'nother bus crew nabbedat killer crossing

  • 29 Apr 2005 23:03:10 GMT

    -- However, one of the passengers had contacted the SSP Kurunegala over his mobile telephone

    This is a good method to control the errant drivers and conductors. The police should encourage passengers to contact teh police if a driving is dangerous.

    The government should withdraw the licence of the bus company for emploting such drivers and drivers/conductors

    without license and jail the culprits.

    Tiemtables should be established for ALL buses and those who arrive early at a point should be fined massively not allowed to leave until the right departure time.

    Fining massive amounts have helped reduce the law breakers in the western countries.

  • 30 Apr 2005 07:32:45 GMT

    Well at last the cops have caught one idiot. Maybe it is because this bus didn`t belong to one of their bosses or friends. Anyway we should now make an example of this driver and show all his buddies that this kind of driving will no longer be tolerated. His license should be canceled and the bus should be confiscated without any further delay. The problem in SL is that our people forget very fast and this tragedy too will be forgotten in the next few weeks. The private busses will again be death traps for the common man and every one will look the other side until the next tragedy.

  • 30 Apr 2005 14:55:10 GMT

    Isn`t there any public transit buses??? if not y?

  • 30 Apr 2005 16:32:19 GMT

    I like the comments of JACK99. These two BUMS really deserve DEATH SENTANCE....But it is only a dream in SRI LANKA....with so many corrupt politicians. Finally they will be released and drive again.....

    Why don`t we hold a KANGAROO COURT and pass the death sentance...!!!!! and give the job on CONTRACT...to some MERCENARIES...Pay half now...and half after the job is completed.....!!!!!!

    If any one has seen the film `STAR CHAMBERS` (Michael Douglas)he will understand what I mean...!!!

  • 30 Apr 2005 17:04:20 GMT

    This bus drivers license must be permanently canceled & he be subjected to a heavy fine.

    Also, it is time the commuters took matters to their own hands as they did in this instant as they are the ultimate victims.

    To notify the police of reckless driving.

  • 30 Apr 2005 18:01:48 GMT

    Guys; We look at individual incidents and lament. That is as good as scratching your crotch and frowning at the ceiling, everytime something goes wrong.

    Society cannot stand still and post-mortem each and every hiccup. We do understand that things are not quite halal in our law enforcement, but all we do is pow-wow. So what needs to be done is to pressurise the govt to leave the Judiciary alone, and let law enforcement be held accountable to the judiciary. Let there be standards that the local and national govt define for each area, and hold the cops responsible for results.

    We have enough of educated police officers (along with an equal number of lousy punks) who are quite capable of dealing with such responsibility. Nothing will get better than it is today, until the govt gives the authority to those who need it and hold them responsible for results.

    When results become paramount, professionalism becomes the outcome, as senior cops will need to have juniors they can rely on..etc and the pressure builds on everyone to perform.

    This will eventually eradicate the type of people we want out of the service as well.

  • 1 May 2005 06:00:57 GMT

    This is an appeal to HE the President, the Hon` Minister of Justice, Hon` IGP and all Hon` law makers. As far as Mr. Gemunu Wijeratne, the Chairman of the Private Bus Association is leading the Underworld Private Bus Service, there will be no alternative for this type of accidents and as well as the careless driving. The Private bus drivers and the conductors are well aware that they will always be safeguarded by Mr. Gemunu Wijeratne. Our readers may be aware how he appears on the TV and how he behaves when he speaks to the media. Pointless producing the accused to the courts. As per the prevailing law in Sri Lanka, the accused drivers will be remanded for some weeks and be released on bail. But my request is that they should be given punishments practiced in the Kings period or which is now practiced in Saudi Arabia. If this is applied practically for a few persons, then the whole problem will be solved. Even Mr. Gemunu Wijeratne will shut his mouth. There will be no more Private Bus strikes too.

    My 2nd. opinion is that the Private Bus Service should be nationalized within 24 hours likewise during the period of Late Mr. S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike regime. I wonder why nobody wants to do it. Hon` current Minister of Transport is a well knowledgeable person in the Public Transport Service. The government should allow him to carry out his work independently. Let CTB to breathe well again. Then there will be at least some discipline manners within the drivers and the conductors. There will be qualified personnel in the the Transport Service.

  • 1 May 2005 06:38:07 GMT

    In Sri Lanka there is no a proper education system is implemented to the drivers to sit for written test.After they applied for a driving license they should educate them issuing a book of rule and regulations of driving methods.Once they finish reading they should sit for a written test if they pass only will go for the road test.They should not allowed to take a road test until they pass the written test.Present system any `Hal paruwas` can take the license `denanm valey denawa` all money involvement is there.They are not caring about the human life,they think `no problem` if they can put there feet to accelerater, if the bus goes he goes all for the money! Money !! Money!!!.

  • 1 May 2005 07:03:06 GMT

    Much Thanks to brilliant passenger and Police staff who took these two jokers to police custody. meantime, sri lankan courts should give them maximum punishments, canceling D/L and bail on at least not less then rs. 500,000. This will be a good lessen for others who is doing same risking poor passengers lives etc.,

  • 1 May 2005 12:38:32 GMT

    Most of the buses belongs to powerful people in the country.So the police is unable to controll over the speed or braking the traffic law.The bus owners, may be politicians, should not interfere with the law and order.There are no speed limit near the railway crossing.Please please allow the police to do their job.For god sake police officrs be gentlemen.Dont allow bus drivers to bribe you.Introduce fining drivers when they break traffic laws.Commuters be vigilant.Magistrate please give him the better funishment for the first and second drivers for what they have done.