delinquent, he held yet another uncalled-for press conference.

    It is learnt that most journalists attended the briefing because their editors had advised them to ?drop in and see what the damn fool has to say?. Still others avoided going because they felt too many damn fools had far too much to say nowadays.

    Anyhow, Silva unveiled his latest claim-to-fame at this press conference. He blazoned that somebody wanted to kill him, implying that it could be rich Tamil people based in Colombo. ?I suspect that a contract has been taken out to assassinate me,? he sniffed.

    Frankly, does it look like any of us care?

    Silva babbled, too, that he pays obeisance to the Lord Buddha morning and evening, while also honouring the Vishnu and Kataragama deities and the entire Pantheon of Gods. He announced that he wasn?t afraid to die. Should he be killed, however, he would like to be reborn in Sri Lanka ? ?in this holy land? -- as none other than Mervyn Silva.

    Pantheon of Gods forbid. No thank you. One lifetime of Mervyn Silva is too much already. Let some other country have the reincarnated version of this thug.

    Silva adds that there?s a conspiracy to assassinate his character. Let?s put this bluntly: Who needs a ruddy conspiracy? Silva?s managing to assassinate his own character quite effectively without outside contribution. A vast vocabulary of kunuharapa and a guttersnipe of a son help move the process forward.

    We may laugh. But there are crucial issues to be addressed in this whole Mervyn Silva saga. For instance: Is it not enough that hoodlums are foisted on us through the National List; must we tolerate their hoodlum sons as well? How can Silva?s badly brought up rascal evade punishment time and time again? Any other bloke with the foolhardiness to box a policeman?s ears would be flung into jail so fast that he?d forget whether his eyes were on the top of his head or under his left foot.

    Also, how many more punk kids must we humour before they are given the thrashing they deserve? S B Dissanayake?s sons, Mahinda Wijesekera?s son, Jayalath Jayawardena?s boy?. At least the last one extracted an apology from his offspring. Silva hasn?t so much as forced a hypocritical hum from the lips of his brat.

    Does a wealth of good for the SLFP?s image, does Mervyn Silva. Jolly good show, Chandrika. Let?s throw out the net for a few more rascals to accommodate on the National List. Why look far? Take Mervyn Silva Junior.

    But what a twisted, sad, upside-down nation this is. Gemunu Wijeratne -- the failed UNP general election candidate who leads the Private Bus Owners? Association -- says his men are striking from midnight tomorrow because they don?t want to pay heavy fines for violating road rules. Wijeratne effectively confirmed that they do break the law but would rather not be punished. The cheek of it.

    It?s difficult to appreciate the obvious hilarity of this situation. But it is funny. In Sri Lanka, everything works in reverse. If criminals could strike to abolish the Penal Code, they would. Let the private bus Mafiosi protest till they?re blue in the face. For once, let?s grin and bear it. Hell, if we commuters had any sense, we would strike.

    The UNP, meanwhile, must be laughing from its rear end. Yipeeee, a strike, a strike! What luck. Summon a press conference, draft a statement, blast the government, call for a presidential election, organise a procession? and somehow slander Mahinda because he does so make Ranil Wickremesinghe look silly. (Seriously, old boy, all that ineffectual, ill-timed fist waving and expressionless homilies simply aren?t working).

    The people? Never mind them. Public misfortune is meant for dwelling on.

    That?s Sri Lankan politics for you. It would frighten us silly if our politicians stopped serving themselves and started working for public good. The novelty of it would kill us.

    Mangala Samaraweera is in a soup again. A very expensive soup, too. That biography he authorised of Chandrika has backfired somewhat. ?CBK? by famous (???) biographer Graeme Wilson was declared last week to be chock full of factual and technical inaccuracies. The president?s office, which had initially held the book and its author in highest esteem, issued a sheepish statement on Thursday ?un-authorising? the authorised biography (which they had not authorised in the first place). Funny, huh?

    Now questions are being raised over the money spent. Seems the whole endeavour had been funded by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority. Very generous with other people?s lettuce, some of us.

    About those glaring errors in the book, did nobody have the sense to read the damn manuscript before all that dosh was liberally dished out of public coffers? Or was there merely nobody with sense handling the project? And in what mind did Chandrika Kumaratunga delegate the responsibility of authorising her own biography to someone else? Is it even possible for a third, unrelated party to authorise a biography?

    Sources close to Mangala claim the poor chap had organised the project in good faith. Too bad he didn?t take time to read the manuscript. On the other hand, the UNP is undoubtedly elated at the convenient materialization of this story. It?s the kind of tale that usually has them weeping tears of joy.

    Meanwhile, Chandrika and her gang spent another busy week taking the masses for asses. The VAT is suddenly being whisked off certain items. First fuel, then milk and gas. Nothing to do with elections looming on the horizon. No. They were merely feeling benevolent. Idiot politicians seem to think we?re idiots too.

    The SLFP never stops showing its wretched side. General Secretary Maithripala Sirisena has decided, possibly along with the rest of his pathetic party, that Elections Commissioner Dayananda Dissanayake is unethical. The same man who was hailed for his impartiality during past elections. Sirisena accuses Dissanayake of being biased, incorrect and inappropriate, of going beyond the confines of his authority and of siding with the UNP. His attack on the man is nothing short of wrathful. Why? Because Dissanayake had stated his position on the presidential election -- which, incidentally, happens to be his prerogative.

    Look, Sirisena, leave the public servants alone. If the SLFP wants to show its bigoted, malicious, arrogant, self-important, stupid, dictatorial side, limit it to the equally bigoted, malicious, arrogant, self-important, stupid, dictatorial politicians who are designed to stomach crap.

    Dissanayake may not say what the SLFP wants to hear. Tough luck. But perhaps our Mahinda wants early election, hmmm?

  • 11 Aug 2005 08:46:42 GMT

    That dumb CBK is still silent on this issue...

    if this rascal is safeguarding his son against his misbehaviors may god help the son...

    BIRTH OF THE NEXT SOTHTHI UPALI ...what a country???


  • 11 Aug 2005 13:27:48 GMT

    I love Mervyn Silva. There should be more like him. He is one guy who is not a bigot or a hypocrite. Oh my God! JVPers have become saints. They have become the saviors and the caretakers of Sri Lanka. The New and Improved JVP talks of Non-Violence. We who are in their 60 still remember the JVP atrocities and the havoc they created in the `70s.

    Mervyn`s son is not a sissy he a real man who gets out of hand after a drink or two. Lanka who consumes record amount of alchahol in the world could expect a few to go out of line and create trouble once in while. This is not a subject to be addressed in the parliament. Guys we have better things to talk. I read one friking guy saying here above Mervyn is meant to wash cloth imply his caste. These are the parayas whose mouth should be washed with some kind of special chemicals. This is a typical UNP loser bashing a family man who has a troubled teenager

  • 11 Aug 2005 13:56:39 GMT

    This guys measures his son by his own yardstick - 4 inches shorter than the conventional.

  • 11 Aug 2005 14:19:00 GMT

    `Maha Kakuluwa edeta yanakota podi kakuluwoth edeta yana eka ahanna deyak nehe`. Whoever who loves Mervyn the family man please wipe your eyes. There is no hope for Sri Lanka until this kind of people last.