'olice probe drinking charge

  • 29 Apr 2005 20:45:01 GMT

    I am the concerned citizen who forwarded the first mail. I do totally agree with what Mr. Suneth’s comments. In fact I too was a top executive attached to the Sri Lanka Port’s Authority. Higher official harassed me to a great extent so that I was compelled to leave my job. It is just a waist of time forwarding mail to your column too. The top brass have no value for innocent human lives. Their pet dogs do enjoy a better and much safer life.

  • 30 Apr 2005 00:45:04 GMT

    Laksiri; Unfortunately, this is not an agony-aunt column. Instead, what you`d find here are people of considerable experience and reasonable intellect, sharing opinions and sometimes humour about greater issues than their personal predicaments. Obviously such people are very capable in managing their own lives, and achieve beyond the mundane everyday obstacles.

    Wrong column for personal gripes, bro!!. But do read on; you`ll get some really good thinking here.

  • 30 Apr 2005 04:31:48 GMT

    No Wonder, the bus crews were provided with liquer and meal by the roadside hotels free of cost. This happens on a daily routine basis on long distanc services from Badulla to Colombo. Unfortunately some cops and armed services men who happen to travel also join this free treat. Stern rules must be applied to check on this. Transport is not a favour to the public as the drivers and conductors` think. This is a public service. (To be educated).

  • 30 Apr 2005 10:50:46 GMT

    Suneth, You are quite right. This kind of thing will never go away. Whatever government comes to power, the corruption in the forces will remain intact. The problem with the police is that most of the lower level officers (PCs) have never even been to school and when they get into that uniform of theirs, they think that they are above everyone else. And by some chance if one of these buggers make it to officer level, then may god help who ever gets in the way. The cops in our country are a truly revolting lot and most of them deserve to be locked up. As for your comment on the brothels, they do not need to pay as most of them belong to their colleagues