US calls for role for LTTE

  • 15 May 2005 07:09:55 GMT

    Whether there is a Joint Mechanism or not GOSL has always looked after the people in North and East. Despite destroying logistical ships by LTTE, GOSL has always managed to provide food items. We haven`t seen the Sudan`s Dafur situation SL have we?

    Only thing LTTE has done so far is smuggling weapons, not food.

  • 15 May 2005 10:17:31 GMT


    India watchers of repute have always given apprehensive analysis what India has done at crucial stages in the SL history. JVP or whoever attempts to make India a party of SL affairs is gullible in their assessment. Its best advice that Sri Lanka keep India at its place with no foe no friend status thus leaving her to take care of her problems with Tamil Nadu politics. Brahamin at the Delhi sacred temple will never hesitate to betray any country in her region that helps her course of hegemony.

    In the bifurcation of greater Pakistan by making a Bangladesh India expected an anti Pak state in her eastern boarder. But today India has a most evil anti Indian force in Bangla Desh. So we too must encourage and strengthen Tamil Nadu ? once an independent Tamil kingdom - to declare plebiscite if not an armed struggle against Hindi autocracy. Keeping India checked with its own division SL can stymie the underhand dirty tricks of Delhi. History shows us that whenever India was divided into a multi kingdom land we in SL had a good night sleep.

  • 15 May 2005 10:43:29 GMT

    USA classfied the LTTE, Sadam Hussein`s regime and ex-Afghan regime as `terrorists`

    USA militarily crushed Sadam Hussein`s and ex-Afghan regimes.

    They did not invite Sadam Hussein or Talibans to take part in so called `joint mechanisms`.

    This another USA maneuver to strengthen the LTTE and gain a foothold in the North.

    This is a part of their long term political plans in the South Asian region, gain the ability to destabilise India by instigating seperatist movements in South India.

  • 15 May 2005 10:58:58 GMT

    Dear Radaw,

    I may have to correct you on your certain perception of the GoSL. Yes, indeed the government did look after most of its citizens even during times of war, but they were mainly everyone outside the North East. During war times there was a complete embargo on alot of materials and more disturbingly on medecine and even certain food items. The people have alarmingly high levels of malnutrition, till the peace process took off, over 800,000 people lives in refugee camps and centres in the North East, and today around 350,000 continue to live so as a direct result of war and add another 1 million from the tsunami, we should realise that at the end of the day, war has led to nothing beneficial on either side. We should be more concerned about the human cost rather than that of land. We should never return back to the dark days of war and seek a political solution, with consensus, to this terrible scar.

  • 15 May 2005 11:25:53 GMT

    Agree with you Aritha that we should not return to war.

    But you have to remember that the Sinhalese didn`t start this war alone. We cannot stop it alone either we need the support of all other minority groups.

    My opinion is aid money should be distributed by the central government. Just like other counries. If LTTE leader Prabakaran is so concern about his people he himself should co-operate with GoSL without sending his envoys. If CBK, Ranil, Somawansha can talk why cant he? Above all why are you worried?

    On the other hand GoSL did what they could to feed the people in North and East while the LTTE only smuggled weapons during those days. LTTE even destroyed some cargo ships.

    Did they bring even a shipload food or medicine for the benefit of the people?

    What make you think they will be different this time?

  • 15 May 2005 11:41:58 GMT

    On the other hand if GoSL cannot secure this foreign aid they have to support people of North and East without any help. Which will be huge burden to SL economy. So in my opinion GoSL should tread very carefully. They should secure foreign aid still should not let it fall into terrorist hands.

  • 15 May 2005 13:17:00 GMT

    Hey moron.. `LTTE the sole reps. of the tamils? since when? by whom? is this recognised by the GOSL and the rest of the world ? was there a vote ? was this discussed and endorsed by the tamil intellectual? pls enlighten me..............`.. the answer to all ur questions is.. yes, yes and yes... Don`t forget the TNA representing the LTTE proved beyond a shadow of doubt that they are the sole reps of the tamils, this has been recognized by the GOSL and the rest of the world.. if you didn`t know.. try following the news properly!

  • 15 May 2005 13:18:50 GMT

    And where is that Genius Sandman.. who kept singing India`s and the US`s glory.. and how they were totally against the JM and are going to come and save ur arses??.. It seems the answer is clear.. Isn`t it..

  • 15 May 2005 14:33:23 GMT

    Dear Mr.Tusker, there is no use of asking me to change my name to donkey or anything intelligent animal than you all.

    If you have some sort of brain, just think now it`s almost 5 months elapsed since Tsunami and still people are strugglding in the south and in the Northeast, why? . Now the donors countries are willing to help Sri Lanka to rebuild all these devastated regions .

    Whereas the bhouddist monks doing pooja in Kandy against the donors countries meeting in kandy for JM. I am asking you do you really need these types of backward religuous activites????

    You sinhalese have lot of problems and difficulties to orghanise yourself to help people in the south because you are (JVP,JHU,UNP,and SLAFP ) fighting among yourself to steal the part of foreign aides and the foreign countries kew all these dramas and now they insist to share with Tamils in the Northeast. It is not your problems who will handle or ake responsable to do the management of this aid

    to be given by donors in the Northeast. The biggest problem will bein the south orsinhalese dominated areas where all sorts of bandidts are ready to steal the international aides through various type of corruptions but not in the Northeast.LTTE are working with TNA elected MPS and they are well known for the best management in the world.(through accurate accounting system which you don`t find the south ).

    For the welfare of civils in the south and in the northeast

    there should be some intellectuals peoples in the south but not you all with small petty minded who are always against any peaceful settlement.

    United states declared LTTE as a terrorist group for nothing and in vain but nevertheless they want LTTE to be included and recognised as a representative of Tamils for any JM. Let it be like that. The most important thing is obtain valuable aide from these western countries to rebuild all devastated areas without wasting our time in vain.

  • 15 May 2005 15:01:55 GMT

    United State who refuses any negotiations with all Muslim terrorist gangs should be shameful to force another democratic country to have joint mechanisms with bloody terrorist gang who are killing their own people and abducting thousands of children each year. It is the duty of all right thinking Sri Lankans to oppose these types of hypocrisies at any cost. Hat off to JVP.