'pposition mounts in East to joint mechanism

  • 26 Apr 2005 20:13:00 GMT

    anybody seen `In the name of Buddha` ??

  • 26 Apr 2005 21:11:30 GMT

    The ltte should not be given control of the money, they wouldnt even give it to all the tamil people but only to their supporters. The govement should do the job like it did in the south. If it is incapable then an independent body like the UN should be given the job! Otherwise all that money will go to buying weapons for the ltte

  • 27 Apr 2005 02:21:10 GMT

    The movie `In the name of Buddha` I found a very interesting and great movie. All these years, we the people of the South have continuously been exposed to only our side of the story and it was great to see the other side as well . Though the title certainly does have religious sentiment, I found the movie neither religiously aggravating, promoting terror nor taking the sides of the LTTE. It was only the point of view and an insight into the lives of our citizens in the NorthEast and blamed both parties to the conflict and hoped for unity through peace. I think it is a movie that all of us have to see and kindly see it with an open mind. The decision of the Govt of Sri Lanka to ban such a movie is however a sad example of the many curtails the country continues to impose on freedom of expression and creativity. Artistic freedom must not be hindered due to govt. politics. Censorship must end.

  • 27 Apr 2005 03:45:18 GMT

    I did not know about a movie ` In the name of Buddha` and would love to see that .

    I also have no doubts that Sri Lankans would be stupid to banned such a movie when years ago the Buddhist Priests try to ban ` Sidhartha` made by Conrad Rooks from a novel by , the Nobel Prize winning author Herman Hesse without even knowing what it was about. Fortunately it was shown and we found out that it was a master piece of world cinema.We were able to see these great artistic movies from 1971 to 1977 because then Government of Sri Lanka promoted art in cinema during that period. We had the opportunity to see works of Akira Kurosawa, Satyajith Ray, Roman Polanski, and many others. I remember how things changed when Ingmar Bergman`s movie `Fanny and Alexander` was banned to show in the film festival of Bergman`s movies at Tower Hall some where in 1989 or 1990 because minister of cultural affairs had no clue what artistic cinema was about.

    `No more tears Sister` is produced by the Canadian board of films , directed by Helen Klodawsky, narrated by world famous author a Sri Lankan born Canadian citizen Michael Ondoatge ( who wrote `The English Patient` an Oscar winning movie and Anil`s Ghost and many other). It is being shown now in Toronto Canada.

    The movie is about a Tamil woman Dr.Rajani Thiranagama a supporter of LTTE, who returned from UK to reopen the faculty of Anatomy of the Jaffna University who later showed her disdain towards LTTE because of their atrocities and got killed