Karuna group sabotages Tigers` plan

  • 19 May 2005 23:33:23 GMT

    It is amazing what people say when you divide. All this time LTTE has been together so everyone knew what a great force it is, but because of this Karuna incident, people think they are weaker. Hmmmm I wonder what people think about the political parties of Sri Lanka. If people start laughing at Karuna breaking away from the LTTE, the political parties and the judicial system of Sri Lanka is the greatest prank every pulled on the people of the island

  • 19 May 2005 23:59:27 GMT

    Well for a start none of the political parties say they are the sole reps

  • 20 May 2005 00:31:09 GMT

    Not only people, even LTTE believe that they are helpless in front of Karuna. They have proved so many times requesting Sri Lanka Army support to travel in East.

  • 20 May 2005 01:36:11 GMT

    Sri Lankan Tamil,

    You are factually wrong. Neither Tamils nor LTTE has never been together as a single entity. They had differences in their opinions. But Prabhakaran (your God) killed everyone who did not accept his leadership or could become a threat to his leadership, making Tamils a single entity under an iron fist. His killing list continues through Mahaththaya, Uma Maheshwaran, Sri Sabarathnam, Padmanabha, Neelan Thiruchelvam etc. Only Karuna, Douglas Devananda and Anandasangari escaped. Interestingly none of them are against the Eelam, and some of them took arms for that cause.

    If this trend continues, Prabakaran would not only become the sole representative of Tamils, but the only surviving Tamil. You idiots living overseas cheers for these maniacs, since youre lives are protected.

  • 20 May 2005 01:48:48 GMT

    Srilanka Tamil,

    to all you guys asking and fighting for an ealam in the north, if by any chance it was given to u`ll, will all tamils agree to leave sri-lanka and go and live in the north with the tigers, and that will be your home, so there will be no tamils in srilanka, they can all go and live in thenorth, will you guys ever agree to that, you cant expect to have the cake and eat it also. so if we agree to give you ealam, every tamil should pack their bags and to go th north, IS IT FAIR, is it what u`ll want.

  • 20 May 2005 09:13:18 GMT

    Well said Anumud!

  • 20 May 2005 15:52:27 GMT

    Yes Lanka Lion,

    Stop roaring Its A big Yes,all tamils will settle in the North and East and make eelam a prosperous nation.with the help all migrants.As you know the tamils are hard working unlike you guys hardly working depending on govt salaries etc.

  • 20 May 2005 15:56:29 GMT

    We know Karuna is alive

    Does anyone know if the terrorist (LTTE) leader Pabhakaran is alive?

    Karuna Vs LTTE will burn itself soon. Either they will kill each other of they will unify under one flag. If they unify, they will ?again? wage war against the sovereign government of Sri Lanka.

    That will be the day LTTE may be finished for good

    Bodipala Wijeyesinghe


  • 20 May 2005 16:01:29 GMT

    Back again LTTE has seen so many deserters.They do not care about this.The Govt and forces are using Karunas name to create problems.Sameway they were using EPDP and Douglus.Karuna or the group is none other than the Govt of SLand its forces.

  • 21 May 2005 02:14:02 GMT

    Asitha.. if we ever have to run to tamilnadu.. you can be 100% sure we`re gonna bring a bigger army from there and put all of ur pathetic asses down.. as you know ur a little more than an ant compared to the population of tamils in tamilnadu.