'hondaman meets CBK: Portfolio likely?

  • 8 Apr 2005 16:34:36 GMT


    With all respect, who is the bigger culprit? Thondaman or President? She said there will be only limited number of ministries! How come she is offering ministries more than she originally planned.

    in other words, who is more shameless? The one who takes or the one who gives? I guess we will never find the answer in this forum, but at least it is food for thought.

    To me a desperate attempt to hold on to power when nothing productive has been done is pathetic! To me those leaders 9if we call them leaders) should be sent to the dustbin of history!

    Any thoughts from others?

  • 9 Apr 2005 05:16:41 GMT

    Tusker; If this Thonda has an iota of his great ancestor`s capabilities, he`ll give his people true leadership. Late Mr.Thondaman was a great leader, I don`t care who agrees with me or not. When he died, the country lost and icon of true leadership. Irrespective of ethnicity, the man worked tirelessly for the people he felt most responsible for, and this benefitted many up-country sinhalese too. This is what every statesman needs to be. Unfortunately what we have are dumb gooks on the sinhala side and despotic god-wannabe-thugs riding herd on the tamils.

  • 9 Apr 2005 16:36:47 GMT


    You got it spot on mate. Don`t even try to compare Arumugam Thondaman with his grand farthr-er, the proper Thondaman. Late Thonda was a gentleman, never took bribes, never tried to make money out of his position. Yes, he organized strikes because he was trying to help whom he represents.

    Tusker, I am actually claiming that the govt. has been unproductive in all fronts. Economy is in a mess. We are going to record a negative GDP growth. They created jobs for graduates, but they have nothing to do in their positions. Inflation is over the top. Privatization is not implemented but man-handled.

    Inflation is now getting close to 15%. Unions go on strike. Look at the exchange rate. Meanwhile, the USD has been falling against all major currencies and minor currencies. The only currency against which USD has appreciated in SL Rupee.

    Look at the ethnic issue. They said the UNP was doing it wrong. Have they done anything? NO. They have not been able to even start a dialogue. Look at the much-promised infrastructure projects? Have we at least painted govt. buildings?

    Tusker, I can go on. PA has done nothing. Productivity does not even come into picture. I will tell you why I am sad about this. How come Sri Lankans don`t have an alternative party other than the UNP to select. I am a Republican but we can select Democrats and they will do a decent job. If you are in SL and if you select the PA they make a complete disaster of the economy. Have Sri Lankans ever stopped to think why?

  • 9 Apr 2005 20:44:59 GMT


    The problem in Sri Lanka is not the lack of parties but lack of leadership. Party leadership is inherited in SLFP. Neither UNP nor SLFP has leaders with a vision, what they do today is practice partisan politics. Partisan politics is being practiced in USA too but when it comes to defend the nation they unite. Our politics are so primitive that they can not understand what needs to be given priority? Needless to talk about the public who bring them to power. One reason is our country has not undergone extremely difficult situations in modern history of Sri Lanka ,like potato famine in Ireland, the great depression in USA, Nazi occupation of Eastern Europe during world war II, Japanese occupation of China ,famines, and AIDS epidemic in Africa to name a few. The biggest natural disaster we experienced was the Boxing day Tsunami but we are lucky that it happened in the 21st century so we could get help from the developed world and neighboring countries. Our leaders had been keeping the public happy borrowing money ,this is the very reason that the public change the Government when ever the prizes go up. Some of The leaders of yester years were much more prudent but they did not live long enough to make a difference to this country. Only way we could bring peace, unity and prosperity to this country is politically educating the public as well as the politicians to have a better and uniform agenda and stop depending on these politicians who are brain dead.