UNP gears up for polls

  • 15 May 2005 16:22:25 GMT

    The person called Akitya 2005 need immediate medical attention and please refer him to a specialist at Angoda. See the way he insults young politicians in the UNP who have come forward to save the country from the present lot. Rosy Senanayake is a woman who has brought honour to our country. She was highly honoured even by the royalty in Malaysia when she worked there as our High Commissioner.

  • 15 May 2005 16:36:55 GMT

    `The person called Akitya 2005 need immediate medical attention and please refer him to a specialist at Angoda`

    Even the specialists at Angoda cant help these JVP `thradayas`. All this is sings of desperation - after one year in power they have NOTHING to show. So they respond with insults. Ignor them - there is a saying which goes like this `Just because a Dog looks at the moon and barks, the Moon is not going to fall down`... in the same way let them bark, let them throw insuls (thats all they have), but when the next elections come, the people of SL are going to ask the JVP - where are all the promises you gave us... then we will see how much of their barking is going to help them...

  • 16 May 2005 03:34:22 GMT


    Im very dissappointed with you comment. Just because you dont like people that doesnt mean you have degrade people like that. I know that is the Typical JVP way - but i had a little respect for you. You were almost band from this forum for using language like that - and your doing it just two days later.

    Rosy senanayaka brought more fake to our country than any JVP `tradaya` ever had or ever will. She is married with two kids. How would you feel if someone called your mother a hooker????

    In any case the way these JVP Rats are performing the UNP doesnt need Rosy or me - you will find that out very soon...


  • 17 May 2005 12:11:02 GMT

    Dear Tusker,

    We all know that popular people always have sordid tales about them spreading around. What evidence do you really have that Rosy has a brothel in the city, and that she herself is one of the girls? If you actually have used those services, then I would say its very hypocritical of you to insult people whose services you use. If you haven`t used their services, and there is no substantial proof rather than mere here say that desperate men like you want to spread for your sadist fantasies, then please keep your fantasies to yourself... Because frankly, if that was your mother it would be a completely different story now wouldn`t it?

  • 17 May 2005 12:44:23 GMT

    Agree with aritha, tusker watch your mouth man.

  • 18 May 2005 14:20:38 GMT

    Its getting hot out here isn`t it. Having lived in colombo for 25 years, now please don`t tell me that Rosi madam is not involved in those things that akita had mentioned earlier. I know some friends in alexandra place who have seen her going there regularly and what else that house belongs to her husbund.oops i forgot she may have gone there to collect the rent...common guys give me a break...It is too obvious that she is famous in malasiya as malasiya is also famous for the same things that she is involved in sri lanka@ alexandra place. doesn`t it make any sense to you all guys(loyallankan and inizam)...and one more thing ...common ranil give up atleast without wasting your money...invest it in the stock exchange atleast you`ll get a return...give it to some one like karu J....he seems to be a good genta...

  • 18 May 2005 15:02:32 GMT

    This discussion is just a pointless discussion which is of no real use.

    However, i have to say something about what muniraj16


    Rosy Senanayaka has been in the UNP working committee (the high decision making body) for almost 10 years now. If Rosy madame is involved in such a thing, knowing what type of people are in this government (CBK, Mangala, wimal) - the police would have raided this place and the daily news would have carried this story in their front page for at least a week.

    If the our `James bonds` on this forum know about this place - people like CBK, Mangala and wimal definily know this. So all this talk on this forum is to sling mud at a prominent opposition politician. I dont blame them because they have nothing left to HOOT about so ...

    muniraj16 said `I know some friends in alexandra place who have seen her going there regularly and what else that house belongs to her husband.`

    And i also have some friend down alexandra place and they have never seen Rosy or her husband...

    see how easily i also can make up `fairy tales`.... My friend, when you look at the world with DESPERATE and BANKRUPT, `RED Sunglasses` you will not only see Rosy down alexandra place; you might even see Premedasa or even Elvis Presley going to that place. So i suggest you go there and keep looking and come back and tell us who else you saw. We will believe every word you say :) :)

  • 18 May 2005 15:02:59 GMT

    Finally story ends up with Singhala budists Karu Jayasooriya chosen amn of the sighala budhists to lead UNP What about Milinda? Mahinda samarasingha? GL Peiris, ?????

    finally singhala budhism aahhhhhh

    I al so think that rosy may have not politicla knowledge in a proffessional manner.

    Who knows policits in Sl does? very few only very few so there is no big differance.

    What about the other chosen man Mahinda rajapaksa the rwealo Rohana Puthra as president he he

    Singahla budhist hedgemony he he

  • 18 May 2005 16:28:08 GMT


    Some times you do good posts. But I think you have some misunderstanding about Sinhala Buddist thing. I am not sure if we really have a serious hang up over sinhala buddhists. I agree there have been attempts but dont think they were successful.

    I will tell you why. Sri Lankans (all races) are generally respectful and tolerant. You get extremists (LTTE, JVP or even Evangalists or Muslim Fundamentalists). But people reject them in due course. They die a natural death because there is no adequate following. I dont know what has made you so bitter, but I really dont think there is an organized discrimination process fostered by an identifiable Sinhala Buddhist group.

    Well at least that is my experience.

  • 18 May 2005 17:43:26 GMT

    Yet another loss for Ranil`s account. Probably the last, if there are wise UNP`ers are alive, still.