Police protection for hospitalized LTTE women

  • 3 Mar 2005 22:57:18 GMT

    This post was removed. shaz0069, Avoid using bad language in this forum.[Administrator]

  • 3 Mar 2005 23:36:03 GMT

    shaz0069: Your cheap comments on this post doesn`t dignify further comments. Though emotional at time, readers have kept their cool in their responses here and except you. Perhaps, you just spoke for the entire race you represent.

  • 4 Mar 2005 00:16:02 GMT

    LTTE choirboys: You don`t intimidate Sinhalese at all, in fact the best approach is to treat you like a bunch of babies screaming for things you can`t have and stuff pacifiers in the mouth!

  • 4 Mar 2005 01:32:50 GMT

    When the adiminstrator is baised there is no freedom of opinion...hence lankannewspaper will not sustain. Its more like a personal website for ravi_r (sob sob ..go grab a tissue) and his imaginary friends. Last time i am visitng this site :) Physically and intellectually you ppl are inferior to us. Time has told and will keep telling this.

    Coming to think of it, its best if we let these sinhalese refugees settle in jaffna and trincomalee so that the sinhalese racists will think twice to lay a hand on our brothers and sisters in wellawatta and pettah (unlike in 1983) ;)

  • 4 Mar 2005 02:36:02 GMT

    Shaz is a true LTTE cadre (Mentally disoriented, so can be easily (mis)led to become a human bomb). He himself is self contradicting in his thoughts and opinions. He has declared in his posting 3 Mar 2005 22:53:08 GMT only idiots would post in LNP and he wouldn`t continue to do so. There he goes with another posting on 4th of Mar. Is this the nature of an average Tamil person? I don`t think so. These are symptoms of racism my friend.

    Shaz be fair. You, like who you stand for, has no mind to accept and tolerate other opinions. Where would that lead you to? I doubt it will be any nice.

  • 4 Mar 2005 08:14:15 GMT

    No use of talking with this crazy nutier Shaz0069.


    Really, who gonna pay the airlifting charge & Hospital bills??

    Can Prabha pay these debts with his international credit cards connected with satelite???

    If any thing repeats to a Karuna fellow like this, will the CBK bring him/her too to Appollo air lifted???

    If this thing going to be countinued frequently, can the CBK afford to do the same, over & over and who are going to pay all these nonsense bills??

    Can any body truely answer????

  • 4 Mar 2005 09:28:08 GMT

    I simply don`t understand as to why the Government has to give protection to a bunch of terrorists? Pls englighten me if I sound ignorant, although I don`t see any real reason.

  • 4 Mar 2005 11:32:39 GMT

    Scumbag shaz0069: A classic cry baby

    You are one disgruntled sick SOB without a country, passport or vision in life. Now you throw filth at people who disagrees with you, when you run out of decent points like other Tamils post here to make your case. You have been so uncivilized from day one and if you don`t like the civility here go somewhere else and join the palm-oil gang on the Tamilnet.

    We won`t miss you, move on and take your teddy bear with you.

  • 4 Mar 2005 14:24:49 GMT

    Hmm..can people please learn to be sensitive towards peoples ethnicities? This goes to all communities voicing their opinions here. Due the administrator having removed Shaz`s comments I don`t know what exactly he said. However, I `d assume they were not nice comments and racially motivated. Shaz, you, like everyone here, is entitled to post your comments and opinions. However, you and all of us must learn to be sensitive to each other at the same time, especially personal aspects of people`s lives such race, culture and religion.

    The backlash by the other members of this forum was also not healthy. Instead of fighting wrongs with more wrongs, I`d believe that we would be more successful in making progress and coming to an understanding through proper dialogue. People can be ignorant and people do and say wrong things. Our mature response should not be to retaliate but to passify and to solve it through proper dialogue and discusion so that we all can understand that at the end of the day we are all people who want to live and be happy, free from racism, persecution and bigotry. We want to feel safe and valued in our country and in other parts of the world, because we are all uniquely human and it is our human culture and values that we must celebrate.

    The members of this forum should also be more sensitive to the somewhat insensitive comments posted by Shaz and anyone else who does so in the future. Most Tamils who fled the country during the 1983 riots has nothing but bitter stories to tell their friends, colleagues and their children. These are people who lost their loved ones, saw them tortured and burnt and lost their properties, businesses and lands in the hands of what they believe all of the Sinhala community. No one can and should deny July 1983 - it shall always be the scar on our history. Therefore, in my expereince with Tamil expatriates, a considerable number of them are bitter about Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese and as modern Sri Lankans it should be our duty to understand these sentiments and do our best to change them and bring better inter-community understanding and harmony.

  • 4 Mar 2005 16:24:45 GMT

    Gentlemen, this is why we have been in conflict for so many decades. If we learned to get along maybe our little country would be more civilized. I understand that our government has no clue what they are doing, since they keep killing off all the educated potential leaders. But if we as people dont start working together we will just not be able to grow in the world economy. I have issues with the tamils also, but they are our brothers and sisters. I have a sister Inlaw who is still missing from the Lion Air flight that was Hijacked. This War has to end. If the government does not realise this then we as people Tamil/Singhala have to get rid of them and put somone in power who can make things happen.