'on?t provoke us, Ratnasiri, Sandagiri warn Tigers

  • 21 Apr 2005 23:31:06 GMT


    We have a history of 20 years to talk about your bravado. Could you count the number of camps with millions of dollars worth of armament and thousands of cannon fodder soldiers perished while the top brass from their cosy billets made hasty retreats to promotions and overseas postings? Look around the luxury facilities you all enjoy at the cost of taxpayers money in the name of patriotic war you still have the shameless guts to talk about. OF course you got to toe the line of your political masters in good company to continue the loot.

    Your Courageous would be an artefact of the past at the bottom of the sea within a few minutes at the hands of one Kamikaze boy. So guard your tongue men.

  • 22 Apr 2005 03:41:59 GMT

    Ratnasiri and Sandagiri are trying to provoke the tigers. These two fellows are some of the losers of this peace enivronment.They need the war to go on to fill their pockets. Good Job, mother lanka needs people like you.

  • 22 Apr 2005 04:21:18 GMT

    It is significant that the US is also insisting on one stance from the SL govt. This does not mean peace at any cost, as they are a country which takes terrorism seriously and are committed to its eradication. If the stance becomes to fight it out, then the day of reckoning will be upon the LTTE sooner than you guys think.

  • 22 Apr 2005 10:19:50 GMT

    Dear Popeye,

    Here is a latest news item for you to think about, if you are capable of.

    Security sources say that in an attack carried out by Karuna Faction on a Wanni Tigers? training camp at Kanchikudichchiyaru, five Wanni Tiger cadres have been killed and seven seriously injured. Unable to counter the attack the head of the camp, one Jenadan and fourteen more cadres have fled the camp for safety of their lives. Reports say that they have thus made their escape towards the STF camp at Sayama.

    When questioned by the STF officers from those Wanni Tiger cadres who fled into the STF camp, they have told that they entered the camp not to attack the camp, but for their safety.

    Reports however say that Karuna?s cadres have seized this camp.

    Now your `big leaders` are running into STF camps to save their lives from Karuna`s group. But you and you masters put the blame to SL security forces for helping Karuna. Are you and your lot still wearing cloths?

    Grow up Popeye! There is still a slim chance of saving you lot. Give up the gun and let Tamil people a chance to elect their leaders democratically. I don`t mine, if your bloodthirsty terrorist leaders want to perish. But the large number of innocent Tamil children who were abducted by your Wanni LTTE terrorists must be given a chance to save and live their lives peacefully.

  • 22 Apr 2005 12:59:37 GMT

    Hi there Poruthota & Tusker

    Karuna is a man who humbled our decorated commanders in battles now history. A war strategist with no Sandhurst training he handled SL armed services golliwogs like puppets. So pl don?t compare his ilk with this pathetic lot. SL armed services and the defence bigwigs would have been hiding under their beds not in Wanni but in Colombo by now ferried by Indian ships a couple of months back with a whisker thanks to Tsunami. They are still praying their gods in thanks giving buddy.

    Now that it?s convinced that Tigers wouldn?t fight since they are getting what they need without firing a single bullet these blokes are acting heroes for you people to cheer. Just rewind and reminisce the track record of SL armed services against a ragtag band of terrorists during the last 20 yrs. Figures talk for itself. Not the Courageous but US can lend the entire 7th fleet to SL armed service yet they have their destiny written al over, I say sadly my dear.

    Just collect a handful of dedicated few guys and the war will be won with no humbug.

  • 22 Apr 2005 13:58:09 GMT

    `our security forces are a well trained and a highly disciplined lot`.. Hahahahaaaaaaaa... these jokes kill me.. lol.. anyways... It seems Ratnasiri is asking for another bush whacking.. give it to him boys.

  • 22 Apr 2005 13:59:25 GMT

    I do not wish to put my two cents on this discussion because the article involves friends. But I will tell you one thing guys. All these CFAs and many other arrangements involve numerous discussions within closed doors. Media can only speculate, average tamils can only pray, Sinhalease can only guess. I don`t think most of those who post here have really understiood the implications of CFA. The CFA has virtually trapped tigers to what Bala called during Premadasa regime to a `peace trap`. Now LTYTE can not go to war and that is the truth.

    LTTE is now trying to use the CFA to get political recognition. Recent visits by Tamil Selvam is one example. Behind close doors with no media atttention there may be negotiations. In those negotiations, at personal level, it may look LTTE reps are recognized and treated equally. With some responsibility I can only say this much. Even trhough they appear to be treated equally, the true world leaders do not consider LTTE to be equal to a democratically elected govt. This is the truth guys. I know I would have upsetted almost all of you (from boith sides). But within those close door negotiations, LTTE will never be considered equal.

  • 22 Apr 2005 15:31:00 GMT

    ranhoti.. there are two sides to every coin.. read this..

    `Sri Lanka army claimed Thursday that five Liberation Tigers were killed and seven wounded when a paramilitary attacked their positions in Vattamadu on the island`s southeast coast. A senior commander of the LTTE`s armed forces in the Batticaloa-Amparai region said that two men had opened fire in the direction of their forward defence positions on the outskirts of the Kanjikudichcha Aaru region Thursday morning. `There were neither casualties nor damage on our side`, the LTTE commander said. He dismissed

    the SLA statement as `routine psy ops`. He said his troops had recovered two kit bags dropped by the gunmen when they fled towards the area held by Sri Lankan armed forces.

    `The paramilitary cadres opened fire towards our FDL at Vammiyadikkulam this morning`, he said.

    The Liberation Tigers control the large and mostly forested Kanjikudichcha Aaru region on the southeast coast.`

  • 22 Apr 2005 17:12:28 GMT

    It would be much better if Mr.RATNASIRI OR SANDAGIRI stop giving this type of empty warning to Tigers or LTTE just to please JVP.This is not the right moment and this not the right statement for a Minister.

    There should be a statemanship on any such public statement to preserve this great opportunity created by United States and Norway for a joint mecanisme to rebuild this shattered nation.

    War is no more any final solution for the Sri Lankan government and country can not afford anymore for any military expedition in the Northeast.People are suffering and poverty is everywhere due to civil war and tsunami desaster. So the war game is over .and war warnings should be stopped immediately.

    Mr.Ratnasiri should just read this arfticle appeared in the Sri lankan news papers and I hope that he will certainly understand the stupid meaning of his empty warning at this moment to provocate Tamil Tigers .

    ``` The Army while admitting yesterday that there were more than 70,000 deserters from its ranks said the government had to bear the loss of some 3.9 billion rupees on its newly introduced de-listing programme. ```

    Do we really need all these wastage of national wealth for this war. How long the sri Lankan government ca please war generals who want to continue this civil war without any end????

  • 22 Apr 2005 17:17:56 GMT

    Do you think this is a civil war?Do we kill all the Tamil people living with us in Colombo,Negombo,Kandy and hill country. You moron,this is not a civil war.It is a war against bloody terrorists.