'M`s `win-win` deal with unions defers CEB revamp

  • 8 May 2005 01:39:48 GMT

    Dear John,

    The JVP is not pushing or pulling. The JVP is only adhering to the UPFA agreement which was endorsed by the people of Sri Lanka who defeated the UNP-LTTE unholy alliance which pawed the way to the edge of dividing and selling our country. If others honestly adhere to the agreement, there is no need to push or pull.

    One more thing. The JVP never opposed to the word `restructuring`. If the existing structure doesn`t work for something, it has to be restructured. There is no argument about it. What the JVP opposing is to sell the CEB, using the word `restructuring`.

    It applies to the CBK`s proposed JM with Vanni LTTE terrorists as well. According to the news sources, CBK tried to explain her proposal to the JVP leaders on the 6th for about three and half hours, around 8.00 pm to 11.30 pm. However, the JVP stood firm and the following is what they said to CBK.

    The representatives of the JVP have said that this mechanism would only hike up the level of the Wanni tiger organization. The Alliance Government came to power as a result of the situation that emerged after UNF government signed the MoU. The people`s mandate was to oppose this MoU. Hence, the Alliance Government has no right to take any action that would give Wanni tiger organization any recognition the JVP representatives have pointed out. They have also indicated that the state the terrorists gained by the MoU signed by Ranil Wickremasinghe would be enhanced by the proposed mechanism.

    The MoU signed by Ranil Wickremasinghe accepted that there were territories controlled by Wanni tiger organization and the terrorist military force of the tiger organization was given an official status. Through joint mechanism this situation will be further strengthened and Wanni tiger organization will be a party to the state executive. Hence, the JVP representatives have expressed their opposition to the joint mechanism.

    They have proposed that development and reconstruction work in the North and the East should be implemented through an action plan with the participation of the elected people`s representatives of the area and they have insisted that the tiger organization should not be allowed to represent in such a mechanism.

    The President, the Prime Minister, Mangala Samaraweera, Anura Bandaranayake, Susil Premjayantha, Wijedasa Rajapakse, Athawuda Seneviratne and Lasantha Alagiyawanna participated on behalf of the SLFP and Tilvin Silva, Wimal Weerawansa, Vijitha Herath, Bimal Ratnayake and Sunil Handunneththi represented the JVP.

  • 8 May 2005 07:49:51 GMT

    Mahinda Rajapaksha, the most useless politician in sri lanka, who does nt have any development work for his credit, trying to show off again. Always he is trying, `dont do anything` and `dont blame any body` concept. I am sure if he touchs something, it will not move for next 100 years.

    There is no win-win situation for any problem in sri lanka.In any problem somebody has to lose. specially, corrution and inefficency. And Economy, efficiency and justice system has to win.

    unfortunatly we have a prime minister who was sleeping for most of his political career and doing nothing.

  • 8 May 2005 08:22:45 GMT

    Dear Poruthotage67 ,

    I don`t know why you are talking about LTTE for the CEB issue. Now you all Talk and talk about LTTE for all the matters. You mentioned `the people of Sri Lanka who defeated the UNP-LTTE unholy alliance` .

    I think you doesn`t consider North and east as Sri Lanka. In Noth and east More than 90 % voting went to the LTTE backed TNA.Tamil people voted for TNA only for LTTE. Any way I don`t want to talk out side the subject.

    In my argument JVP is opposing what ever govt trying to do. It`s not good for the country as a whole. In my opinion opposing a work is much easier than the actually doing it. Any body can oppose it.

  • 8 May 2005 09:02:13 GMT

    A WIN-WIN deal for whom??? This is the classis UPFA response to evevrything - delay making decision. There is a very serious problem but they cant take a decision as to what should be done. Yes this decision definitly helps the UPFA prolong its rule a few more months (so its a win win for all those brinless morans who want to cling onto power despite doing nothing), but for the people of srilanka who wants decisions to be taken and implented for their welfare, its a LOOSE - LOOSE situation.

    14,000 `kalakanni rouges` cant hold Srilanka to ranson. There is a serious problem that will very soon bring SL to its knee and something has to be done about it NOW. Not tomorrow or in a months time. If the trade unions run this country then there is no need for a government.

    This clealy shows what type of jokers run this country.

  • 8 May 2005 09:35:23 GMT

    I see this is as a very good solution.

    Consensus is very important in dealing with any modification, improvement or any new project. Not only the opposition parties but also the concerned tade unions should be involved in the decision making. But the main area of concern to the unions should only be their rights while any constructive suggestions are accepted. This has the advantage of finding a solution acceptable to all parties concerned. That is how most of the decisons in other parts of the world are taken. Switzerland even gos as far as taking a referendum at canton level to ask the population about their decision which I think is impractical for us. We, the Sri Lankans have been taking unilateral decisons in the past and have caused numerous delays in most of the projects or out right cancelling whenthe next government came into power. There are many examples,one being the freeway projects. We still do not have one single free way built, a major requirement for developement, while countries like Malaysia, Korea, Indonesdia, Singapore who were far behind uns economically at our independance have their own and even have surpassed us in leaps and bounds.

    This decision making by concesus, widely talked by Mr. Premadasa too during his time, must be implemented in all major decisions of the government as each party affected must be allowed to voice their opinions and come out with a solution acceptable to all. Otherwise we will stagnate further as we have been doing since independance from the british.

  • 8 May 2005 10:01:09 GMT

    John: In Noth and east More than 90 % voting went to the LTTE backed TNA

    It is not the topic of this discussion but you and I know how they got that 90%. Was any other tamil party allowed to canvas? Was Anandasangaree allowed to hold one single election meeting. He was cinfided to his office in Jaffna under armed security. How many tamil opponenets were killed in gaining this 90%. John, it was the most openly abused, corrupted elcetion of Jaffna in the whole history of SL. They are no in the parliament only because of the terror tactics of the LTTE and not because of the popular vote!

    I do not intend continuing discussing this matter in this chain aas it is not the palce to discuss. it.

  • 8 May 2005 12:33:50 GMT

    Dear John,

    The JVP is not opposing to everything. I don`t understand what do you mean by `everything`. They only oppose to the things that goes against the UPFA agreement which was endorsed by the people of Sri Lanka in the last election. If you can give me a single example that the JVP opposed without going against the UPFA agreement, I will stop supporting the JVP.

    What do you expect from an honest political party? This is the first time in the history of Sri Lanka, people can see an honest party working for the people.

  • 8 May 2005 13:35:37 GMT

    Dear Dumindak,

    I understand you have referred Mahinda Rajapaksha(MR) as the most inefficient person in the politics, but bear in mind, if MR was not active in politics when J. R Jayewardena (JRJ) and R Premadasa (RP) was ruling the country there wouldn`t have been UPFA today in order to fight among themselves. Most of the Sri Lankans know when Chandrika and Anura were against MRS Bandaranike and were helping other political parties only MR colleted supporters and organized the party and kept it low flying position when the time comes to reorganize. Thereafter only Chandrika came to the seen and grab the power of the party because everyone thought she will continue the policies and loyalty to motherland then done by SWRD and MRS B, but my feeling is that she is going different direction with newly found friends and allies forgetting old party loyalists. Just thought when MR was labour minister and fisheries minister how he was doing things and did the party hierarchy allowed him to work for the people of this country? Therefore, my kind request is to allow MR to do good work if people of this country accept him as a leader by democratic way. Please don`t try to sling mud on him unnecessarily.UK from USA

  • 8 May 2005 16:26:51 GMT

    I wish Mahinda Rajasaksha will become an active politician, without being another Ranil.

  • 8 May 2005 16:52:55 GMT

    Dear yswkv,

    Please do not compare Mahinda Rajapaksha(MR) with Ranil. Just see the history and try to learn what MR has done during his tenure as a member of Parliament, as a minister, as opposition leader and as the Prime Minister. His leadership qualities and how he reacts when a disastrous situation are good examples to judge his capabilities. If you have forgotten I will give you an example from the recent history. When Asian Tsunami hits Sri Lanka President was away from the country but MR did not just wait, but acted and did what a leader should do in a situation like that. Therefore,let leaders be emerged. Do not under estimate the good qualities of a person.