'nstalling statue of Jesus Christ in Negombo: Settlement reached

  • 4 May 2005 04:47:04 GMT


    As a Buddhist I want to say there is nothing wrong erecting a statue of Jesus Christ. The problem is with the Sinhalese Buddhist Chauvinism. Buddha never asked to erect his statues. When he was asked, whom to be worshiped after his death? he apparently said to his followers `Worship your parents` considering that they are your Buddha because they are the people who are giving the children the right direction. Having had a Buddhist upbringing I learnt to respect the Buddhist doctrine and never worship these statues, they are just made of mud ,bricks cement and what ever available ,but some of these ancient Statues I appreciate for their artistic value.

  • 4 May 2005 04:59:17 GMT

    Here we go Magha is blaming `Sinhalese Buddhist Chauvinism` again.

    What is the need for this Christian priest to build a 35 foot Jesus Christ statue right in front of the already long established Buddha statue in front of a Buddhist temple? The religious fundamentalist who is creating religious problems in this case is the Christian priest who should know better as a religious leader. He could have chosen any other place but instead wants to build it there and rouse religious sentiments.

    But no, it is always the Buddhist`s fault.

  • 4 May 2005 05:05:46 GMT

    GUYS I sincerly request all of YOU, pls stop this. We have a main problem - LTTE Terrorists. Pls dont drag another issue in to here.

    Also pls remember most of Catholics living in Sri Lanka are SINHALESE.

    Also the Chief Justic (Sarath N Silva) too has been in the bench??? Oh man, is this case so criminal & misarable as to he too would be in the bench????

  • 4 May 2005 05:13:11 GMT

    I totally agree Sunawij. But magha has been running a campaign of hate against the `Sinhalese Buddhists` - he is the only one who uses this term over and over again trying to divide the Sinhalese. Everything is the fault of the `Sinhalese Buddhists` according to him.

    Sinhalese Buddhists and Sinhalese Christians lived in harmony until the activities of the foreign Christian evangelists and the subsequent reaction brought about a tear in the good relationship.

  • 4 May 2005 05:58:17 GMT

    Aj you are absolutely right. Magha seems to have a thing for `Sinhalese Buddhist Chauvinism` what his problem is no one knows. And Weliya, you guys do not have any rights to erect a statue of your Saviour in front of our temple which has been there for many years. Just because 90% of the population in Negombo is Catholic does not mean you can do what ever the f--k you like over there. This is the same reasoning that Praba is using in the north. Your statement about helping all communities is also BS as you only help the poor buggers so that they will convert. Why is it only you Christians that try to convert people of other religions? Don`t you have enough of a crowd already or is your church greedy for more contribution?

  • 4 May 2005 06:02:44 GMT

    `Bigger the Buddha Better the Buddha` This what the Sinhalese Buddhist had been thinking all these years. So now Christians build a statue 35 ft and Buddhist think that it is an insult to Buddha? No body can insult Buddha for his doctrine, it is unique and great, it is only those stupid Sinhalese Buddhists get insulted comparing the size of the statue because they do not practice Buddhism they practice Sinhalese Buddhism. Let Christians build a statue of Christ with mud ,bricks and cement and it will not represent Christ but will be an insult to the 35 ft Statue if they do not act according to Christ`s teachings. Sri Lanka`s ethnic problems did not happen because of Christianity it was because of Sinhalese Buddhist Chauvinism and I will not hesitate to reiterate being a Sinhalese ,who admire Buddhism not Sinhalese Buddhism .

  • 4 May 2005 06:05:53 GMT

    I`m beginning to think that Magha is pretending to be a Buddhist, so he can have the privilege of bashing Buddhists without being questioned. Do you see any other Sinhalese who is a Buddhist running around this messagebaord and flaunting the fact that he or she is a `Sinhalese Buddhist`? Nope. Note how before he writes his hate speech Magha always starts of with something like `As a Sinhalese Buddhist or `As a Buddhist.`

    Coming back to this particular story.....once again why is this Christian priest trying to build a 35 foot tall statue of Jesus Christ in front of a LONG ESTABLISHED Buddha statue and this too IN FRONT OF A BUDDHIST TEMPLE? Obviously it has something to do with him trying to rouse religious sentiments among the population. But Magha can only fault the `Sinhalese Buddhists` for democratically taking recourse to the law in order to avert a big religious problem.

    Go figure.

  • 4 May 2005 06:12:12 GMT


    Sri Lanka`s ethnic problems did not happen because of Buddhism it was because of Sinhalese Christian Chauvinism and I will not hesitate to reiterate this, being a Sinhalese, who admires Christianity not Sinhalese Christianity.

  • 4 May 2005 06:41:51 GMT

    Please guys dont turn this into a religious conflict.

    And for those of you who say that this statue was erected in front of the Buddha statue or in front of the Temple,let me tell you that it is well away 20feet from the Buddha Statue and there is no Temple in sight.I will try to post a picture of the venue as Im going to SL next week.

    And I am not against anybody erecting a Buddha Statue bigger than Christ`s in the same venue.That will only reflect the unity of the people Catholic or Buddhist.Thats what we need if we are to fight terrorism.

    We cant help it that there are Chaunists in every religion.But are we also going to fall into the same lot?

  • 4 May 2005 06:43:52 GMT

    Aj nice post man. Magha seems to be lost in a world of his own. Magha you don`t seem to understand, that we are not interested in the bloody size of this statue we are only interested in where they are trying to put the f---ing thing. Get that through your brain. If you are really a Buddhist, I pity you because f---ers like you are the ones who have betrayed our religion from the very beginning and therefore have left room for all kinds of pricks to enter our country in order to convert the people. I think you should convert as well as you seem to be ripe for the picking.