End to VIP security for spoilt brats

  • 7 Aug 2005 21:06:09 GMT

    Great! Better late than never!

    MPs should realise that they are representatives of the public and not Kings or Queens to have security for them even, leave alone children.What amount of public funds are spent on these IDIOTS and their IDIOTIC children?

    With what moral right are they asking for such security?If they can`t be without security,resign and go home without burdening the already week economy.Those who have complained as to why their children`s security has been removed must have thought that this GOSL as their grand father`s property.Shameless idiots!

    Atleast this Govenment had the courage to enforce such a thing is commendable compared to UNF whose children were playing havoc with the guts of their Government security and UNF simply turned a blind eye.One such MP whose son was involved in an dasterdly incident explaind it as `Kollonge wedaney!`.

    IGP! good work if you can maintain this!

  • 7 Aug 2005 23:55:11 GMT

    This is fantastic news. If this lasts it will be great to have these little wimps get beaten up by themselves. Haha if they want to get in a fight they should go it alone without government paid help. These stupid thuggos need to be hammered and tossed in the trash cans where they crawled out of. I hope these illiterate jack-asses stop acting like big shi@s riding on their butt-head fathers` coat tails. All are good for nothing. Lanka would be a whole lot better if we could toss the MP`s into the ocean and ask them to swim off and find another home.

  • 8 Aug 2005 02:49:54 GMT

    No Problem Mr IGP,

    The spoiled brats will Join the LTTE. You are obliged to provide the security then.....

  • 8 Aug 2005 06:15:35 GMT

    Job well done...IGP...!!now these cowards will face the real world alone for the first time...now even the dogs will pee on these shameless idiots...or still theese brats will higher some private security...as they can`t face the world by them selves...

    But IGP ...what about the protection to the children of Kadiragamar...unlike other MPs he is under a severe threat from the LTTE butchers...you should take special precautions in protecting Mr.Kadir and his family...cos he is a national treasure...


  • 8 Aug 2005 06:16:50 GMT

    Aimusa, yes but we should accompany them with the LTTE butchers...Then certainly, the SL would be a better place...


  • 8 Aug 2005 06:31:08 GMT

    Well, lets get one step back & go to the route of the issue. Forget about the brats, they will learn the hard lesson from the society one day. Just imagine who sent their fathers to the council (goes on defending brats actions all the time)? Most importantly, why Madam President entertains and tolerates those who provide lot of ?hot jokes? to the general public on weekly basis? (Well, latest incident featured in BBC too - The only news item aired on SL after the tsunami 6 months event). Should we laugh or cry? I`ve seen Malaysian senior politicians are been sent home overnight for such negligence (Ex - Casio defaults, money politics, bribery charges, assaulting the servant at home, throwing a cabinet paper to the dustbin). Surprice ha? Pls note one preventive action would set example for the rest? Its pity that these jokers still around in Sri Lankan politics? When we will get responsice politiciens and people who can look up as we saw in 70`s?

  • 8 Aug 2005 07:16:57 GMT

    Ok good new for PATHALA MALLILA, you have a new job opportunity.

  • 8 Aug 2005 08:54:21 GMT

    This is great that finally there is a crack down on all this rubbish. Check this story out it`s not fully to spoilt brats but spoilt ministers, it`s just on fuel but if this is bad, what would it be with the rest of their spendings ?


    Do you think this story could be correct, by a site visitor.

  • 8 Aug 2005 09:11:19 GMT

    Inhumen barberian uncultured indiciplined LTTE devils has to to be wiped out from this land.Sri Lankan politicians are idiots.

  • 8 Aug 2005 11:17:04 GMT

    People who are on the grounds, can you guys tell me if the sons who were elected newly to the parliment are also missuing the public funds like all other Politicians?