'ngineering Faculty closed indefinitely

  • 5 Apr 2005 06:41:56 GMT

    There you go, the same social class?. This is the biggest problem in Sri Lanka. People think they belong to a certain class. I don`t see a class when it comes to violence and corruption. This has nothing to do with free education or class. If you think free education caused all these problems you are badly mistaken. There are other

    (European) countries with free education and you don`t see problems like these. On the other hand, had it not been for free education, you`ll have these fights on the streets( now they happen (safely) inside the University (controlled environments) only the factions of the `cream` of the country gets injured)

  • 5 Apr 2005 08:51:04 GMT

    those who say charge money for varsity education, has any body atleast seen the gate of pera university? I think these people wants to destroy the university free edu system, specially those who cant go to universities are jealous on those who can go.

  • 5 Apr 2005 14:34:25 GMT

    Let there be free education and let there be Private university education as well.

    Obviously people in our free universities just can`t seem to appreciate what`s being done for them...

    These universities are being paid for by the taxes of the people of Sri Lanka. I do not want my tax money being wasted on such hooliganism when it can be diverted to support people more in need and more willing to work correctly with the system rather than being such a disruption!

    Such a shame...

  • 5 Apr 2005 16:16:55 GMT

    if you your son or duaghter there u will not utter such a word mr/s aritha. when a small incident happens do not publish foolish conclusions. these university students serve the country. there are incidents in the universities, ragging, fighting that`s short term. what harm they does. these arguments are natural in varsity life. they will be solved with time.

    it`s pathetic u support pvt education. why don`t u support increase in facilities in universities. increase staff, increase building, then they can select more students. that`s wht we want. money is not brain. there is education system, o/l a/l. there is marking scheme. if anybody wants to spend money they can go to uk, canada, usa, aus ..... lot of countries selling degrees. go there and stay and get the degree within a yaer. do not try to spoil sl education system.

  • 5 Apr 2005 18:15:09 GMT


    Just a thought. You say not to spoil the SL education system. My question is what education system? We HAD an education system. Now we have a thuggery system. We can not send a child there because we don`t know if they can come alive. They are lucky if they can survive inhuman ragging. Then of course there is JVP which causes fights on regular basis and take students to streets at their whims and fancies. I agree we need facilities, more buildings etc. Since the govt. can not or will not provide them, why not the private sector start universities so that those who can afford and want to afford can go there? At least we save foreign exhange.

    By the way, there are private universities already! There is Manchester University affiliated private university run by Informatics. Then IDM runs London University degree programs. In case you did not jnow, they offer IT degrees. More than 1000 students have already passed out and gainfully empoloyed.

    no point in prortesting against private universities. they are already there and here to stay!

  • 5 Apr 2005 19:54:55 GMT

    It is a common act of youth with a bit of radical showoff. E-fac boys want to attract girls population in Arts Fac as they inherited dry zone, nothing more than that. Intelligently both parties tried to settle the matter, it seems. But some extremely jealous group has created an ugly seen. Don?t make petty attempts to give a political face to the issue. E-fac Dean has taken a wise step to send the boys home to receive some advice form their parents about the reality.

  • 6 Apr 2005 01:15:22 GMT


    If this was a dispute regarding chasing girls (I hope it is the case and I assume you have reasons to believe it is the case), then there is no problem. If this is because of a political scene (JVP Vs Independent kind), then it is pathetic. If the vioolence is merely because of high adrenalin levels, that is normal and we all can have a sigh of relief that SL university boys are normal. If politics had anything to do with it, they should re-open the police post.

  • 6 Apr 2005 18:27:37 GMT

    Dear Arun,

    Ofcourse I would support increase in facilities, increase in teachers and better teaching standards in the Universities. What I don`t support are students who are abusing even the little facilities that this poor country can afford. What we don`t realise is the immense draining of funds from these universities when such disruptions occur, the inconveniences they cause to more serious and hard working students that enter varsity life to prosper. Also, please don`t condone acts of ragging and harrassment as normal things about varsity life and something we should get over. Parents don`t send their children to university so that they can get ragged and abused?! Students dont come to University to get harrassed or even worse being killed by their own students union president who decides to throw a computer at his head (like what happened in Sri Jayawardena Pura)! Such actions are not what any decent citizen of the world would expect from Universtiy students! Aren`t you not surprised that people don`t want to hire our graduates? It goes beyond the fact that our university education standards have dropped, but that the student`s themselves have over the years built a reputation so ugly and unacceptable, and a mentality that cannot work in the modern workplace.

    Our reputation of both the Universities and its students need to change drastically and it is the responsibility of the students through the respective Students Union to make these positive changes. Ofcourse, with such strong JVP infiltration and their primitive, almost obsolete way of thinking is not going to have any progressive impact but degenerate our students further. To halt this, the students need to think about the true student population and shove politics out of University life so that they can do what they truly came to University for - to study and have a good time while doing so!

    Also your support of people draining our funds to go abroad and study is in contradiction to your demand for increased facilities. Sri Lankans are spending millions of rupees per year, per child, to study abroad. To study medicine in a British University for an international student costs 20,000 a year for tuition fees alone. That is 4million rupees! If that student studied in a private University in Sri Lanka, he/she would have saved the country so much more foriegn exchange, thus making more money available to invest in our education system by the government. Also, taxation of these private colleges would bring in more money, and don`t forget the final result of increasing the pool of doctors, engineers and other educated graduates in this country who are truly determined to make a difference, creating healthy competition with the state universities and finally enough reformation of state curricula to make graduates from all categories attractive to bussinesses.

    Please understand these issues in good light.