'resident trumps JVP while Cabinet short-circuits over CEB

  • 7 May 2005 00:15:38 GMT

    Dear all,

    This article itself failed miserably to achieve its aim to undermine the JVP`s work.

    Not CBK or Ranil, the JVP has the upper hand on everyone and everything related to our country`s future. (That is why CBK or Ranil can`t win at least a co-operative election against the JVP now.) The JVP is a part of the government as well as the true opposition of the country giving the UNP no chance as an opposition. (The UNP is the opposition to the united Sri Lanka and its people, not the government.) Without the JVP, by now, our country would have been divided and sold.

    This situation is a historic one. A Junior coalition partner of the government playing two essential roles as the government as well as the opposition when required. The JVP is keeping its promises to the people of Sri Lanka. The JVP will continue to do so. Make no mistake, the JVP will not agree to anything that goes against the people of Sri Lanka. The JVP is the only hope we have for an undivided and democratic Sri Lanka.

  • 7 May 2005 00:38:36 GMT

    The problem is that the JVP`s ability whip up a storm over nothing appeals to a new generation of voters who also lack the ability to comprehend the boring realities that governs everyday global, regional and national politics.

    Who among us thinks they will act differently to the next issue concerning any deal with the LTTE? When they take up arms, they shoot themselves in the head, and when laying-down arms, in the foot.

    They`ll simply get corrupted before they ever get matured.

  • 7 May 2005 03:02:39 GMT

    What a joke. These JVP morans are true KATA perata goons. NO policies, NO vision, NO CLUE!!! THe ONLY thing they know is to HOOT like a pack of Monkeys.

    The country is on the verge of bankrupcy and they have no policies to how to come out of this crisis. What can you expect from morans who say things like 1. We will `UNPLUG` the our economy from the rest of the world 2. We should pay back our loans in Rupeese. What more could you say about the intelligence of these Monkeys.

    As for the CPC and CEB - look how they walk out of the Cabinet meeting. However, they are staying with the government. The only thing it does is, it allows CBK to take what ever decision she wants to. Im sure she was very happy to see these goons leave.

    By walking out of the Cabinet meeting they both get what they want. CBK can have her way and the JVP can always go back and tell the fools in the Trade Unions `oh we walked out so its not our fault`. WHO IS FOOLING WHO? If they really want to stop the restructuring, the JVP should have brough down this government. But we all know thats not happening.

    And what cheers to Sarath Amunugama for openly saying the truth - most of these government workers are `Kalakanni` and Horu. Dont believe me - just go to a government office and see what happens there. These people also form the JVPs base because these are the people the JVP tries to protect - lazy crooks, who waste tax payer money - isnt this Corruption???????

  • 7 May 2005 04:32:43 GMT

    Dear Anizam,

    Firstly, please don`t insult the CEB workers.

    Because you don`t like the JVP, CBK just can`t kick the JVP out. Yes, CBK didn`t like the JVP from the inception of the UPFA. However, the people wanted the JVP and even her supporters forced her to join with the JVP. The JVP knew everything about it very clearly. The JVP formed and joined the coalition not to protect individuals, but to protect the country and its people. That was the true `brief history` of the UPFA.

    Do you know CBK invited and held a meeting with JVP leaders yesterday, the 6th of May? The JVP stood firmly against the privatisation and the JM. Why can`t CBK simply sack them? Simple answer is, if she does it, that would be the end of the UPFA and the government. It will be a `political suicide` to herself. Most importantly, at the moment, people of SL are in favour of the JVP rather than CBK.

    It is Cristal clear that none of them, the JM with Vanni terrorists or the privatisation of CEB, will happen as long as the JVP is in the government.

    Sorry Anizam, I may have disappointed you.

  • 7 May 2005 08:22:04 GMT


    Dont worry my friend - you did not dissappoint me. This is a discussion forum and there is obviously going to be differences of opinion - so thats to be expected.

    Im talking about the JVP out of personal experiance. When i was working in SL for a company i had to deal with the JVP trade unions on a daily basis. Sorry to say this but they are the most uncivilized, unreasonable bunch of power hungry animals i have seen in my life. In the end, because of labour problems instigated by the JVP the foreign owners of my company had to leave srilanka and shift operations to India. I was one of the lucky once as i was able to take my skills and find a job somewhere else in the world. However, over 800 other poor srilankans were on the street thanks to the JVP.

    U are entitled to your own opinion and i respect that, but im entitled to my own. I will attack these dirty animals anywhere and every where i see them. They are the biggest curse to srilanka, along with the LTTE.

    Yes CBKs hands are tied because of her hunger for power. However, she has openly said on at least one occation that if the JVP wants to leave the alliance they are free to. NO one is forcing the JVP to stay in the government. They are staying there on their own will, because they want to make the best of all the previledges and then turn back and blame the SLFP for everything that goes wrong. If they are a real responsible party they would try to solve the problems of this country instead of trying to take advantage of the situation.

    Everyone here needs to realize that the JVP like the LTTE thrives in situations where there is caos. The tamil people turned to the LTTE because they felt descriminated and hopeless. In the same manner poor ignorant srilankans turn to the JVP when they feel that they have no hope. The JVPs goal is to some how create caos in the country while being in the government. At the same time they try to put the blame on the SLFP for everything that goes wrong, althogh they are part of the government.

    U say that everyone supports the JVP. HOwever we will not know for sure until another election is held. For example, all those 800 workers who used to work in my establishment trusted the JVP but today they will skin people like Lal Kantha and other JVP leaders if they see them on the street. Some people might be foolish enough to believe the JVP and support them, but there are quite alot of smart people in srilanka also who know what these dirty Dogs are about.

    We all know that there are corrupt people in the UNP and the SLFP. No one is tryhing to argue with that. However, there are corrupt people in the JVP also. For example, Im sure you know how Wimal weerawansa got a Rs 150,000 vedio phone from a businessman. And mind you this is the same goon who attacks businessman calling all of them `Hora Mudalalis` at public meets. This is the worst form of deception. We all know how that terrorist leader Somawansa amarasingha went to France and lived a luxuary life there with the money that was stolen from poor srilankas - if this money was not stolen from poor srilankans please tell us where did the JVP which calims to be made up of poor people get the money to give a luxuary life to their leader???? And also why did Somawansa go to a Capitalistic and Colonial country to live? he could have easily gone to Cuba.

    Not all Srilankans can be fooled.

    No hard feeling but this is how i truely feel.


  • 7 May 2005 10:29:17 GMT

    It is a very strange perspective of an unknown writer. Someone has tried to insult JVP but unfortunately it has ‎become counterproductive. Why on earth these writers do not think that the internet readers are not idiots. It is a ‎clear insult to the readers to give false facts and untrue perceptions. Most of the news readers are fully aware what ‎is happening in Sri Lanka at every single minute. They are vigilant enough to understand what`s going on . We ‎know who JVPs are and what they are upto. We know the hidden agenda of the western countries (specially ‎PIRATES`) . We know how hard the JVP party is trying to safeguard the country and its territorial integrity and ‎to keep it undivided. ‎

    ‎ The writer has mentioned about the thousand tanks project and paddy purchasing scheme. As far as we ‎know both are going on well and most of the farmers are happy with that. We know some Green politicians ‎persuade some of their few supporters to keep their paddy on the roadside and take pictures (to send to their ‎news papers. ) Poor farmers do that because after taking pictures the Green politicians ask their rich business ‎crowd to buy that paddy at a very high prices. Thousand tanks programme is also going on well and we hope ‎JVP party will start the same programme in the East. The great work done by their youth force is still admired by ‎the eastern tamils and muslims. ‎

    ‎ The most hilarious part in this writers article is quote: ` The JVP`s number of seats are bound to be ‎reduced and they would be in a dilemma whether to contest alone or as in the UPFA.` ends quote. Does the ‎writer live in this world? Does he follow the politics in Sri Lanka ? Doesn`t he know that JVP is the most popular ‎party in Sri Lanka today ? Or cannot he digest the plain truth ? If that stupid lady holds another election they will ‎see shocking results that they never think now.‎

    ‎ One thing we are sure. The JM will never be signed. If it is signed JVP will never hesitate to resign from the ‎misnistries. Of course they will not allow UNP to come to power. JVP is now a matured party. We can see ‎from their reactions . They are well matured. Keep it up JVP brothers. ‎

    ‎ Most of the eastern tamils and Muslims convey their blessings for the correct and timely actions you take to ‎keep our country undivided.‎

    ‎ Take stupid rhetorics easy and make wise decisions for the betterment of the all three communities. Please ‎save us from the invisible hands of the unseen forces. ‎

  • 7 May 2005 11:52:12 GMT

    Dear Anizam,

    Aprakasam has given a detailed answer to the most of your worries about the JVP.

    Lal Kantha was voted more than one hundred thousand votes

    (exactly 114319 preferential votes)in the last election, putting him in front of all candidates in Anuradapura District. It proves that you were absolutely wrong my friend. The JVP didn`t sack them. Your employer sacked them. Blame him/her, not the JVP. According to your uneducated argument, the workers must not bargain/fight collectively for their fundamental rights as they could lose their jobs. Grow up my friend, anywhere in the world, the rights you enjoy today were the results of the enormous sacrifices made by the working class. I don`t know whether you got a brain to understand that.

  • 7 May 2005 12:10:48 GMT

    Dear Porothptage,

    I can not understand why JVP is still with the govt. when they are being taken to cleaners by the president. What I see today is something similar to 1970s when Mrs. Sirima Bandaranaiyke took LSSP and CP to the cleaners. They stayed with the govt. and NM even lost his Yatijantota seat.

    We have to admit Poruthotage JVP failed to deliver promises. I agree they are honest (at least most of them). But they are incapable and unrealistic. It is difficult to understand why they try to create chaos JVP still trying to go by Marxists Doctrine. Both of us know it is a failure and I am sure JVP boys know that too. Please dont tell me they dont know because the experience I had with JVP boys taught me that they are mostly educated. If you can, please help me understand the following:

    1. In your opinion, why do you think they promised to bring cost of living, tear off CFA and other things that they can not deliver?

    2. Why do you think they remain with govt. when they are repeatedly shown the door?

    Thanks Poruthotage.

  • 7 May 2005 12:44:11 GMT

    Lets see who wins JVP or the president

    it is still premature

    from the number of votes,seats and size of the rally it is obvious who is winning

    i personally feel the cabinet short circuit caught fire today and will burn next week if not extinguished

  • 7 May 2005 16:49:39 GMT

    Dear Anizam,

    I completely agree with you and support your thinking. Mindless rhetoric is all I hear, with no action except for strikes and protests! The trade unions of all government institutions are literally parasites, eating into the productivity and management of all businesses. Yes, we certainly do need to have trade unions, but not the draconian war mongerers in our civil and industrial service. Their powers must certainly be limited and please explain their political affiliations. It like the trade unions are more concerned in addressing the interests of the political parties than the grievances of their own workers. Trade unions need to realise that it the corporations that are doing them a favour by giving them employment. Especially in this day and age, when multinational firms enable the free flow of capital markets and investment, if they are going to be squandered by these draconian unions, they will simply pack up and leave. The only way the labour force can ensure higher employment is by attracting more investment, both foreign and domestic, to set up more firms and industry to employ more people. But the Sri Lankan work force needs to understand that merely having high literacy and other social indicators is not enough for firms to invest. They need a more flexible work force that corporations can work effectively with. Otherwise, they simply won`t invest and will take their money to other nations that they can work with. Trade unions powers need to be curbed immediately and employment should be more popularised through the introduction of part time work and more flexible work force. Trade union leaders should just go home.