'ankiliyan force orders JVP out of east

  • 2 May 2005 05:38:05 GMT

    Who the hell is this `Sankiliyan Force`? Is it another name for Sakkiliyas? There seems to be so many of them around these days.

  • 2 May 2005 08:14:20 GMT

    Any ideas of what weapons they use?

  • 2 May 2005 08:50:19 GMT

    Who the hell are these Sakkiliyas? How could they dictate terms like that? If such thing really happens in the East, then you cannot blame JVP if they demand in the next election that TNA cannot do any political work in Colombo or any other area in South!!

  • 2 May 2005 10:27:05 GMT

    Do not insult sakkiliya they are doing a job.but if you call these terrorist with that name it is a insult for that innocent people

  • 2 May 2005 12:33:14 GMT


  • 2 May 2005 21:54:59 GMT

    so sankiliyan force is doing a good job. keep going sankiliyan force.

  • 3 May 2005 04:30:54 GMT

    Noel, there`s a good article by P.K Balachandran on the HT website. He analyses both micro and macro angles and brings out the Indian political perspective within this evolving dynamic. Worth reading.

  • 3 May 2005 07:02:16 GMT

    Sangkilian is the Last king of the Kingdom of Jaffna defeated by Portuguese I 620.

    Clash between JVP and Tamil hardliners will become detrimental to peace. There are provocations in Tricomale and Amparai district. There were many incident in Trincomale including an attempt to encroach public ground in the name of building temporary houses for Sinhalese tsunami refugees. This move provoked Tamils and there were hartal and clashes which culminated in burning the vehicle of the Jayantha Wijayasegara MP. Sinhalese living in the town also opposed the moves of the JVP.

    There are reports (unconfirmed) and talks among Tamils that Wimal Veravansa accused slain journalist as LTTE spy and people like him should not be allowed to walk in the street. Any tension between Tamil militant and JVP is detrimental to peace. It is good JVP and TNA meet and discus to defuse the tension.