'I5 probes secret LTTE funding

  • 3 Apr 2005 01:11:01 GMT

    What the heck happened to Bala`s `doktor` pattama? This guy is a drunkard and a coward whose biggest nightmare must be getting thrown out of Britain and having to live daily in close proximity to his beloved and much feared murderous `thambi`.

    What I cannot understand is this; how the heck did these low-breeds get taken seriously in the international community, and even considered as representing the decent and truly educated tamils of this country?

    Its all that bad karma from what you Jaffna tamil vellala boowallahs have been inflicting on the lower castes for centuries. Now it`s payment time.

  • 3 Apr 2005 05:30:37 GMT

    Dear all peace loving Sri Lankans,

    No one can solve any problems in Sri Lanka or anywhere in the world by spreading racism or terrorism. We must think as Sri Lankans irrespective of our ethnic origins. Unless, we all will fail. We all can live in one country, if, and only if, we all respect each other as human beings. LTTE has to grow up. Give up the separatism. The unrealistic dream of mono-ethnic separate state, the so called `Eelaam` will never going to happen in Sri Lanka. The overwhelming majority of the Sri Lankans, the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims are all against it. They want to live in one country democratically. As I said once earlier, the LTTE has 2 options. I would like to remind them again.

    The first option :

    Give up the separatism and terrorism and join the democratic politics and let other Tamil parties and other people to engage in democratic process. Let others to criticise or support you democratically. This is the only way if you want to win the support of general public.

    The second option:

    Continue your crimes against humanity. Continue your killing spree of innocent Tamils and others, just because they don`t agree with your tunnel vision. This option allows all the brainwashed LTTE terrorists to go to the ?Eelaam? as Koushalyan and many others did.

    Dear all who want to live in peaceful democratic Sri Lanka:

    Please don`t respond to brainwashed LTTE supporters in a racist way. Let them to expose their racist and uncivilised manner to the rest of the world. There is a saying ?Dogs bite. But humans don`t bite dogs?. We can tie them up.

  • 3 Apr 2005 08:01:44 GMT

    I thought Balasingham got the British citizen ship in 1972 when Sri Lanka got the full sovereignty . Balasingham was working in the British High commission at that time and every body who worked were eligible for British citizen ship.

    Any way Jayadevan`s case is a good example that no one can reason out things with LTTE. There is no room for logical thinking or flexibility for changes in a dialectical process . Unfortunately with the TTV ( Tamil Tunnel Vision) what we see here is blatant denial of any wrong doing of LTTE by the Tamil Diaspora. Only way to explain this enigma is the hatred developed in the Tamil community against the system we have in our country over several decades.

  • 3 Apr 2005 08:03:49 GMT

    Poruthotage 67,

    Well come back. Hope the conference in India was helpful.

  • 3 Apr 2005 12:14:34 GMT

    hey hey u little boy eleavar .. listen the inteligence are watching you because they think u will blow up sucide bombers in their countries too .. cause there are loads of uneducated mokeys in the LTTE held wanni jungle who are willing to die for their war lord prabhakaran ....

    tell me where ever u are living eleavar .. you are still a minority in (UK OR Canada) do u ask for tamillanguage to be in every form u fill.. do u ask for every street sign to be in tamil ..!!! there are over 8 Million indians in Uk none of them hv asked for this sort of idiotic changes .. but the sri lankan govt. has done all this ..!!! so i f you are not as grateful to the sinhalese to atleast appreiciating the fact tht u r humans ... we hv gt many problems my friend.. the tamils today came from south india ... the sihalese has deep roots in he country as far as the balangoda manawaya .. even before any civilisation in india was ever exsistent .. and as i have mentioned the sinhalese has closer resemblence to the balangoda manawaya than the tamils do... according to resersh done by an ameraican institute. the american s dont give a damn about your elam they just care about the trinco harbour and the fact tht nomore suicide bombers are blasted in the middle of colombo .. or any of the western countires .. (i can laugh at your statement when u said that other countries care for you eelam .. man wht the fk. is your eleam ..lol)

  • 3 Apr 2005 14:43:53 GMT

    Dear Poruthotage67

    Your message was indeed a good one. Sri Lanka is not the land of any particular race or religion. Such thinking is inherently primitive in modern democracies. Sri Lanka is rightly the land of Sri Lankans, all those who are born or bred or who have contributed or are willing to contribute to the growth of this country have the right to belong to our identitiy. We must show racial bigots that we will not bow down to their `patriotic` or other nationalistic slogans from whatever racial divide.

    This move towards adopting a Sri Lankan identity of course cannot be naive to the cultural differences possessed by the different people of this island, especially the cultural differences between both the historically inhabitant Tamil and Sinhala communities. Ideally, though an infusion of these cultures is much encouraged, and is definitely in the progress towards, our modern history of racial animosity and violence, especially towards the Tamil minority needs to be considered. It is in light of this post-independence history that I support a federal solution to our country . This in no manner supports terrorism or any of its fundamentals, but supports the ideals of separated and shared powers. It is absurd that areas of predominantly Tamil speaking people (especially the North and East)have policemen and other government officials who cannot speak or understand Tamil. Such moves by our previous governments has led to a sense of alienation of our fellow Tamil citizens in these regions from the Sri Lankan state. What good is the state to you if you cannot converse with it, cannot understand you and does not attempt to do so because it considers you alien? This is the resultant mentality of alot of people in the North East regions and this is the mentality that we need to get rid of through reforms to the state structure. The Sri Lankan state has alot of errors in it which has largely been self-destructive and it is certainly appeasing to know that the government officials at the top have realised this self-destructive features of the Sri Lankan state. Sometimes, we have to learn to push aside our selfish , personal emotions of patriotism and nationalism and look at what is most practical and capable of preserving a `United` Sri Lanka. A Federal Sri Lanka will never rob us of our unity. The importance of `shared` rule in federalism will certainly bring alot of unity and understanding not just between the two communities, but the regions of the island - working together for the prosperity of each region rather than a government in Colombo working for the prosperity of the city and its surrounding areas. It is these very factors that have resulted today in Colombo and the western Province generating nearly 50% of the entire country`s GDP and the rest of the 8 provinces clamouring over the other half, creating vast wealth disparities largely responsible for youth unemployment and two marxist insurgencies that went horrendously wrong.

    At these times of change, We must also learn to protect and show understanding towards the grievances of our minority communities. It is only through such understanding and showing of respect and responsible action on the part of the majority community can our minorities feel secure again in this land of theirs and ours. Over two decades since the start of war, it is time to leave completely behind even the little animosity that continues to linger on. Sri Lanka has definitely changed alot for the better, but the recent rise in racial and religious tension, inflamed by a few parties adament on reaping its benefits, is preventing this betterment from developing into substantial progress. Let us work together to fight out racism in all its forms.

    Finally, to my Tamil brothers and sisters, especially those living abroad, having to seek refuge against the crimes commited against you and your loved ones in this country, please accept my and the people of Sri Lanka`s apologies, deepest condolences and an invitation to return to this beautiful country so that you can encourage, foster and be witness to the blindness of friendship and love in this country to race and religion. With this, I also hope a change in tone to a few radical comments that are likely to hurt and are insensitive to the feelings of alot of peace loving Sri Lankans who are using such forums to deepen dialogue between the communities and create bonds of understanding and faith.

  • 3 Apr 2005 15:09:53 GMT

    Noel: We the sinhalese are not perfect. In fact there`s a lot we can learn from everybody else, including the tamils. But we have some strange head-strong habits. Democracy is one of those addictions.

    Unfortunately for you guys who think, glorify and crave dictatorial rule, and short-shrift violence , we have to share a common patch. And when you rub terrorism and brutal-suppression of dissent against democracy, you burn.

    We have no problem with eelam. You are not getting it, because we are not giving it. Twenty years of war and countless dead should prove that to you.

    The problem withthe ISGA is the problem with undermining what the sinhalese believe in fundamentally. We are hard-wired into democracy, in all of its imperfections. And we will never allow any part of the land to be turned into a terrorised autocracy. All this talk about de-facto statehood is a pipe dream. Democracy and freedom of choice is coming to those miserable wretches you guys hold hostage and whose kids you turn into walking bombs.

    The only way the tamil north can find a durable peace with the sinhalese would be by allowing others equal and free representation in a democratic form of governance.

  • 3 Apr 2005 15:29:01 GMT

    Madu.. SL never Belonged to the Singhala.. the heart of civilization was not sri lanka it was the Indus Valley.. besides even as u claim if there were ppl in Sri lanka 29000 yrs ago.. they definitely wouldn`t have been sinhalese.. get that through ur thick skull.. there were other races b4 the sinhala and tamils.. the Sinhalese only migrated to SL long after SL had it`s own two civilizations.. SO preach ur nonsense to ur uneducated friends and family. no-one here is stupid enough to believe it.. and to Sandman.. U seem to talk so much about `democracy` and it being hardwired into the Sinhalese mentality.. tell me honestly when did the Sinhalese get a taste of democracy.. after being ruled by the indians, portugese, brits for centureis.. u`ve only had ur so called democracy for what 50 yrs.. and ur already crowing as if u were the ones to invent it.. don`t forget we the Tamils fought for democracy too, as much as u did if not more.. so don`t teach us about democracy. we know the one-sided democracy that`s going on in sri lanka.

  • 3 Apr 2005 15:40:17 GMT

    Kanthun - the name `singhalese` was mentioned in written history a few millenia ago. But as you say - yes there were inhabitants of this isle - but i have serious doubts if they were tamils. the veddha community is living proof for the person who `thinks`!!!

  • 3 Apr 2005 15:44:47 GMT

    Kanthun; I agree with you that we have had democracy for more like 60 years now. I don`t know if you were there the, but I wasn`t. I was born later, a child of democracy. That is what most of us are, and we invite you to be like us. I`m not pretending that we are perfect either. May be we can even teach each other a few things of real value. But don`t think you can ever teach us how to cow to Gad-Velu, or commit our kids to suicide-terrorism and violence as a means of conflict settlement. These are bad habits you guys cultivated and need to shed, in order to find acceptance in the civilized world.

    My point is this; as imperfect as it may seem, we have the right to choose and along with it the rights that are enshrined in that imperfect system. What are you imposing on those hapless victims in the north, and rather unsuccsfully trying to impose on the resilient people in the east? It is contrary to what this world of today and tommorrow is all about. The difference from twenty years ago is that the world of today does not stand idle and watch terrorism. It does decisively baaaaaaaaaad things to it.

    But then, what do you guys care? It won`t be your kids that get killed.