No more bogus BOI degrees

  • 3 Aug 2005 10:01:17 GMT

    Time has come to change attitudes of people regarding courses, degree programmes in both private and Government institutions.

    True and good there should be close monitoring and supervision what why how and who is conducting these.

    Now it is the time to think of parallel entry in to degree programmes and giving middle class children opportunity to get access to rest of the world through these courses. Earlier it was limited to affluent higher class people to get such opportunity in countries like UK, Australia, Singapore etc etc. Let them come to SL ofcourse not bogus useless cheaters. Give access to costly things at a reasonable cost yet recognized not only by SL but rest of the world. They can go to other countries and it is an investment. People might think of brain drain but isn`t it better to have such rather than being disappointed after completion of bogus degree in some countries like separated Soviet Union, Pakistan, Nepal etc etc???

    At the same time Government should strengthen schools and universities in government sector giving priority to upgrade and keep pace with private sector.