Mysterious group claims it killed Siva, grim warning to others

  • 13 May 2005 00:10:48 GMT


    What ever your beliefs and intentions, please don`t encourage or support the rise of such fundamentalism within the South of the country. If you look at the terms used by this group, it is easily exchangeable with those used by numerous Islamic terrorist groups that have brought absolutely nothing to Islam but degradation and unpopularity. Supporting groups like this (though I do presume it is some bunch of real losers wanting a claim at fame) will only be detrimental to the image of Sri Lanka and to the Sinhalese. Supporting such groups only put us into the same league as other global fundamentalists. We cannot tolerate any one or group threatening our right to criticise and question. If people don`t like the `motherland` (whatever that is) then people can say what they want to. No country is perfect, every country has problems and people have the right to voice their solutions. We should not stand still or support such groups that even pretend to curb our freedoms. We should stand up for all our citizens` freedoms to say what they want, when the want! Fighting the pen with a sword and gun is cowardice and shame! And it is shame to support such acts and groups.

  • 13 May 2005 00:16:46 GMT

    Senpathi Mayadunna

    You have embarked upon a holy mission in line with the canibalistic Christian Crusades, Muslim Jihads, Shiv Senna of Vishawa Hindu Parishad and it goes on.

    We understand the agony faced by the Sinhala Buddhists at this juncture. Nonetheless, the WW1, WW2 and umpteen number of holocausts could not end the suffering of the masses and injustice against innocent states has risen to sky high.

    The conflict in Sri Lanka is not racial. This is a result of the poverty that engulfed the society through rogue political culture for generations and those who created that are still wielding power in different guises. Therefore, your efforts if genuine should not target the 99% innocent Tamils including those joined LTTE and other militias not for anything else but through sheer hunger. Sinhala boys lined up within armed services too belonged to this category.

    Your intent, purpose and the motto Theruputtabhaya has all the hallmarks of a Buddhist connotation. Don?t forget that Theruputtabhya Thera regretted his battlefield life since embracing robes. NO place to runaway from sins is the last word unless there is an all mighty.

    Yet it needs a remedial measure to contain this onslaught against a sovereign nation but within a democratic though with an aggressive clout.

  • 13 May 2005 00:58:23 GMT

    Well said Popeye.

  • 13 May 2005 02:42:41 GMT

    My dear friends

    All of you were taken it on the wrong end.

    This the way going on

    `JVP Against JM / JVP+ PNM Jointly Criticized NGOs and remove there mask on Open stage /JVP May day rally gathering the largest crowd in the history /UNP/LTTE/NGOs and Some SLFP as well as all imperialist got shock`

    Planned like this way

    A . Dharmarathnam Killed in Colombo

    B. Sunday Leader and some Pro Tiger journalist tried Point out The JVP Behind it.

    C. Lal Wickramatunga asked IGP to arrest JVP leader wimal/Questined him because he was threatened him

    D. Now Therapuththabaya Balakaya Just like JVP style and

    Buddhist name on it,That group clime the murder

    OK Guys wait and see

    Tomorrow Sunday leader and Pro LTTE / UNP News com out says


    Then what is the plan...? Killing and Destroy JVP another round.This time with full support of LTTE

  • 13 May 2005 04:20:58 GMT

    This is a hallmark of one of the `SANDANAYA` alliance partners having history of these type of work. This could be the beginning of the era of 1989. The forces better start polishing your rusty ammunition to counter this threat.

  • 13 May 2005 04:27:27 GMT

    Looks more like an opportunistic claim by one (or a handful of) crazy radical/s than what would have happened after a hit by a well organized group. My thinking is based on the fact that the claim is very much delayed, compared to a claim that would be made by someone who wants to become a power broker and is capable of sustaining a campaign in the long-term.

    This could very well be nothing of value for you guys to spit venom at each other.

    If on the other hand they are an organized group with a dedicated support base, then the game just got a lot more complicated and we will see the birth of a far more vicious cycle of violence in the near future. In any case, this is not good news for the sinhalese, and definitely unhealthy for the tamils.

    These guys need to found quickly and put away.

  • 13 May 2005 04:42:02 GMT

    Tusker; I see your loyalty in everything you write. But in this case I have to disagree with you.

    In the grand finale what we all want is a country in which all communities can live in harmony.[Yes, we let in Kanthun too]...We know where the practical obstacles to that idea come from, and what needs to be done to remove them. Some of the work that needs to be done, in order to get there, is already happening, even if its at a slow pace.

    We also know that the country does not need to go back to a devastating war to achieve that. The problem is not that we could not win it now; we probably could, irrespective of all the bogus posturing and teeth gnashing by a mortally wounded tiger. But we would never win the hearts and minds of the very people that WE want to be able to TRUST, in order to build that united nation by taking that option. And worse, extra-judae killings only lower us also to the same level as the LTTE is, in the eyes of the world.[I`m not completely convinced that this killer group is not the LTTE in a different disguise. Remember that they had a few sinhalese who work for them.]

    The idea of a sinhala vigilate group is abhorrent. Let`s hope the criminal jusitce system will deal speedily with this latest monster and cut its head off,... for left to breed, it will become another seven headed monster that none of us would wish to be likened to.

  • 13 May 2005 04:46:28 GMT

    Senpathi Mayadunne and Theraputhabhaya balakaya, you all are a bunch of fagots who started your movement to disgrace Sinhalese , and betray Buddhism. You cowards started your movement killing an unarmed civilian as Prabhakaran did. How ever you fagots do not have the guts to face the real enemy which is Prabhakaran but trying to get the revenge from intellectuals. JVP also started like real patriots and tried to destroy the intellectuals of this country who value democracy and free speech but were crushed like flies and that is going to be your destiny too.

  • 13 May 2005 04:54:08 GMT

    Let the culprit go to hell.

    we all know there were a few secret `groups` like this, who fought agianst terrorists in the ONLY way which terrorists know. `Mahason Balakaya` was one of them.


    Cut throat of each terrorrist who uses the same way to kill civilans.

    Killing any human cannot be justified, but sorry, need to eliminate this bloody blood thirsty LTTE terrorrists from entire world.

    Perhaps in bit while our good friends like Kanthun, Elavar, Nighthawk will justify what LTTE was doing & will be doing, but not worth to note. Sorry my friends!!

  • 13 May 2005 04:57:12 GMT


    where is this ruthless Prabhakaran?? can any one go and kill that bloody coward monster????

    A monster will only know how to kill a monsnter. Let the monsters to do their job.