`LTTE must bring Wijewardane`s killers to book`

  • 10 Aug 2005 20:14:52 GMT

    Hummm....hey tigeress.......very interesting......

  • 10 Aug 2005 20:43:36 GMT

    Dear all

    `meanwhile group of srilankan tamils living in abroad,who have been saddened by the fate of wijayaward is planning to estabilish a trust fund in his name to help his family.`

    wounderfull,excellent. i will support it too.but what about the young poor barber got killed unnessaryly.so i would like to say to mr.anadasangaree

    1)if you could tell us who,which country and which group of srilankan tamils would like to estabilish that trust fund on SSP`S name.it would be more help full to raise even more fund and im sure it makes sence.

    2)as you and i are aware that the killed SSP`widow or children will receive some sort of fund from government and most perhaps the widow or children will receive pensons and this fund might help them overcome their greivenses.

    3)it would be quite wise to estabilish the trust fund in the name of the merdered young mans name as his family(wife,his children) will not receive any form of compensation or pension from the government.

    atleast the SSP will receive penson.

    4)how much money are you willing to donate to that fund mr.anandasangaree? and have you asked mr.kadirkamar to join with you to promote this good cause.?

    if you could give us those asked info then we should be able to support your excellent idea and good cause.

    thank you

  • 10 Aug 2005 21:12:35 GMT

    Tigress 19 is a `sharp cut replica` of the Vanni butchers who committed another brutal, daylight killing of an unarmed Senior Police Officer.

    She, seems to be a strong `yes animal` of the VBT baby friars (cannibals?). They have no guts to condemn even the slightest atrocity committed by Avathaar`s murderous gang.

    She, as all other `brainwashed` (if they have one at least!) men & women are always speaking of the Bindunuwewa affair, as dictated by the wanni killers.

    These men & women, perhaps have never heard that the tiger killers have massacred innocent (unarmed, of course!) worshippers at the SRI MAHA BODHI in Anuradhapura, truck bomb blast at the SRI DALADA MALIGAWA in Kandy, killing & injuring many worshippers. The bombing of the Fort Railway Station which killed dozens of railway passengers.

    For them, all atrocities have been committed only by the SAL and the GOAL.

    The tiger supporters `try` to show the world at large that Avatar is a SAINT who has come down to wanni from the heaven & has never done any crime against humanity. But the whole world knows who the tiger murderers are and that they were the pioneers to explode (in)human bombs to kill the maximum of innocent, unarmed civilians, by sacrificing only one brainless, poor `Karumakkaraya` who accepted to do the `dirty job` for the love of a bundle of bank notes.

    Luckily, there are also intelligent Tamils like Mr. Anandasangaree who can speak against the Vanni barbarians !!

    But how long will the ltte let them express their neutral & free opinions.


  • 10 Aug 2005 21:31:15 GMT

    Unconfirmed reports from witnesses say that the ltte planned & executed the SSP Wijewardena.

    If confirmed, the `planners` will never bring the `executioners` to book !!

    The wanni butchers and the `law in the jungle` go hand in hand.

    Perhaps by now, Avathaar has already `promoted` these killers.

    Mr. Anandasangaree, please note that you have not done your `request` to humans, but to brutal killers !! Take care of you !!

  • 10 Aug 2005 21:45:31 GMT


    I totally agree with you. I sympathise with the family and friends of this popular police offcer and sportsman. My sympaties also go to the family and friends of this poor young barber whose family will probably remain poor forever after losing the breadwinner.

    I would strongly urge Mr Sangaree to make every effort to ensure that the family of this poor barber is looked after. Mr Sangaree has become an arse licker of the Sinhalese racists, wining and dining with Sinhala racists like the JVP and the JHU. This man is a disgrace to the Tamil community and it is time that the Tamils totally ignored his activities and utterrances.

  • 10 Aug 2005 22:37:27 GMT


    Anyone who condemns BRUTAL killings is an ASS LICKER?

    This shows how IMMATUARED these brainless due to BRAINWASH,people are.

    As NANDALAL pointed out the amount of brutal killings carried out by the orders of avathar are countless.

    Lets remind once again!

    All these brutal killings started with the slaying of the 13 SLA personal.SLA and Sinhalese retalited,its true.But time and again these murderers massacred hundreds and hundreds innocent civilians,who were worshipping,travelling in busses and trains for work,sleeping peasents of the boarder villages,on the streets and so on and so forth.When counted,SLA have done nothing.But these headless hooligans talk and spread as if its only the SLA who have killed.In a war the soldiers gets killed and likewise LTTE caders got killed.But these murderers did all this time was killing the innocent people,unarmed Policeman.

    RANIL will haave to pay for what he did by signing the CFA which gave these brutes an opportunity to infiltrate into south and kill a large number od SLA Inteligence and civilians including a large number of Tamils who oposed them.

    People of Mr.Ananda sangaree are many but are not able to speak up due to the BRUTALITY OF THE SOLE REPRESENTATIVES(namesake only)OF THE TAMILS.

    Time will come very soon for avathar and the followers to pay back for what they have committed!

  • 10 Aug 2005 23:25:27 GMT

    Now they have killed SSP. They can not start the war.Tamil people who are in SRI Lanka do not need a War. That is why the barbarians can not start the War.

    Now the gentleman Barberians appeal to Avtar to start a war.What has happened to the war machine. It is destroyed by the prevailing normal situation.

    Money seekers and the idiots who are in other countries want the war.

    Time will show what will happen to the LTTE.

  • 11 Aug 2005 00:03:03 GMT

    LTTE sympathisers in foreign countries display distorted facts which have occured due to LTTE ATROCITIES to show that they are fighting a genuine strugle against GOSL as they have no viable explaination to show cause for the BRUTAL murder of UNARMED Geltleman Policeman RESPECTED BY THE ORDINARY INNOCENT CIVILIANS in Jaffna,where a University Student has come forward to give evidence.Merciless murderers try to show that the killing was carried out by the civilians thru their anger towards the DECENT CIVILIAN TAMILS living in that area knowing that they do not like the LTTE but cannot express their feelings thru fear of the KILLER LTTErs.

    Very soon the uncivilised LTTErs will get what they are asking for.

    99% ordinary civilians living in Jaffna do not want a war.

    Its a fact.Its high time for LTTE sympathisers in foreign countries to subscribe sensible words without trying to mislead the readers and the International community.

    One can see how desperate they are by the nature of the language and the tone of replying when TRUTH is exposed by a Sinhalese!

  • 11 Aug 2005 00:40:12 GMT

    `The closest relative of Shantheruban, who died of gun shot injuries in a barber shop in Jaffna is to be paid Rs.500,000 by the Army`

    Above is a news item that appeared long before tegeress19 proposed a fund to SSP`s family!

    This the way justice prevails in GOSL!

  • 11 Aug 2005 02:00:45 GMT

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