With no LTTE factions appearing, Probe Commission of no use

  • 2 Mar 2005 23:19:08 GMT

    Sabapathy you should be glad that you can yap as loud as a you will. Under the sungod regime you won`t utter a word against him. See what happened to Mahatthaya, Ramesh, etc etc;

    Not only the LTTE supporters in the south but also the LTTE as a whole, that includes the sungod himself, survive on the services and supplies sent by the south. The government agents see to that the population does not starve. Looking at a recent photo of Sungod, one could see how much supplies have been sent, for him to grow physically to that extent.But they have no shame that they are surving because of us.

  • 3 Mar 2005 04:51:38 GMT

    If the Wanni can not bend backwards like UNF did, to appease Karuna of TNF & settle their differences, how could the Norwegians, the Wanni or the International Community expect a soverign government to speak to a group of tamil terrorists who according to them represent the Tamil Community of Sri Lanka ?

    If they could reach out to Karuna, there is no necessasity to apportion blame of security forces having a hidden hand or for a matter of fact for any killings to takeplace in the East.

    Then, Wanni & Karuna together can point the finger at Devananda, PLOTE, or ENDLF. But,it will then be exposed to the world, Tamil people have other representatives as well.

    Drop the representation part & struggle for what you want to expose your hidden alien hand with the ulterior motive.

    In the circumstances, Does the Wanni fight for the Tamil Community at the expense of their children or for a third party with vested interest in Sri Lanka ?

  • 3 Mar 2005 06:18:23 GMT

    There shouldn`t be any confusion if all the other groups including LTTE drop their arms and stay clean. Then you can blame Armed forces because they are the only one who should carry out such an attack. But now god knows who possess weapons and who uses them. It can be anyone.

    I suspect this is a novel method of suicide attacks. You kill your own cadre and put blame on Army. I mean, LTTE has never cared for human lives. They have already and successfully destroyed the Tamil culture and civilization within Sri Lanka. They have killed number of Tamil intellectuals (see http://www.spur.asn.au/prominent_tamil_leaders_killed.htm) it`s for nothing but to gain political upper hand. We`ll wait, Tamils (not the ones who lives in Welawatta and applies for refugee visa at the expense of real war victims in the north and east) will be soon destroyed by LTTE, the (funny) sole representative. I really feel sorry for them. And look, racist SL government is helping them to do so by providing them with helicopters, medical aid and set up commissions to fix the obstacles, if there is any.