'hen fear stalks a community

  • 29 Mar 2005 13:44:09 GMT

    When fear stalks a community that tantamounts to the Governers being Lame.

    Then such a society is construed a free society in that particular region.

    This is DEMO -CRAZY.....................

  • 29 Mar 2005 20:06:07 GMT

    hey dumindak u moron.. Toronto is in Canada.. which is the largest north American country.. with guys like u who can`t even read a map.. No wonder the JVP is gaining influence.

  • 29 Mar 2005 23:09:44 GMT

    Hey kanthun! we have to agree with dumindak.If the TAMILs living in TORONTO are so scared of the LTTE goons there due to their atrocities,how much of suffering the TAMILs living in N & E are undergoing? So ultimately the sole representatives have become the SOLE MURDERERS OF THE INNOCENT TAMILS IN N & E! LEAVE ASIDE THE SINHALESE & THE MUSLIMS! what a pity???

  • 30 Mar 2005 03:43:40 GMT

    jay-r.. I don`t know for what reason this girl is saying all this.. and the fact that she said it is itself doubtful.. but i will tell u this.. I`m also a Uni student here.. and i`ve been here a long time.. I can`t remember any instance of when someone threatened myself or my family to donate money.. they used to go from door to door asking for donations.. but they`ve never forced anyone.. and I`ve got a lot of family and friends here and none of them have been forced.. they are persistent.. and keep coming again and again.. but if u make it clear that ur not a supporter.. they leave u alone.. as far as i know they`re a decent bunch.. so when i see an article like this.. u may believe it cuz u`ve never been here.. I can`t.. cuz this is my home and i know what the reality is.. i don`t need a newspaper to tell me.

  • 30 Mar 2005 10:20:32 GMT

    hey Kanthun

    First try to read english properly, I have written Toronto,Canada ie. the city first and the country second. that is the short way of writing.No need to write Toronto in Canada.

    European means European culture, not the coutry in europe.

    If you can not read this kind of things, it is easy for LTTE to brainwash you head.

  • 30 Mar 2005 10:41:05 GMT

    One has to understand the Tamil culture to evaluate the present situation.

    tamils don`t want to enjoy freedom or luxury, they just want to live isolated life. Isolated from others.

    They want to get intimidated,harrassed, kidnapped or live in fear. They like to suffer in the hands of a superior. Somebody, may be a god or Prabhakaran.

    That`s why they dont want to enjoy the freedom or democracy in canada. They want to live the same way they lived hundreds of years ago in Tamilnadu,India.

    They dont like Sinhala people because they dont do bad things what Tamils want

  • 31 Mar 2005 04:26:35 GMT

    firebombed.. assaulted???. what the hell.. where did this happen??.. Definitely not in Canada.. tusker.. are u delusional buddy.. Get a life.. no such thing happened here.. I don`t know how u come up will all this stuff. Jeez there`s a limit to BS.. this is too much!!!

  • 31 Mar 2005 05:10:27 GMT

    you would never know right.............

  • 31 Mar 2005 10:06:13 GMT

    I agree many people in Canada support LTTE willingly, because they dont have anything to lose or they are living on LTTE activities. But there are many more who are forced to support. Otherwise they are condemned as the writer has explained.Many people dont agree on what LTTE is doing for poor mothers children in North and East. But they dont have backbone to challenge or oppose. That is the important point.

    I lived in Toronto 12 years, I had many tamil friends who moved to Vancouver from Toronto because they could not tolarate LTTE activities.

    Pongu Tamil is a social activity, many people will attend it because they want to socialize. Same way sinhalese people go to temples(not to worship, but to see otherthings)but that does nt mean they are supporting LTTE

  • 31 Mar 2005 15:55:23 GMT

    tusker.. I am an LTTE supporter and I`m very very proud of it.. but i`m also a person who knows right from wrong and can differentiate truth from lies.. so when u talk about `firebombs and assaults`.. in a gathering organized and carried out by my fellow uni students.. where even the Toronto police were baffled with such organization and commitment to abide by the laws.. u can`t expect me to sit here and accept ur tales.. to someone like partioticSL who`s probably never been to Toronto, ur lies might seem realistic. But ppl like me.. who live here everyday.. and see what really goes on.. have a moral obligation to shine some light on ur pathetic efforts at damaging our reputation.