Hi-tech driving licences soon

  • 15 May 2005 20:45:49 GMT

    Now Comon. Stop criticizing everything. Someone has to make a start. I think this is a good move. We definitely have to update our license card. One main fault with the present one is not having the Date of Birth Printed on it. The DL could be of Dual use as in most countries the DL has replaced the identity card. I am sure we can have information in all three languages.

    But I don`t see a need to have Chips embedded in the DL license when you can have all the information on a central database and link it to a Bar code on the card itself. It seems like we are going for the most expensive system so the commission will be higher.

    But, on the other hand having Chip will make it hard to forge then. US Sri Lankans are very smart people, but always tend to use the brain for wrong things.