'hree more principals under microscope

  • 25 Apr 2005 04:35:59 GMT

    We all know that the system of admitting one`s child to a popular school in Sri Lanka is a corrupt one. We also admit that if at all our country is to go forward corruption needs to be eradicated. Someone in this government has shown some guts to take a shot at it. Of course, superficially we all are hurt because we know that all these principals who have been interdicted have done yeomen service to these schools. Now we have a choice. Support the corruption or support the one who has some guts to face the relity? Which one do you choose?

  • 25 Apr 2005 05:15:17 GMT

    A successful program includes both elimination of mistakes and a solution.

    The reality is the necessity to improve the standards of education in other schools, that eliminates this competition to these so called 49 best schools in the country through a free education system.

  • 25 Apr 2005 05:39:49 GMT

    This is something that has been going on since I was in school, in the 70s` and nothing new. I am glad that at least now someone has decided to take some action with regards to these crooks who are supposed to guide our children in right direction. It is no wonder that most of the new generation of school children show such disrespect to their teachers and principals. How can we blame the children, as they seem to have shunned, what we adults ignored for so long. Madam President you are doing an excellent job, I hope that you continue to do so.

  • 25 Apr 2005 13:10:59 GMT

    Sri Lanka: School admission ? process full of lies and deception

    Key figure of the UNP, G L Peiris, tell the people through media that action taken against principals who embezzle millions of rupees by fraudulent means is unacceptable. In other words what he says is that deception, corruption and bribery that introduced by the Machiavellian JRJ to the mainstream politics in 1977 that ruined the moral values in the people should be allowed to continue. People should appreciate G L Peiris for demonstrating UNP?s stance against maladministration that destroyed the country.

    First hand evidence of abuse of the system

    As a affected parent of the system full of corruption, on behalf of the law-abiding people, I have set out below the candid viewpoint of the parents who had been denied justice for refusing to follow the established fraudulent practice of deception in school admission.

    I am a old boy of Ananda College, Colombo then lived in Nugegoda. When my first son was born my friends and relatives advised me to furnish false information in my child?s birth certificate i.e. to give residential address somewhere closer to the Ananda College. This deception has become very common that most people followed; not only the birth certificate, they get their name registered in the utility bills [water, electrify, phone] electoral register and some parents even get the false deed done under their name.

    I have no doubt that most of the people that hold high office commit this fraud in order to get their children admitted to ?popular schools?. In my case I refused to commit this fraud and when applications are called for school admission I furnished an application to Ananda College with accurate information of my place of residence. And at the interview held I informed the panel that in order to admit my child to the school I have not produced any false information but requested the panel to get my child an opportunity on the basis that I was a old boy of the school. But my application was refused since there was so many ?eligible applicants? who ?lived? in ?the surrounding area?.

    I took my case to the president Kumaranatunga and requested her to do justice for my child but even the president was helpless against such an organised deceptive system and finally I was compelled to admit my two sons to the Lyceum School, Nugegoda. I am sure that there are many more parents like me who were denied justice for refusing follow fraudulent practice, which is also punishable criminal office.

    Admission based on ability to learn

    During our time, i.e. before UNP came into power in 1977, school admissions to the popular schools were purely based on ability to learn and not on the ability of deception. Then popular schools start only at year 7 and admission to year 7 wholly based on the results year 6-scholarship exam that was absolutely fair to all.

    People should applaud the president for the action taken in the right direction to stop the culture of deception and fraud. However that doesn?t mean that you approve all her actions. On the other hand the UNP leadership is well known for corruption and all sorts of wrongdoing; the political party responsible for abandoning the old scheme of school admission based on ability to learn. So there is nothing to surprise when people like G L Peiris try to defend the wrongdoing. We all must realise that time is right time to stop deception and to reinstate a system based on justice and fairness to all. Irrespective of political power or clout, those who commit wrongdoing should be dealt according to law.

    Nagananda Kodituwakku

    Attorney at Law and Solicitor [England and Wales]

  • 25 Apr 2005 15:07:31 GMT

    not only principals old boys union specialy DSS OBU needs to be bought before bribery commision

  • 25 Apr 2005 22:16:31 GMT

    I feel sorry for Mr Kodituwakku.It is true that UNP is responsible for a great deal of corruption. I think PA government and the UPFA government have been very competitive towards corruption. President CBK could have prevented all these coruption if she wanted. She is the most corrupted President we have ever had.

    Not only schools, what about other government institution. Take the judiciary. Can a client trace a `Nadu copiya` without giving a bribe. Take RMV, Harbour etc etc.

    If parents make fraud documents, why shouldn`t they bring to courts? It is our President CBK who inactivated the Bribary Commision.

    Let Presidential Investigation Unit function and the Bribary Commissions and CID and be dissolved.

    In my view there should be a transparency in every Pulic Institution. It should be started from the Executive and Parliament.

    I am living in the UK now. In this country the every citizen enjoys the same degree of freedom and legitimacy. Be it Prince Charles or Tony Blair. Transparency is at a highest level.

    Before interdicting School Principles, let`s force the government to create transparency firstly on their work.

  • 26 Apr 2005 04:14:59 GMT

    I agree completely with the government`s decision to investigate corrupt school principals. Corruption is not acceptable, regardless the person, his position or the service he has rendered.

    Every parents dream is to give better education to their children. So the competition to admit children to better schools is natural. Instead of addressing the root of this problem, all successive governments are keep changing the education system in Sri Lanka. Now Sri Lanka does not have a permanent policy on education, it changes every 4 years. There is no necessaity of dramatic educational reforms at all to render better education.

    To avoid this competition for better schools, it is necessary to multiple schools with competitive atmospheres. But it is understandable that poor Sri Lankan economy can not equip all school equally. But is it necessaary to equip schools materially to make them better schools? Cann`t we have a proper education without a swimming pool? Aren`t there any other economical method(s) to achieve competitiveness?

    For example, we can rank the students of a particular grade based on their exam marks and first 40 students go to Grade A , next 40 go to Grade B etc. Now the best students of Grade A in that particular school have a educationally competitive environment. Students in Grade B can evaluate their standards agaist grade A and improve further.

    Now assume, the goverment offers 10 scholarships to the top 10 students in Grade A and gives a special recognition to those who are in grade A during job interviews etc (need to make it as a national standard). Will better students in grade A leave for popular schools? Can other students/parents claim that there is no compatitive environment in the school?

    This is just an idea and does not solve the problem completely. But something is better than nothing. It is always not necessary to spend millions to make things better.

  • 26 Apr 2005 04:22:55 GMT

    Ealavar; I share your surprise. Top school principals make quite close to what the customs guys make usually. This observation is based on trusted sources.

    With ir without underlying motives, I`m glad the process of justice is working on this.

  • 26 Apr 2005 04:31:40 GMT

    I suggest that a program need to be launched to improve the standard of education in other schools compatible with these Elite schools which are being run and improved not by the government but by the Old boys and Girls . So how do we finance such a program. Well every body working needs to pay taxes ,especially the Government servants who do not pay taxes.

  • 26 Apr 2005 08:38:45 GMT

    Yes kodithuwakku, it`s absolutely correct. People who reside 30 to 40 km away from the Colombo National Schools can admit thier children but genuine cases will be rejected. So, where is the loop hole. Money will do everything. So, if the principals are well entertained by the MUDALALIS, let them suffer also. Isn`t it?.