'olice baffled why Sivaram was killed near parliament

  • 1 May 2005 12:21:07 GMT

    LTTE never kills people. they are saints. but they killed Sivaram and kept close to parliament because LTTE now losing everything. LTTE wants to win people. So welldone Prabakaran. You are always the greatest coward. Shame to TAMILS

  • 1 May 2005 13:16:50 GMT


  • 2 May 2005 08:31:23 GMT

    RHUPAN : Late Mr. D.Sivaram / Nadaraja Sethurpan connection ?????????????

    Are the Norwegian Intelligence creating havoc within SL circles ????????????/Norwegian conspiracy ???

    Ela _ki_Buwa / Ealavar : I enjoy your tussle....

    Yes Elavar.. the British English system of O or A levels are not of British heritage..... Right.........but are the British granting refugee status hereditary acceptable ?

    You would know that or have an idea... Why not you provide E_K_Buwa an opportunity as well ?

  • 2 May 2005 08:52:29 GMT

    Who ever it was, they are not looking beyond the horizon. What a pity, one party accuses the other and vice versa. Who are they trying to bully? the people who read this news or themselves. The LTTE is quoted as saying that the GOSL is fully responsible of this killing. Come on guys, you are kidding aren`t you? Other Tamils who oppose the LTTE`s cause were also murdered in Colombo (suburbs) wasn?t it? So any Tamil who gets a Bullet up his nose is an act of the GOSL. Wake up Srilankans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its time to think a bit logically. After all they say the Asians are good at logic, but not the Srilankans i guess!!!!!!(Sinhalese, Tamils , Muslims and who ever who are holders of Srilankan Birth certificates)

    Its a pity to see a great country going to thugs, terrorists and uneducated politicians.