Thera condemns Ranil`s refusal

  • 9 May 2005 05:16:44 GMT

    Ranil`s attitude is SICKENING not to say that CBK IS GREAT. Once he wanted to hand over CBK to LTTE if he became the president.

    My greatest respect to both Ven. Pandit Madampagama Assagi Thera and Ven. Dr. Bellanwila Wimalaratana Thera . What a difference from JHU.

  • 9 May 2005 14:07:12 GMT

    Very Smart move on the part of Ranil. NO human with self respect can work with CBK. She treats people like dirt and then expects them to come running to her when she is in trouble.

    This sudden Need on her part to talk to Ranil is because of all the trouble she is having with the JVP. This is all the time buying exercise and no one should fall for this. This is a way to try and show the JVP that the UNP will support her if they leave.

    The UNP position is very clear. They will support any peace move as long as it falls with in the Oslo and Tokyo declaration. Before talking to other parties, its upto the government (SLFP + JVP) to come up with `united` proposal.

    Madame, you got your self into this mess. Now its upto you to get out of it , IF U CAN. Because of The way you have been treating people in the past you have no friends left. I Feel really sorry for you but this is your own making.

  • 9 May 2005 14:30:08 GMT

    Though I agree with both postings of Magha and Anizam, I would have to add that despite all the harrassment and slandering that the President has brought upon Ranil and the UNP, they would need to be abit humble in this instance, forget their pride and stand up for what is right and give their support. Ranil and the UNP is obviously furious because their government was sacked by a woman who put in an even more inefficient government, with absolutely no direction and with the part of the President having exactly the same views as the UNP! This also follows the deteriorating security situation since the ascession of the UPFA into power, despite the same parties harpering over the security situation during the UNP rule. Of course we must realise, that the UNP govt atleast managed to prevent any bombings since the Ceasefire - quite a contrast to the UPFA year in power, which has to date seen 2 - 3 bombings in the capital and a rise in ultra-nationalism and great political instability. Therefore, yes, it is highly understandable that the UNP is deeply dissatisfied with the hypocritical nature of this government, but at the same, in such issues of grave national importance, they must be more humble and come to the support of the government. Thes best option we would have for this country is for both the SLFP and UNP to join together - atleast temporary. This would give them an overwhleming majority to carry out most of the neccessary plans of the two parties to bring peace to the country, leaving out radical, ultra-nationalists that are nothing more than destabilising forces.

  • 9 May 2005 16:01:13 GMT

    Chandrika must give and show mre credibility before she invites ranil. She invites ranil While her main coalition partner pledging full scale opposition against it. What does it signals? We must not forget how Chandrika palyed Sri Lankan politics specially war and peace issues. She in many times makr time for some other Agenda. This alos can be a delaying tactics unltil donor meeting ends and recives full aid pakage. She know that neither she get the JVP support nor parliamentary approval for it, unless UNP supports it. This is a boomarang on what she did in 2003.

    NGOs must maintain more political views rather than adhoc views. Dr, Kumar and Rev: Assagii should know chandriak better that any body as former brother in Law and party stawlert repectivly.

    If chandrika cannot impliment JM she should give the goverment back to Ranil as she didi 2004 april by dessolve parliament. We must not forghet she dessolve the parliament for exact reasons she is doing today. So she have no other options than repeat it again. Tamil community know whats her tactics and Tamil politicians are laughing on singahlese on what she is doing and her empty promiese.

    of course She have to come to a compromise with UNP and she must prepaired for give up her government and show her genuine ness if she really wants peace.

  • 9 May 2005 16:24:50 GMT


    Im going to have to respectfully disagree with SOME of your comments. True the UNP and the SLFP have to co-operate for the betterment of the country, but NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS, with CBK. IF and WHEN Mahinda R (MR), take over the leadership, it is very real possible. Even today Ranil and MR maintain very good relations. Im not saying the UNP has to obstruct anything - just have NOTHING to do with CBK and this Government.

    Things are a MESS right now and the UNP has NO BUSINESS putting their fingers in it. The UNP under Ranil has been a very responsible opposition. They have not obstructed anything - no strikes, no obtructing the peace process. They have maintained a consistant policy and clearly told that they will support any peace move thats with in the Oslo and Tokyo declairation. As it is, there are two many parties with divergent views and their own political agenda trying to run SL. We all know too many cooks spoil the soup.

    I was talking to an old friend of mine (he works for one of the two government owned banks) yesterday and he confirmed that things are on the verge of collaps, especially on the economic front. Please also read a related ariticle here which talks about the `President insisting on restructuring the CEB and PCP`. To start with, If the UNP steps in right now, i dont know how much they can do. Besides, the JVP will use the opportunity say that `its the fault of the SLFP AND UNP` and people can always think that the UNP is trying to get a few ministerial positions, throught he back door.

    Let things take it course. If the CEB, the peoples bank and bank of Ceylon are to collaspe: then so be it. Its really sad to see, but in the LONG RUN its the best that could happen for us (AND THE BEST LESSON the foolish people of Srilanka can have. After all we are a democracy and it the general public who will decide the course our country takes. When economy collaspses, when there is no electricity, when their savings are wiped out (like in the case of Pramuka Bank), when the government cant pay the salaries of workers: it is then the people will realize the importance of the CFA, the imporance of having peace, the importance of foreign donors, good relations with the West, in the situation we are in.

    I sincerely hopED (past tense) our people will learn this lesson by looking at other countries in the world like Eastern Europe, Cuba, North Korea and then looking at the course countries like China and India have taken. But it seems like we are too thick skinned to learn by others mistakes. When the UNP tried to do all this - )Peace process, Economic reforms) they were branded as traitors and kicked out of power. `Great` and `Brilliant` Ecnomic experts like DR Wimal Weerawansa (DOUBLE Phd in economics) were elected with over 200,000 preferances. U know the JVP has an INSTANT solution for every single problem in the country.

    So now let the people of SL learn things the Hard way or what ever way you want to call it.

    Aritha - i have alot of friends who work in the financial sector SL, and from what everything they say, in the next few months we are going to see fire works like we have never seen before. After all that is over, we can TRY and pick up the pieces start over OR we can just fade away and be another nameless country in the world map like Ruwanda.

    (By the way i recomend everyone here watch the Movie `Hotel Ruwanda - its about the civil war there - excellent movie)

    Until then, sit back and watch, my friend, there isnt really much anyone can do.


  • 9 May 2005 17:12:09 GMT

    Dear Anizam,

    You do certainly talk alot of sense. But can we actually start all over again? Atleast in my life time I want to see my country prosper and I hope atleast the right thinking people should forge ahead irrespective of protests, etc. People keep using the excuse of majority vote as the policies that people must be given. In any country, in any where in the planet, people will always want lower prices, free this and free that. But realistically no country can give that to their citizens. Most democracies tell people the honest truth and don`t shove unimaginable promises down the citizens` throats. However, in Sri Lanka, we are riddled with this menace of promises of paradise, as if the politicians are genies in a bottle (Christina Aguilera maybe!). Just because the majority in the country voted for a certain party and its policies does not make that party right. Hitler and the Nazis had vast support from the German public. They whipped up nationalism and all the other patriotic rhetoric to bring out the poverty-ridden Germans to support their evil cause. But no one calls the system of Nazi Germany right do we? It is the same story here - A bunch of Marxists throwing every single possible tale at the people, from Marxism, to Terrorism, to Nationalism, Patriotism, Imperialism - all the possible `isms they can think of to keep their popularity growing. Democracy is not about abuse of its freedoms and values. It is not about majoritarianism. It is about using free will to do what is right and to do what is good for the country - even if it is the most difficult and unpopulist decision to take. I just hope our leaders see that and so do the people of Sri Lanka.

  • 9 May 2005 23:22:54 GMT

    Splendid to read well disciplined written stuff on the topic. I find both Ranil and Chnadrika understand the gravity of the ethnic rift which devastated the country. However, inherited opportunism of Sri Lankan political culture and lack of decisiveness have undermined any program they are trying to implement and are the victim of the same political culture.

    I agree with most of the comments made by you all about them. But I am hesitate to say one?s over role credibility is better than the others. May be on certain issues. Now Ranil is starting to play the usual game Chandrika would have done if she was in his shoes. Let Ranil does what he believe correct. Let Chnadrika castigates him if that is her way. This is where Ranil can show his boldness if he has.

    We should not defend or praise any body but ask them to do the right thing.

    Besides I do not think we will gain anything simply reiterating their opportunism. What we have to do is gather the momentum behind any body who is trying to foster ethnic harmony and be against the war.

    It is great we find real Maha Sanga which follow the true spirit of the religion. There are many of them among the clergy of all faith unknown to us and it is our responsibility to give them the support to be more visible. This is where we find dearth of democratic journalism. They can play a bigger role.

    Unfortunately so-called new flag bearers of the working class is so stupid not to understand their role but support the suppressive nature of the majority rather than taking the opposite position and being against war. As Aritha mentioned majority is not an excuse to suppress the unalienable right of the minority.

  • 10 May 2005 03:33:47 GMT

    Ranil must not go to meet CBK. She is in fix as she has no solution how to handle JVP who is totally against the JM.

    If Ranil does go or not and the JM does not materalise and then off course pretty obvious she will put all the blame on Ranil thereby save guarding the JVP and also the government from collapsing.

    People have forgotten how CBK invited Ranil and had a cordial talks some time back and later before Ranil could reach his residence CBK have already made a statement the media that `Ranil gey kattey pittu`

    She is finding scrapegoat for her failure in getting JVP support she is look Ranil for that choice

  • 10 May 2005 07:19:22 GMT

    I agree with all of you except Magha. It is time to call CBK`s bluff, that she is only interested in remaining in power at any cost!

    Ranil`s problem is that he is not posing a big challenge to CBK. He has let her (and the JVP) to get away with all their follies. If the JVP was in the opposition they would have toppled the Government 10 times over by now for their inability to handle the Tsunami relief work alone!!

    Having a weak opposition is also a curse.