Tigers threaten to shoot army de-miners

  • 16 May 2005 05:29:35 GMT

    Its a bloody joke! With these type of criminals the government is talking of joint meachanism?

  • 16 May 2005 08:06:31 GMT

    Situation appears to be bad & to make it worse 21 year old SHANKERS are doing the impossible. Running across the `no mans land` by means a first, to safety to gain freedom &

    wihtout fear into the arms of security forces of the GOSL ?

    This is an isolated case ???????????????????????

    Are we getting to know the true state of affairs within the Wanni ???????????????

  • 16 May 2005 17:00:35 GMT

    What the hell you guys are talking? is it joking to de-mine the field by SL? you guys mine the field and de-mining now? how wonders is it?!!!!!!have you forget the killing of Innocent Tamil by bombing,raping Tamil woman, shooting, and selling artillery to innocent people areas? why did you bomb the ares where no LTTE present? do you want us to forget the Singalist what they did since 1948? see your religious leader, they all want war and thats what they teach you guys like racist?

  • 16 May 2005 17:36:23 GMT

    Terrorists are again calling `Singalist` are racists.

  • 16 May 2005 19:12:01 GMT

    Why in the hell are they doing that?

    Not meaning to fish in troubled waters or embarrass you guys. Can Kanthun, Noel, Ealavar or any other Tamil friends who post here give me some explanation/view on this matter?

  • 16 May 2005 23:34:01 GMT

    Sorry guys.. we don`t respond to articles that are written by some Joe.. without any proof to back it up.. If we do, what`s the difference between us and u. (Not you SK63):-)

  • 17 May 2005 07:09:22 GMT

    Let us all agree that the LTTE `aresole` representative of Tamils. That will make their blind followers happy.

  • 17 May 2005 15:59:00 GMT

    Truth hurts??.. dude is that all you can come up with.. try saying something original for a change :-).. and Bantu.. it seems the kid managed to get ur panties in a knot.. ehh.. try answering the questions for a change without B.S`ing.. and tusky I know the only pongal you eat are the ones made from other ppls kakka.. but as I`ve always said.. we human beings don`t eat kakka, unlike you mutts.. cheers.

  • 17 May 2005 18:03:46 GMT

    Karuppiah.. sinnadurai came back even after you kicked him?? and he brought flowers too??.. use ur head man.. that dude is doing ur wife.. that`s why he keeps coming back!!.. and those flowers aren`t for u.. LOL

  • 17 May 2005 18:07:42 GMT

    ..and all you ppl who boast here about having a tamil as ur servant.. Use ur heads.. Sinhala women are hiring tamil guys as their servants for a reason.. Think about it.. would a woman prefer a tiger or a mouse in bed??