'oor woman`s leg amputated by mistake at Negombo hospital

  • 22 Apr 2005 20:46:15 GMT

    No point jay-r. This is how our people value human lives. I have seen some marvelous doctors in SL. Then I have seen some who behave as if theey are the God`s gift. They dont even have coutesy to admit mistakes. I hope justice will be done. I hope there is a system to sue these butchers. I don`t know if it will happen.

  • 22 Apr 2005 21:01:03 GMT

    sk63, I`m still stunt and can`t believe what is happening to our country.These butchers get free education all the way out of poor tax payers money,but when they pass out of the Medical College they think they are living gods.I too have suffered and undergone such instances.But one thing is clear, all these people will be punished and will suffer eternally for the miseries they commit by way of LAW OF NATURAL JUSTICE taking its course for a disaster. Once a young cousin sister of mine who underwent a cancer surgery in Kandy hospital died of the surgery as the surgeon another butcher hurried the surgery for him to go and see a match, cut some unwanted part. Now 3-sons of that lady are doctors,I hope they are good to the public.If they see these,will be an eye opener to be good.Only thing what we can do is to CURSE,though against the religion.But for the sake of that poor lady we are compelled to do that.

  • 22 Apr 2005 21:50:54 GMT

    This is becomming all too common in Srilanka. The correct thing to do would be to cancel this doctors + Staffs license to practice and send all of them to jail. However the moment that is done, there will be strikes all over the country by hospital staff and hundreds of other poor people will suffer and many might even die. The government is just a government by name. Its is the trade unions that run the country.

    I really dont know what is happening to our country. We are fast becomming another african banana Republic - killings, Strikes, food shortages, Tsunamis....................

  • 22 Apr 2005 23:10:06 GMT

    The story to amputate a hole leg is little confusing in a set up of a hospital like Negambo.Medical malpractice happened in Sri Lanka but this is unusual with a patient with a wound on the foot having the whole leg amputated. There was always plenty of discussion with the patient before such a thing was done and the person who performs surgery knows the patient well and how the leg looks like. This is how it was done all over the country and I can not think how these basic precautions were changed. How ever in government hospitals a written consent was never taken for many years but do not know things had changed later. If this happened as it is said the whole hospital(administration) including the doctors are responsible fro not having proper documentations and protocols.

  • 23 Apr 2005 03:02:45 GMT

    If the said incident was true, this whole bunch of staff & doctors MUST be punished severly according to the law.

    These medical offices had already become a niusance to the country. Endemic in holding strikes and `go slow`, no matter poor patients even die.

    By the what happened to the case at Castle hospital where a new born baby died due to poor handling of the mid wife who was in a hurry leave to cath the train?????

    Has she/staff been sued??????

    How many similar cases the Health Mnstr will expect in the future????

  • 23 Apr 2005 04:00:16 GMT

    There is no doubt that this is clearly medical negligence. The doctor who did this, should be brought before justice .

  • 23 Apr 2005 13:48:08 GMT

    It is quite difficult to scold the doctor without having exact details in hand. May be doctor amputated the leg to avoid any further neurological damage. In certain circumstances, damaged neurons keep degenerating progressively from sensing receptors towards the brain. In these cases an amputation is a must to avoid any further neural damage unless any cells or artificial implantation is done. Even that is the case, doctor in this case has no what so ever right to amputate a limb of a patient without proper consultation/consent. The problem if Sri Lankan doctors is that many thinks that they know all and no inquiry is necessary to do what they wish. So far the med surgeon has not made a statement clarifying what he has done.

    Again, one has to keep in mind something unique whenever they are visiting doctors. ALL ARE DOCTORS, BUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE, ABILITY TO DIAGNOSE, ABILITY DECIDE PROPER MEDICATION ARE NOT THE SAME. On top of these, if they are careless, you will become a patient forever. SPECIALLY, IF YOU HAPPEN TO HAVE A IMPORTANT MEDICATION, CONSULT AT LEAST 3 DOCTORS AND GET THE AVERAGE. This may help to cure your eye with a small LASER surgery than removing it for a artificial visual implant, yet to invent !!! :)

  • 23 Apr 2005 15:33:33 GMT

    I think this is a very serious matter and need public inquiry. Now only solution is hospital or the authority must pay compensation to the victim for life time and the punishment for the mistake should be a life in prison because this should be lesson for others. Make a quick move for the inquiry. Also do some interim settlement for victim for now.

  • 23 Apr 2005 17:58:32 GMT


    AHRC is NGO that has dubious foundations in Sri Lanka and connections with various NGO organisations and evangelist organisations

  • 23 Apr 2005 17:59:34 GMT

    No wonder people would be afraid to go to a hospitals because some doctors does not seems acting like doctors! Well, cause for everything is mind! They were out of mind when they talk and laugh themselves before gave the injection to that poor women! Working and talking at the same time does not simply work! That should something to be prohibitted to avoid such mistakes! When you are working, have to concentrate what you are doing! Not the next door neighbour got a baby or family problems or whatever! Doctors working with people`s lives and doctor shall understand well the responsibility rather than a person work somewhere! Salesman can give something free to someone, and lost his business which is not a big mistake rather than a doctor could do something terrible to a paitent`s life and metally suffer all life long which is a big mistake that doctor would do to someone! If something breaks, you can fix but it but a life cannot be fixed like fixing plastic toys! This is a good leasson that doctors and nurses to understand their responsibility to avoid such stpuid mistakes and concentrating the work when they do work and/or laugh have fun when they not doing any work! Live in abroad around 5 years now and have not seen doctors and nurses laughing and having fun inside the hospitals! Big difference!!!