'nternational mediation helping LTTE: TULFchief

  • 24 Apr 2005 05:18:40 GMT


    The government and the Tamil Tiger rebels, who control most parts of northeast, should agree on how to work together. It is unfair on part of JVP the main coalition partner of Mrs.Kumaratunghe not to allow the government and the international communities on joint mecanisme to rebuild the devastated regions by tsunami.afterall LTTE the only representative of Tamils demand just for a slice of the foreign aid .

    It is normal, the reconstruction of Northeast can not be given to corrupted authorities in the south and the Tamil civil servants are capable to reconstruct their own areas without any corruption. we can witness what has been going on in the south where people are still homeless and southern politicians should visit the north east regions how the Tamils have been organising and helping tsunami victimes without any corruption.

    Instead of demanding unwanted concession from LTTE through the United States or Nowary envoys to delay further can not be accepted. The immediate solution is to help the homeless people of the country through joint mecanisme but not to please these extremists political parties.

    Mrs.Kumaratunghe should take wise decision and that she can`t play anymore with the international communities.

    JVP , they just came yesterday and they are not matured well to run the country with the government.

  • 24 Apr 2005 05:31:42 GMT

    Saint Clair

    JVP is as big a threat and an obstacle as the LTTE to the progress of the country. The party is run by a bunch of losers. Pres. is shameless to form an alliance with the thugs who killed her own husband. But that is Bandaranaik politics for you

  • 24 Apr 2005 07:14:21 GMT

    whatever is it they are more powerful than the TULF which was in parliament with its Late Mr.Amirthalingam as the opposition Leader. Tamil chelvan is more than a oppostion leader,

  • 24 Apr 2005 09:14:35 GMT

    There is no point in incorporating a terrorist outfit (that kills its own race, and also claims to be the `sole representative`) in a joint mechanism.

    If LTTE Wanni faction is to be incorporated, to be in all faireness, Karuna faction, Muslims of the East, and the Muslims of the North (who were chased away by the LTTE) should be incorporated into the joint mechanism.

  • 24 Apr 2005 13:41:15 GMT

    `What Tamils need today is not (an) ISGA, not a joint mechanism for tsunami relief. What they need is liberation from the LTTE. What they need is a right to live without fear of the LTTE.` mr. Anandasangaree seems to be convinced that he alone is Tamil, that`s why he`s expressing his needs as the needs of the Tamils. He has alienated himself from his family and the rest of the Tamil population.. and seems to hold the LTTE responsible for his fate.. his words reflect this bitter reality.

  • 24 Apr 2005 15:40:30 GMT

    Dear SK,

    As a diehard UNP supporter your enemy number-One is JVP. But it will not loose as long as it keep it`s pledge. They started with one seat and evolved into 39 today. In all UNP/SLFP strongholds it got majority preferential votes. Your main point is economy, If JVP agreed to sell state assets and say yes to ISGA then UPFA had get 4.5 B$ and to bring down cost of living for future generations to pay for it. But for your information that is not their voters expected them to do. Please try to realize it.

  • 24 Apr 2005 17:23:19 GMT

    people are tired of terrorists but the mouths are shut(in sri lanka or abroad)

    Only a litte can say something.

    One has done it.

  • 25 Apr 2005 02:12:48 GMT


    Yours post shows your utter desperation on having to admit LTTE`s oppression and murder of fellow Tamil Civilians.

    It is the leader of TULF, V Anandasangaree told, `..ordinary Tamil people were sick and tired of living in areas under LTTE control.`

    And, that is true. Supporters of the LTTE get favourations from the LTTE and you seem to one of those!

    For rest of, LTTE is a killing machine, that kills our own Tamil Politicians, academics, intellectuals, and civilians.

  • 25 Apr 2005 02:19:04 GMT

    It sad that Tamils, who raise their voice for `dignity`, `human rights`, and `equality`

    in this forum keep mum about LTTE`s murdering and murdering

    attempts of fellow Tamil Politicians and Academics.

    TULF Leader V Anandasangaree is on LTTE death list.

    EPDP Ledaer, Douglas Devananda is on the LTTE death list.

    How many LTTE supporters here can criticise these coward acts?

    What we constantly see is, those LTTE supporters here advocate killing and murdering Tamils who have different views.

    We ordinary Tamils are ashamed of this duplicity.

  • 25 Apr 2005 04:02:34 GMT

    Hey Guys,

    What Mr.Anandasangaree is saying is completely true.Because he was there from the begining.They are the ones who nurtured Prabakaran & the gang when they were in their teens.They are the ones who planted the VIRUS of a seperate state in order for them to gain power.But once Prabakaran realised that he was been used to fulfill TULFs goals,he turned on them.Thats the begining of the story.When it started LTTE were Freedom Fighters but now they have grown upto be the most brutal killers of all.They will destroy anything that comes in their way without a second thought.I am not a JVPer.What they did in the past is wrong.But what we have to look at is not the past.We cannot bring back what has been lost.We have to build a future for our kids.90% of the LTTE cadres donot know how the Sinhalese,Tamils,Muslims... lived in harmony in the past.They are the ones most affected by this war.So if the JVP could lay down their arms and come into Democratic politics why cant the LTTE?Somebody might say that GOSL cannot br trusted.And then so is the LTTE.How many CFA and Human Rights violations are credited to the LTTE as compared to the SLA or GOSL?These must stop and fresh begining has to be initialised.At present Mr.Anandasangaree is right.The Tamil people in their areas are being held captives by the LTTE.They have to live the way the LTTE wants them.And that is the truth.