'uslims say TNA trying to force them out of Iqbal Nagar

  • 11 Apr 2005 08:24:24 GMT

    Muslims have to suffer from the both sides.

    Why is the government deaf on these issues?

  • 11 Apr 2005 11:27:18 GMT

    Dear Muslims & Rauf Hakkem,

    N&E is a legitimate area for LTTE TERRORISTS. Dont u know it yet????

    Hehehe, one bloody `crapsy LTTE KILLER` also had quoted in one post that even World bank rep - Harrold had accepted LTTE had separate entity there in N&E.

    (In my previous posts, I specifically mentioned this fact. If not for JVP, these bloody LTTE craps like Lalith, will jump up and get butts out from earth and say ` look here, World bank has accepted LTTE has legitimacy and blah blah blah```)

    So dear Muslims, you cannot live in East, its LTTE TERRORISTS legitimate area. hehehehehe

  • 11 Apr 2005 15:10:26 GMT

    I think sunawij ji is loosing it!..

  • 13 Apr 2005 05:22:45 GMT

    Kanthun! LTTE senior member.

    Is that all u have to say, when a muslim mass is facing a life worth problem??

    Hope, muslims` rights to living peacfully, is over ruled by your LTTE rights to living in with a hell.

    You are asking SL Gov to bring back tamil refugees from India where as Muslims who are already here (Like refugees in this case) are being nicely harresed by your Tamil LTTE.

  • 15 Apr 2005 06:13:02 GMT

    A good example of being Tamil and Tamil speaking two different identities.There is no gurantee that the Tamil Nationalism would treat all Tamil speaking equally. How about a discussion about this topic?

  • 16 Apr 2005 05:23:18 GMT


    On what world (hell) have the LTTE TERRORISTS say they will give back the rights of living in own places of muslims & sinhalese who chased away from N&E???

    TERRORITS are TERRORISTS know nothing but only to kill and rule by guns.

    These bloody LTTE coward TERRORITS are so worried and pleading to the SL Govnmtn to bring back Tamil refugees from India where as they in turn chase away the muslims from East.

    Power greedy dumb murderers. Do whatever you want by the guns and see how far you can go. But for hell`s sake don`t turned and say `We need ceasefire` when you are dull with a bloody war and find places to hide. Keep your docs ready to apply for asylums in UK & Canada-(living heavens for TERRORISTS)

  • 17 Apr 2005 22:18:27 GMT


    Why Dravidian Tamils trying to chase away and discriminate Tamil speaking Muslims? So would not it be better to give part of North and East to Tamil speaking Muslims to be fair and square?