'S supports SL fully

  • 30 Mar 2005 05:52:06 GMT

    All those who are interested in helping Sri Lanka, could do so effectively by helping the tamil and other minorities develop democratic leaders from among their law-abiding citizenry. This would become practical only if western nations that have signifacant tail populations take steps to squash them from intimidation and harrassment by the LTTE, at least while in their countries. Freedom from such tyranny would allow minority leadership to grow into maturity and create credible, democratic and representative forces that lead their respective communities to prosperity within a diginified social structure.

    Sadly, these columns bring out the fighting words of those who ran away when the guns blazed. As a result, what we read are the bravado of arm-chair warriors on both sides. The long suffering poor and the helpless continue that life style, with no consideration recieved from any of these loud mouths.

  • 30 Mar 2005 05:56:41 GMT

    So we have another war ship. Let`s go blow every one we don`t like to hell with it. Or, alternately, let`s spend a fractio of that cost to build leadership and statesmanship qualities in a few tamil youngsters so that they can replace all those democratic, law-abiding and peaceful tamil leaders that were murdered by the LTTE. That`s the only way to give the tamil people a dignified representation within our democratic frame-work.

    P.S: Let`s also build a few prisons to throw all the corrupt politicians, irrespective of whether they are Sinhala, Tamil or whatever else.

  • 30 Mar 2005 06:33:48 GMT

    US has vested interests in Lanka,thats why they are supporting.They are looking for a base in the South east asian region. Srilanka is strategically located. So no wonder they are helping Lanka! :-)

  • 30 Mar 2005 10:28:51 GMT

    It is better we hand over Jaffna and Trinco to USA because then we will see some developments in the country.

    By the way whereever Ameriacans go they maintain good reputation and do nt do anything to the intigrity of the countries. for example they are in Japan,South Korea, german,Philipenes and many more.

    Sri lanka is better off with American support, it never become worse

  • 30 Mar 2005 11:48:46 GMT

    I agree with DumindaK. We are very much better off not only Trinco and Jaffna but the whole country is given to America. We harp on our culture and values while our politicians are palying havoc.

  • 30 Mar 2005 13:15:10 GMT

    We tamils, sinhalese and muslims should be happy getting such strengths from develop countries to safegurad from LTTE killers. They smuggle drugs, weapons and other illegal items from and out of Sri Lanka. Specially LTTE collect funds from sale of drugs. Why freinds we hate getting such a thing.

  • 30 Mar 2005 13:19:55 GMT

    My freinds pls read, an example

    ARMS SMUGGLING CASE - Tamil Tiger suspects get five-years jail - 14 Thais also linked to gun-running ring - Three Sri Lankan men, suspected to be Tamil Tiger rebels, were yesterday sentenced to five years in jail for arms smuggling. Sujit Gunapala, 27, Sasijaran Teverajah, 27 and Satiepawan Arsieawatap, 34, denied the charges following their arrest in the South on May 12. However, they pleaded guilty yesterday and were given ten years in jail each, halved because they confessed. ``This abrupt change of heart may be due to the fact the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) did not want the case to drag on since that could affect its secret movements here,`` said a security source who closely monitored Tamil Tiger activities in Thailand. Among senior LTTE figures believed to be operating secretly in Thailand was Kumaran Pathmanathan, 48, widely known as KP, who was responsible for smuggling weapons from Thailand to the LTTE. ``KP is still secretly operating from Thailand and Cambodia. He is one of key LTTE members with wide regional connections ,`` said the source. India and Sri Lanka have issued warrants for his arrest on terrorism charges. ``They (LTTE) are looking for shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, which are still available in Cambodia, for delivery to Sri Lanka,`` the source said. The three Sri Lankans were arrested on May 12 with ten 9mm Glock pistols, three 11mm HK Mark 23 pistols and thousands of assorted ammunition. Following their capture, warrants were issued for the arrest of 14 Thais, including eight junior police and military officers, suspected of involvement in an arms smuggling ring which included several gun shops in Bangkok. Eleven of them have already surrendered to face charges of firearms control law violations and forging documents

  • 30 Mar 2005 13:39:10 GMT

    Mr. Ealvar : You appear to be obsessed with the Wanni & their propaganda.

    Kindly take a deep breath & an indepth look.

    Why do you think that there are so many persons from the Tamil Community living in Wellawatte,Kotahena, Wattala ect., I mean outside the North & East, to get killed ?

    What makes them attend Universities located outside the N & E ? Because they are not wanted & want to get driven out ?

    Why do you think right through out the war GOSL send basic food items to the N & E that includes Mullativu ? For whom ? For the Tamil people.

    Does the Wanni foot the bill for all utilities provided by the GOSL to the N & E ?

    You minority community complain for the slighest denials while enjoying best of the both worlds at the expense of the majority community.

    Don`t speak out with your tongue in cheek, learn to appreciate & build trust. It must begin with you & not me.

  • 30 Mar 2005 14:36:54 GMT

    After his [1993] removal, [as official head of Pakistani intelligence, trusted advisor to Pakistani leader Gen. Pervez Musharraf] Lt. Gen. Nasir traveled to Somalia, Chechnya, Dagestan, the Central Asian Republics, …China, and the Southern Philippines as a preacher… and helped Islamic organizations, including the group which killed U.S. troops… in Somalia.`

    `…It was he, who, during his tenure as the DG [Director General] of the ISI… has entered into an agreement with the LTTE of Sri Lanka [which secured] LTTE`s assistance in smuggling Afghanistan produced heroin in its ships to West Europe, the USA and Canada…`

  • 30 Mar 2005 17:42:04 GMT

    I generally like Booboo`s comments even though I may disagree with some. But your last comment is wrong booboo. Majority of Tamils living abroad as refugees or legal immigrants would never want to go back even if there is peace or indeed even if in the most unlikely event of Pirapaharan gets to rule that part (Federal or otherwise). Frankly booboo even if there is a separate state, Tamils living abroad both refugee claimants or immigrants (legal) would not want to go.

    I will tell you why. First, Most of then are economic refugees and permanent peace wont bring prosperity suddenly. Second, They are too used to Western luxuries and wont even dream of giving those up. Third, LTTE fighting for a separate state is onething, but being ruled by them is a different matter all together. Tamils living abroad got a taste of freedom. Under LTTE you will never see any freedom as such and they know it.

    Booboo, some of my Tamil friends get very worried if there is peace because they know then their refugee claims will go against them. Inside, they want the conflict to continue.

    I am not being critical here. I am only giving you aspects of human nature. That applies to all refugee claiments and All south asians who are living in the west. If you deny that, then i am afraid you are reading human beings wrong.