'NP organisers appointed to 130 electorates ? Attanayake

  • 25 Apr 2005 16:56:30 GMT

    With the current performance of the KATA PERATA government consisting of JVP RATS, with NO brains but BIG mouths, the UNP needs only 13 organizers, to win the next elections.

    The UNPs problem during the last election was its inability to take its messages to the villages. The big cities where the educated people live, was won with relative ease. This problem is been currently addressed by brining in well known Media personalities like

    1. former TNL political affairs commentator and producer Chandana Sooriyabandara who appointed UNP organiser for Senkadagala electorate.

    2. Buddhika Pathirana - Pathirana handled TNL?s Janahanda before moving on to Sirasa where he played a pivotal role in running political programmes.

    Pathirana successfully contested the last provincial council elections in the south and was subsequently rewarded with the responsibility to organise

    the Akuressa electorate. Pathirana polled the highest preference votes at the last PC elections.

    3. Phoenix chief Irvin Weerakkody was recently made Maharagama organizer of the UNP He preferred Kotmale.

    Source : www.Island.lk

    In addition

    Manusha Nanayakkara, once with the Swarnavahini (Live at eight), Didula Bogahakumbura behind two major Swarnavahini political programmes, Deshapalana Sathiya and Kiniheera, Shan Wijetunga (Swarnavahini) and Chatura Vidyaratne - all being mentioned as possible organisers, the UNP is getting its act together in the rural areas.

    THese along with the

    1. Cost of living. The JVP SWINES dont even talk about this anymore.

    2. Whole heaps of lies regarding the CFA, kicking the Norwegians out, UNPLUGING the SL economy

    3. JVP business dealings like Rs 150,000 cell phones from the very Mudalalis they criticize and other business connections

    4. Hundreds of thousands of Tsunami victims who are still languishing in Refugee camps despite the billions of Rs of money received from Foreign government (i wonder whose pocket this money went into.....)

    5. the Daily `Balu fights` in the KATA PERATA government with NOTHING happening in the government...

    In the next three months the people will be ready to kick out these JVP SWINES, who know only to HOOT. NO amount of HOOTING can save this KATA PERATA government by then. Its almost 1 years since this government came to power and people are beginning to ask what has this KATA PERATA government done. The UNP should be ready to strike and strike hard and expose the two headed JVP RATS. Not even Wimal WeeraMONKEYS non- stop HOOTING will help the JVP by then...

  • 25 Apr 2005 17:10:30 GMT

    Hello!,UNP`s message from the LTTE was sent correctly right into the hands of the Sri Lankans and LTTE got everything they wanted, thanks to Rnil.Even if 1300000 organizers are appointed,they will be in the opposition so long as Ranil is in the lead.

  • 25 Apr 2005 17:40:09 GMT

    One year in to the government and still the JVP SWINES singing the same old broken recond `Ranil is going to sell the country to the LTTE`.

    If Ranil was going to sell the country to the LTTE, then the thing to do is, take him to courts, present the proof and put him in jail for life. Continuing with the same CFA, norwegians, but its the same old story `ranil is seeling the country`

    I guess we have all forgotten how that Murderer Somwansa Amarasingha ordered the killing of over 3000 Srilankan Soldiers and FAMILY MEMBERS of soldiers. I guess we have forgotten how Somawansa Amarasingha took the money that was stolen from poor Srilanak and went to `Capitalistic and Imperialistic France` and lived in Luxuary. Why did he not go to Cuba???????????????????????????????????????????

    People vote with thier stomachs, and Barking like a Mad DOG does not does not feed the Hungry. HOOTING like a pack of Bafoons dont build Houses for the Tsunami. Taking Rs 150,000 cell as BRIBES from `Hora Mudalalis` dont solve the day to day problems of the people. And then after all the bulders, Moaning like pack of SWINES and trying to blame every thing on the SLFP is not going to win you votes. yes it works for a little while but not for long.

  • 25 Apr 2005 18:36:16 GMT

    anizam! Can you plexplain what is `Taking Rs 150,000 cell as BRIBES from `Hora Mudalalis` ?

  • 25 Apr 2005 20:09:00 GMT

    jay-r -

    Are u seriously asking me that question? Have u not been reading the nesw papers? If not please let me know and i will respond in detail.


  • 25 Apr 2005 21:29:16 GMT

    anizam,yes.I really need to know.

  • 25 Apr 2005 21:51:51 GMT

    JVP posseses 39 seats as they contested with the SLFP. If the come their own it will never go up 15 seats. JVP is the party who taught our youngsters to use weapons, picketings, work strikes and hatred. Those are their policies. Can you say any creative work they have done to SL. Their work are all destructive and sabotage. Few idiots still believe in them.

    They are the ones who destroy the image of University students. They cannot easily find employment in private sector as private sector employers trust in uncorrupted school leavers than ruined (by JVP) university graduates.

    What UNP need at the minute is uncorrupted organisers. Ranil and the party has been brave to take that move as they have done in the CFA.

    There are two political parties in Sri Lanka who has back-bone to maintain their their own policy. Those are UNP and Wickramabahu Karunaratne`s NSSP.

    Neither JVP nor SLFP has backbone even to express their party policies.

    Thanks for publishing this.

  • 26 Apr 2005 00:20:00 GMT

    jay-r :

    The words `hora Mudalalis` is a word i borrowed Wimal Weerawansa himself. I went to watch a few JVP meetings, during the 2001 election campaign. According to Wimal Weerwansa - ALL businessman (whether you a director of a big company or owner of a textile shop).

    As for the phone according to news paper reports, Wimal weerwansa owns a Vedio Phone thats costs about Rs 150,000. When Nandana Gunethileka brought up this issue at a JVP polit burea meeting, Weerawansa has responded by saying a businessman had gifted the phone to him.

    The businessman was later identified by the press as Sajad Mauzoon, the owner of `THE Phone company`. I happen to know who these people are (not personally but i know who they are). I will not comment further on who and what type of business these people are involved it. If your interested in finding out what other business they are involved in, especially Aabdeen Jewellers/money exchange that is owned by his brother in law, ask some people who are familiar with the Colombo business circles and they might be able enlighten you and u may or may not find some interesting stories.

    So i was using the same logic that all mudalalis are `Hora Mudalis`. I was using same logic.

    I also find it very amusing to see hard core Marxists, who go on attacking and throwing wild allegations at anyone and everyone who opposes the (or does not support them). Nothing is free in this world, and i wonder what these businessmen got in return for gifting such expensive cell phones. And mind u this is all we know about. Who knows what other things were exchanged with out anyone knowing.